Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Beautiful loneliness, endless longing

Only in thoughts, loneliness is especially beautiful.

Missing is a kind of happiness of sadness, is a kind of sweet sadness, is a kind of sweet pain. Missing is over yesterday long wallow in and to the glorious future yearning. It is in the unending yearning, people's feelings got purification and sublimation.

No distance, then no thoughts. When the ship's sirens sounded, when the train whistle keep, when the wheels of the car starts turn, when the plane left the runway soared into the sky, thoughts began. Also because there are missing, just had a long separation streams, just had accidentally met surprise, just have relatives and friends get together the toast to celebrate.

Miss tortured people, also exercise person, more casting a person's personality composed and feelings deep sink.

Thoughts of others is a kind of warmth, by others missing is a kind of happiness, of course good premise is - missed each other. Otherwise, unrequited love is a kind of sorrow, only by others missing is a kind of burden.

Because miss, moonlight was injected with human full-bodied feelings. The moon bending, miss also curved, the moon when the moon is missing, no matter the moon is round also bend is round, missing is a bright poetry. Thoughts can let you shed tears, thoughts can also let your smiling. Whether you are missing, laugh or cry in thought and thoughts of time, you will eliminating distractions. Indeed, missing is also a kind of pure.

Thoughts in lang next month, missing in the dusk, missing in the rain, beautiful scenery, easier hook moving thoughts feelings. Beautiful scenery, also more foil those full of beauty.

With endless yearning comes is inevitably the long waiting. American poetess highway hutchinson said: "wait for 10,000 years is not long, if finally have love as compensation." It's also say, is a yearning of loyalty and open-minded.

No matter how to say, missing is a huge spiritual wealth. YiMeiMei condensing affectionate stamps, letters sending out sweet form-all of, is all this than spiritual wealth of content.

Years may like leaves as fluttered, but this wealth forever. Everybody in your life, it will always accompany you, give you must not continuous warmth and inexhaustible power!

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