Friday, December 17, 2010

Broken beautiful dress all the way to the end of summer

Futong flowers in full blossom glorious season, I'm used as watched him, looking at his running figure, looking at his float in the sky of corner of the lip, because he, I know what is missing...

"Summer, the sky is clear, the float around in the air futong flowers smell."

Campus platanus acerifolia, covered with a tree of blossom, in the sunshine multicolored glaring.

I often take two cans of coke stood watching basketball court LingJi play, he wheat color skin in bright sunlight flashing healthy luster, black hair in running jump when natural and unrestrained float in the sky, each scored a goal, he will show him that woman.she smile, like a wipe wanton sunshine drill into my eyes, so bright.

I like LingJi, this would have no secret, LingJi also know, just not disturbing it.

I don't know whether he is a little like me, anyway, everyday can so watched him healthy and happy, I have felt very happy.

I often watch him play was thinking, small 68:1736 &, since when did you begin to like him?

Like him, it should be a long time ago...

Then I but fourteen, thin little, shear a neat ears bingle, always like to wear a white broken beautiful dress, feet wearing a pair of sports shoes, a pair of malnutrition of appearance.

When my parents always will be for the sake of some trivial things a highly divisive, for this home I would have thoroughly tired, each school, I don't want to go home, but to the opposite direction to go home, a man sat on the basketball court to see those boys residential chasing hopping playing basketball. So I met LingJi, that like with blue headscarves in head plunge into play very handsome boy, when he is already very will play, his legs are very runner up fast, accurate 3-point also threw a super.

Every time he saw I stood buttonwood pilsen, will be friendly smiled at me.

Futong flowers in full blossom glorious season, I'm used as watched him, looking at his running figure, looking at his float in the sky of corner of the lip, because he, I know what is missing.

"I always think, god so clever arrangement, his own truth."

I went to the north of the university, leave home, when parents are still in the cold war. I took home that zhang only family, sit on the train of the moment, I said to myself, to be happy to face now, with past say notification.thank notification.thank!

Living in the school student dormitory, I and my roommates together harmoniously, all matter on, until I was at school on the basketball court met LingJi, have never thought, he incredibly and I attended a university.

He also saw me and came running and I say "hello", "hi! Broken flower skirt, long time no see."

He likes to call my broken flower skirt, perhaps is that when I wear broken beautiful dress stood in full blossom white splashes buttonwood watching him play look too deep impression to let him.

The surprise excites me several days, I always think, god so clever arrangement, his own truth.

So I will run to every morning to see him play basketball court, my hand is always holding two cans of coke, until he finished the ball, I would have coke hand it over, he a pot, I a tank.

In addition, we didn't have the other intersection.Sometimes, someone will be questioned our relationship, he always smiled, also don't explain.

Summer already passed half, one evening the mother call to my bedroom, she said, small 68:1736, I can't stand this way of life, I decided to talk to your father divorced.

My parents after years of on-again, off-again before finally decided to divorce, hearing the news, I didn't know whether to cry or laugh, have to what look should also have no, nothing to say, hung up the phone.

I thought that our sackless heart no more feeling, but that night, I still on the one family flow a long time of tears.

Family on three face "close, laugh too so sweet, so dazzling.

They had also happy right, why want to welcome so end?

"LingJi, don't you know I love you?"

The next day I was swollen with a pair of eyes to basketball court ball, LingJi see my hand over the ball to flank the boy, ran to care to ask, broken flower skirt, what happened to you? Eyes swollen like a walnut edifice.

Ok. I smiled at him, hand over the coke handed him.

He didn't ask more, beside me, pull open cans, upward take a gulp.

LingJi, don't you know I love you? I hear yourself peaceful and calm voice light tone ask, this is my first time to ask this question, will also be the last.

He turned his head with astonishment eyes staring at me, look for a long time.

Do you like me? I asked him.

And he said, I hadn't thought of this problem.

And now that started to think!

I already have a girlfriend. He looked at me, haltingly openings.

