Monday, December 20, 2010

Years of courtship began in a single carsick medicine

I and FengJing is university classmate, she is hunan person, I'm anhui, ten years ago we into chongqing university become classmates. I was then monitor, she is the vice President. I am attended high school entrance exam work again to review, so after entering university, whatever thoughts or doing things than some classmates slightly mature. Small jing personality directness, our class in dealing with the problem, she gave me the feeling is always very sensible, but I work conscientiously style also always provoke her antipathetic. To quarrel quarrel, she doesn't hold it against you, I am more not girl jinjinjijiao man, so we occupy or consult together very often. But in the end make our mutual goodwill with or a school debating contest. She was speaking interview very nervous, are almost no confidence. I have repeatedly to encourage her, said she is the best, this makes her very touched. To tell the truth in my heart, she is really great. From that day on, we never quarreled. That resulted in her really began to like me, is the goal carsick medicine. Remember that day, city for college students' organizations, I put my own opportunities to her. I know she carsick, worried about her way uncomfortable, face before departure I put in advance for her prepared carsick, telling her she medicine to eat. From that day on, our relationship began a qualitative change.

From downtown back, we make to school, when we chat tea found two families unexpectedly also have similarities, we all live in a single-parent family, and are lucky, although be stepfather stepmother, but to us who are considered himself out. Though both tacitly like each other, but I still can't say to her. I live in the countryside, she was living in the city. My family life condition is poor; I'm afraid she will and I endure hardships. At that time I always think two people love, though, true love together with the probability is almost no.

Finally small jing first openings, she seriously said to me, the future come hell or high water, she will bear with me together, she believe I can through their efforts to develop further. Our relationship formally started.Experience sharing love who solution its taste

Our relationship his classmates and teachers are loathe to fall in love, they agreed that university impossible to succeed. Some teachers afraid we are thus wasted studies and advised us give up this affection devote yourself to study. And I know FengJing teacher is good for us, so to the teacher promised affirmation not therefore delaying study.

I and FengJing are very independent person, in order not to home stretched out his hand to money reading, we started work-study, two people outside and a few respectively in job of tutor. When having a meal also very province, we go to the dining room dozen rice, always two rice, a vegetable plus a canteen free of clear soup. Although had banyan days, but the affection is more and more deep. Slowly the teacher began to take us as other students paradigm of our affection also more and more recognition. FengJing study result has been very good, in her impetus, I am also very hard to learn, four-year university, we two every year the scholarship.

Our feelings have been steady development, senior year, we faced a graduation allocation. When she go abroad, walks grind and foreign enterprise job opportunities, and I also have to a Qingdao authority do civil service opportunities, but we finally have abandoned. Then I had an impulse, think back to hometown anhui province as do contribution. And FengJing attitude is very clear: where she let me where I go. Later I contact to anhui an enterprise, so after graduation we went together to the unit work. In the workshop intership after six months, we have been assigned to two different posts.

I often to zhejiang business, sometimes a walk is for several months. At that time we are no cell phones, will meet every weekend pass a telephone. The opening period, we are everyday is looking forward to the weekend is fast a little come so that can hear the voice on the other, but gradually, our topic is less and less, then later, two people on the phone, nothing except animal.will, often get huff.

We all know that go down so again, each other really will have problems.

Once I travel, is the evening before departure of car, she sent me to the door, I dare not to see her wet with tears. When I came to the station that day didn't fare, heart was full of joy. To a room stood at the door outside, wish to give her a surprise, who knows that a person is looking to see her pickle in eating porridge. At this moment, I couldn't stand anymore and rushed into the house tightly around her. At that moment, I keenly aware that I can't let this situation to continue, and I will take good care of her and gave her a stable life.10 years running finally margin set this life

In August, 2003, she resigned as I came to ningbo. Look at this beautiful city of ningbo, we decided to the everglades home, living together forever.

To ningbo, FengJing facing new obtain employment problem, this to her is a big challenge. Until the early 2004, she always are not, and I now work also appeared problems. Two people are in the work schedule back-loaded with each other, so common talk with emotions, quarrel bicker continuously. Some days, we talked about the best complicity to separate a period of time and let each soberly on two fit together. Remember that day FengJing put my clothes packed into luggage, when I with suitcase went to the door, I cannot help but ask her that we should do this. She listen to "wow" sound to cry, I threw box tightly put her enveloped against. We are all love each other, why should one another torment?

In 2005, small jing finally found himself a satisfying job, and I now also from former unit to resign, changed a more play to their capacity of the unit. Because the job, my salary mention quickly, we have bought houses, cars, life basic tends to be back on track.

This valentine's day, we got up early to marriage registration office. That day, we are the first pair of where the registration newcomer. On May 18, we will hold a grand wedding, these days of calls, every day I can receive your relatives, friends greetings. I thank fate that brought her to give my life with her hand, I can certainly buchibuqi.

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