Monday, December 6, 2010

Sweet MM winter NeDaYi necessary

Cold air of transit, la Nina millennium extremely cold. Sub-zero temperatures almost frozen language. The cold, the more indifference. Wrapped in my coat of people, who also can't see anybody. The weather variable exciting, changes in temperature variable, woollen -- warm unchanged... Warm woollen let you can have your cake and eat it is sweet, sweet, warm warm.

01 with cherry red, warm benmingnian winter. Drape lace collar, on compose a circle soft fleeciness spilled, sweet flavor immediately rush. Waist pocket design, good outstanding and increase lumbar line, build on a paragraph and studded knee-high boots, beautiful leg immediately appear.

02 who said winter only dark tonal? Winter sun shines, clothes as snow as fully. Nine points hubble-bubble sleeve is the design of this money coat window, lovely simultaneously lined out carefully provoking frets wrist. Double row metal color buttons, for the simple but elegant clothes added a lively bright spot.Christian Louboutin Boots

03 very Korean style, terrorize Korean actress feeling. Loosely cuffs with a grain of circle is buckled, the palace, LiLing eversion maneuver corsage, thick black eyeball HanFan son.

04 melting and lovely baby to install a paragraph, small skirt of design is very good line goes a delicate and elegant temperament. The brim, chest line and cuffs of plush ornament, soft and warm. Lining the skin, let you need not worry CangLanSe winter blood circulation caused by bad skin darker heavy.Christian Louboutin Pumps

05 the same season, the same path, the same grid coat. Different, is can't have them to you. Blackish green squares, teeth white horn to buckle, waist big bag, cultivate one's morality clipping, sweet and not be bored with beauty.

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