I stand up, and in August that no longer warm light shine me some dizzy, but I cannot fainted, at least in front of him. I can't.

Later, I give schools ask for leave, return to a home, parents have made all things, just waiting for me back then sign it. I would like an outsider looking at them for a divorce formalities, very simple, without fee, just a signature what trouble, the house, the end is no longer complete.

Back to school is already a week later, I gave birth to illness, fever to 39 ℃ persistent, took some medicine, sleep in a bed empty-headed for several days.

LingJi to seek me, I see the appearance without further ado, he will carry me to the hospital.

In the hospital I hang a drip, and said unto him, thank you.

A quoi, we are friends. He says airily.

Yeah, just friends.

"He said, broken flower skirt, you also take good care of yourself. Be more smile, don't sick."

My body after me good, still go to see him play basketball every day.

Occasionally, he taught me to play basketball, said a good exercise, the body will be healthy.

Occasionally, and his phone, like ordinary friends like that, he would ask me to have eat well, I said to him last time borrow books is very good-looking.

Occasionally, he would ask me out to have a dinner, after meet, we just talk, talk about learning the thing on film, talk about basketball.Summer is going to pass the time, I have not seen what he said that girl appear, I always think, perhaps, he just made up a character let I forget it.

LingJi birthday that day, I bought a bettas, violet, put in a beautiful bottle, it like me, are so lonely.
I put the fish gave him, he liked it, he said he would take care of it, he said, broken flower skirt, you also take good care of yourself. Be more smile, don't sick.

With these words before long, he graduates.

He put his basketball gave me, he said the fittest leave a mark it.

He walked that I didn't go to send him, I just hugged his basketball sitting basketball court to his message, bon voyage! Later any further to see him that jumps figure, and he that can warm smile.

After, I again became lonely one.

I don't go basketball courts, and began to study hard every day, and bubble in reading in the library turn information quickly, my grades from general become outstanding.

Parents after a breakup, relationship than previously relented many, no longer talk to each other, once they tit-for-tat reserevation together come to school to see me, we three people sitting near a school small restaurant, they constantly give me clip vegetables, also asked study recently, they say previous taheri oneself, how didn't care of a parental responsibility, later they'll double care about me, I hope that I can forgive them.

Out of the restaurant, I suddenly feel oneself mood suddenly enlightened much, sunshine also no longer dazzling, stranger smile appeared on my face, I finally solved entangled in my heart years of shares.

"14 I wore that broken beautiful dress barefoot in the meadow run, run to the end of summer."

Meet again LingJi, already was two years later.

After graduation, I find work everywhere a resume, but haven't found the right, I finally have a various conditions are good joint venture company let me go for an interview, I'm very excited to the news to my parents, they all happy for me.

Go to the interview, I met LingJi. Christian Louboutin

He also calculate small achievements made the area manager, young and promising see me face smile gentle bloom.

The end of the interview, LingJi put his cell phone number gave me, "he said." when I saw your resume, some incidents: I always remember that year, you're wearing calico dresses like.

And he said, you gave me the rosetail live well, every time I see it, you will think of the basketball court accompany him a whole summer hair girl.

I said, now you also play basketball?

He shook his head, now is less have time, every day except work, is to work overtime, otherwise is meeting social niceties.

Through interview, I became his colleagues, every day before him to run in and out, and colleagues drew a, several male colleague also expressed I have good, but were I declined.

And he will always see me a face of doubt, small 68:1736, you have changed.

Into social, who would not change? To him I henceforth no longer, actually I prefer he called me broken flower skirt.

Your girlfriend? Christian louboutin Black

Girlfriend? He's one leng, then sorrily smiled at me and then, I'm lying to you, I just don't want to regret it before graduation.

He was nervous, but I never forget you, you now willing to do my girlfriend?

I nodded, smiles, I said before, god so clever arrangement, his own truth.

He stepped forward gently hugs me, trance, between memory that 14 I wore that broken beautiful long skirt, barefoot in the meadow run, run to the end of summer.

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