Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pencil pants and boots were thin with

The cold winter, afraid of the cold MM people will be wearing layers of coat wadded pants to wrapped body, this is unavoidable can appear bloated obesity, the MM most taboo, well, today is to teach you keep warm and show thin super pragmatism collocation! Cultivate one's morality pencil pants + short boots is most can show of leg ministry line, no matter what kind of shape, the metropolis is very suitable for oh:
01 pencil pants collocation chalaza short boots tensile leg ministry line, easily show high, stripe unlined upper garment is tie-in coat render good sheet is tasted.
02 pencil pants tie-in short boots relaxed plastic beautiful leg, in order to look more, a thin jacket absolutely cannot little.
03 cortical pencil pants and leopard grain short boots, are easily attract eyeball sheet is tasted. Loose boyfriend edition coat is very good block defect buffets oh! Help you keep out dewlap, show slender leg!
04 pencil pants, very short boots collocation cortical cool feeling, concise but not alternative, good outstanding leg ministry line, light color short coat delicate collars add a small chemisette lovely flavour.
05 stripe sweater collocation MAO jacket, the half choose light color pencil pants take short boots, balance in the upper body bloated, present slim body.
06 seven points of the sleeve of the long black coat, very fashionable cool feeling, use light color pencil pants and black short boots collocation, full of administrative levels.
07 short coat, pencil pants and short boots mix build, very tall, while Europe van explicit figure.
08 if we wear thick coat, pencil long pants and short boots in the groin show thin collocation makes you avoid doing clumsy bear.
09 brunet pants collocation brown tassel pencil short boots, leg ministry line immediately lengthen! Case grain even cap coat with street wind. The cute furry brim say then ~
10 pencil pants tie-in short boots, neat and matching dust coat of natural and unrestrained temperament.

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