Sunday, December 19, 2010

How to deal with winter skin dry problem

Black rim of the eye, pore bulky, skin irritation. Because of the dry causes? Yes, skin dryness and always will cause all sorts of skin problems, today we will learn how to cope with these troubles, live learning, let you moisten the winter:

A: in addition to face the drying problem outside, shoulder, arm, waist and leg, etc. Places there is peeling, extensive red phenomenon
The main cause: is this winter common skin dryness, northwest wind a shave, the lower temperatures because, the human body sweat will greatly reduce the skin lubricants sebaceous glands secretion also decrease greatly, so in winter most people would rather dry skin, this with your skin methods and protect skin to taste nothing.
Emergency baodianpian: external for skin complement moisture, strengthen skin cold-resistant capacity
Chamfer + hydrating masque is the most effective to solve this problem of law that protect skin dry. Corneous layer massiness, even a again good hydrating products can achieve the desired effect. So, repair and promote cutin metabolism is open skin moisture channel of the key. Then use relieve dry skin most efficient tool - hydrating masque, adhere to the 1-2 days dry skin feeling will significantly reduce, color also brightened.
Edit remind you: winter chamfer selection containing enzymes ingredients product, this is newest also be the most safe cutin is one of the ingredients of, it can dissolve dead skin dirt and composition, let the effective nutrients follow-up protect skin to taste better penetration.

Question 2: dry feeling dry concentrated in eye week, and black rim of the eye become obvious
The main cause: this problem mainly appear in using an eye excessiveness person, such as often to computer OL, drawing, writing program designers, studies the busy crowd, eyes of college students, etc, the radiation overfatigue damage and lack of right eye care can make eye week too dry. In addition, eye week skin is riddled with many microfilament blood vessels, cold weather our circulatory system is likely to slow, vascular oxygen, hemal dilate can lead to black rim of the eye is obvious.
Emergency baodianpian: every morning and evening and to use eye creams
BaiTianXian with hydrating eye frost, reoccupy eye special sunscreen. The evening want to give first eye do thoroughly clean, then daub moisturizing eye creams. Qiu dong season, in addition to the dry air with hydrating eye frost, go up in the eye frost use before the eye essence. And the attention of eyeball maintenance, carry hydrating eye drops, relieve eye fatigue.
Edit remind you: must seriously eye care, if let eye week skin continue dry down, will cause you early appear eye lines and flabby, then want to save it can be harder than eye moisturizing harder.

Drying question 3: each discharge makeup, after washing a face is particularly dry skin
The main cause: protect skin to taste not change garments according to the season. If your skin is usually not big dry feeling, then the problem must be out in the cleaning products. Chun xia season out skin oil and sweat of very strong, so use of cleaning products must have strong cleaning and decontamination ability, and the product is not suitable for use in autumn and winter obvious, it may take to protect skin grease, so skin will feel tight, dry.
Emergency baodianpian: protect wet model product + reduce face frequently
Many people are habitually think that washs a face to must use grandma, this wrong idea of abandoned, we should face before check their own skin, look to whether the oil overmuch or residual other stains, if it were to use contain moisturizing ingredients (e.g., hyaluronic acid, glycerin, amino acid etc) products to clean, otherwise generally need to use warm water wash enough, this reduces the sebum the loss, have moist skin protection effect.
Edit remind you: special remind everybody, those with particle of cleaning products may even harm the skin, destroying corneous layer, MM careful use.

Drying question 4: pore bulky, especially on makeup will float pink
The main cause: cutin once suck full water, will be like suck water sponge as swell, pore surrounding cells filled with water absorption swell, pore nature will become is not obvious, Conversely, the surface of the skin lacks water, corneous layer will appear dry, coarse appearance, pore becomes more apparent, colour makeup is difficult to apply during make-up attached on the face.
Emergency baodianpian: before sleeping apply hydrating masque, the second day relaxed makeup
With the summer grease is secreted more clogged pores is different, because the water shortage and cause pore is bulky should use protect wet method to solve, don't recommend convergence products like water. Every night after a hydrating masque and then apply a thin moisturizing night cream coated immediately went to sleep, horniness absorbed alimentary composition through a night, plus the cells repair, the second day pore will swell, the skin becomes elastic, makeup is perfectly all right.
Edit remind you: many young people by your own young skin capital, often ignore moisturizing this, think use colour makeup cover a cover cover good, little imagine skin dry besides let skin table looks coarse, pore bulky besides, even shangfen all difficulties, it is the most basic darling ground do wet work well.

Problem five: the morning wake up dry skin dry itching, even a small group of irritation
The main cause: more and more people make use of the evening's gold hairdressing time, I would expect to have doubled effect, but found the next skin vapid. Is this what is the row? The main reason is everyone in the use of sleep mask, tall nutrition late frost, essence, not ready to render before work, the skin's pores hadn't completely open, use a thick covering layer function to covered with skin product repellent, of course, can produce dry, even allergic.
Emergency baodianpian: using an imported product makes the skin absorb better nutrition
Before this shall first clean the skin, wipe import type, make the skin toner ready to be about 15 minutes before use those high concentrations of moisturizing products, such ability in morpheus exert its moisturizing effect.
Edit remind you: a lot of girls will mask when sleep with ordinary mask, this kind of practice is quite wrong. There are many common mask paragraph, each product the pertinence different, if chose whitening or accuse oil mask, as their sleep mask use it will be sucked the moisture of the skin, make skin more dry.

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