Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Just to give you all the warmth

"Love" is a word, so lonely needs two people hug to each other. She's not ordinary woman, instead, is very excellent, pursuers wings. And she, being all and resolutely with his. At the time, he had nothing, working in a factory, income is not sufficient to solve two generations. For him, she lost relatives, I lost my job.Christian Louboutin Sandals

They borrowed a friend's warehouse, simple pack, as a bedroom. The cold warehouse is a draught, a little sullen no one bed warm bedding wrapped body, she often in the middle of the awakened by the cold. He hold to hold her, as she pasted in his chest, with their own body temperature to warm her.

One day, she came back from the outside, the air of trance, pale. He asked: "what's wrong, is sick?" She said: "that's okay, it is a bit tired." Soon after excitedly from his pocket a red big chao, before his eyes swayed sway, irritability, said: "we are rich, to buy a quilt warm bed." "Where's the money?" "Earn". He said: "how to earn? So easily." "Give person hair advertising, a piece of ground hair, from morning till now, make a stand 100 yuan tip." Two people go to the street bought a quilts, can not stand selected, according to 100 yuan price to buy. From then on, cold wintry day, have a quilts, she no longer midnight awakened by the cold.

Several years later, he gradually improved, rich, oneself openned company, soon bought house or car. They said goodbye to the original one-to-one combat day. Home decorate, extremely cultured, floor tile wallpaper imports, even the faucet is the most exclusive. He will give her a the most warm home. Living in such an environment, she is some hesitation. When he moved house, originally warehouse threw the whole thing, but she insisted that keep that quilts, for several years, they have been using, had already broken several. He said: "threw it, then go to buy a new bed. Everywhere is elegant, put this stuff, ZhangYan." She said: "don't throw, this quilts accompany us through many cold winter, cover in the body, the total so warm." He shook his head, no longer persistence.

One day, he came back from the outside a bed, carrying the new quilt, and asked her to throw out the old, replaced with new ones. She does not have method, can only listen. From then on, the retired old, replaced with new ones. Every night, she doesn't like usual sleep comfortably comfortable, the heart over a pain, often in the middle of the night, injustice tears unwittingly wet with the pillow. Her mind said: "you know, this quilts after many effort, just bought? That day, I never went to send what small advertising, and selling their blood! First sell blood, unexpectedly is to buy a quilts! This quilts to me have much important! And you, as the garbage." She feels he is less loved her, though covered with new quilt, but no previous warmth.
Once, he went to the washroom, forgot to close laptop. She accidentally discovered, he opened his personal blog, on every day to keep a diary. In an article in the diary, he said: "that day, she came from outside, pale of face, scared me. In order to earn enough money to buy a quilts, she actually give person hair small advertising. That night, we sleep in new quilt below, how warm, she never slept so snug. Unintentionally, I found that the her hand a red, be needle pierced. Hair advertising is actually her euphemism lie, she ran to sell blood. This quilts are actually she take blood for! Her body so thin! That night, I inwardly cry all night long, I swear, must stand out, to give her happiness. Through these years of hard working, I did. Yesterday, I also go to blood stations, that they drew blood, I just want to feel it, that small needle dive into blood vessels, when the cold pain, let me is unexpected, however, is so happy. I take money to buy this quilts."
Her eyes had fuzzy, originally, his heart such as his love for her is same, so delicate. The cold winter, he give her a bed warm quilt, connecting brought the whole spring!

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