Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The love we need us to fulfil

Always think, we love one person will last a lifetime love down, wait until the vicissitudes discoloration and never can end. When everyone tells us that don't need, he actually isn't you think good, but we, would rather believe that give yourself weaving fairy tale, also don't want to believe beside the person said.

Always think, fall in love with a person, we must whole heart, always think we can wait until mianmianzhong the fate again again. Trinidad love-fate first to pull, when clouds winding down, when two intersecting line stagger, we don't know is but lookers-on.

Always think you love someone, love to do anything for him, love to luxuriant background until you that a record lonely to turn around. Who first love, who go first. Always think, the first turn men are best, watching the favorite people far away, we thought is a lifetime, this life, is he, besides him, we who are no longer love.

The heart has to affection numb, tears flow has been completely, what is what you should always stick to, always waiting? Some things, may not be as happy as we thought, we also did not like oneself imagination as fragile. Ask, lose him, you really can go to dead? Maybe that moment yes, but after ten days? A hundred days, after several years?? One day, you suddenly woke up, perhaps you will want to, why, has not put, why, so we had to YaoSiBuHuo will be so much?

Actually, we love only a kind of mood. When such as flowers is gorgeous, when such as tea tea has dissolved. We loathe to give up, but not other fearless unwilling. Why, I still love you and you would first love? Why, when you love so now I have become so cold? Heart upsurge asksoneself those words when, in fact, we have already not simply love this man. We just fell in love with his unwilling. 1.outwardly, no one freewill are worse than others, who all hope oneself of everything is beautiful, second to none.

We think the prince and princess naive love, forget, we are actually live in reality, many things must be established on the basis of reality. Love a person, we actually is in love with a feeling, only he can give feeling. Love a person, just because of the feeling is gone. Love is not love again, force yourself to also was not used.

If ask you, you'll miss once loved? Certainly won't be pledge of eternal love, some is actually more very tiny detail. Kid you, care for you, pain, you may also be because more misunderstanding, a billowing come to wait.

We say will such a person, actually, etc have not this man, but a kind of mood, unwilling suddenly in people say leave just left. If he came back, and you, still can continue to love him, tolerate his everything? Don't be so easily said will, use your heart says, you, really?

Trapped in the emotional cannot extricate oneself of you, in this break up season, really grasped the? For once the man, maybe you really loved, but you are but love that can't get back and that has touched memories. So, why not choose this down, because, we hope our own happiness, we want oneself to fulfill their own happiness...

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