Sunday, December 12, 2010

Thank you, remember me

Eating meals back, shower, has nine o 'clock.

Hang Q, saw dear you have online, then the habit of gave you hair 123, long after, you have no response, think you and, as usual, have to concentrate and series.

Casual, see you autograph column to replace the QQ games logo, you already began to enter into the QQ mahjong, I told to go in, you used to call me a linen god, you say I look at you, you're not used to playing, so silently I quit, as long as you're happy, boring day, I have been so much to page write thing also passed.
Different meeting, you've converted into double buckle, then sent information, said, and I will accompany you play for a while, this sentence, no thought it was a violent temblor, I can't wait to go in, the last time together with you double buckle, has passed a period of time, but this time, busy we, farther, even the words are rarely say, you will think of me in this time, is a how cheerful things.

Vaguely remember once a classmate had said, and fish to eat a few, no food, it will die, and I'm like a fish, you accidentally remember me, that is my food, I want actually also only these, excess, and I will not, you also can not give I know all that, you know, so maybe, we really can only try to his friends.

This the time of half an year, my mood is nameless anxiety, a deep fear of losing worries, always enwinds me, I really care about you, afraid you had not happiness, afraid bother to you, afraid bring you trouble.

A lot of things, total so helpless, including WangYouMeng fairy careless story too much, so also have no so big of harsh.
Man, should know how to meet, all the unhappy, because dissatisfactory, know satisfaction, know appreciate after, put all the gain as if it were given, then the pain would be more happy.
Fish, is perhaps the mentality!

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