Thursday, December 16, 2010

LOHAS concept of easy to get facial skin problems

LOHAS, is a western coming from emerging lifestyle groups, by transliteration "LOHAS", "LOHAS" is an English Lifestyles of Sustainability and be abbreviated, meaning to Health and self-sufficient form a life. Lohas skincare ideas are same, advocate everyone need not too care about those you hard to change the face problems, such as black rim of the eye, wrinkles, a change of style and attitude to face them, you will find that actually easier to solve the problem.

01 black rim of the eye is enemy? Actually cover line

Which women don't hate black rim of the eye? Who does not know to want to have enough sleep, balanced diet, to maintain good mood can effectively eliminate black rim of the eye? But these to often be timing overtime, feed the wuding, work pressure big office worker, deliberately to adjust life rhythm, but is a kind of pressure ah.
Lohas idea: use block defect product can naturally black rim of the eye, cover the eyes have look instantly, looks young for several years, the whole people looked at the mirror no black rim of the eye of oneself, the mood becomes happy!
Cover black rim of the eye steps:
Step1: with block defect brush (or lip brush) to block defect product by clicking the in eye head, pouch and eye end this 3 position.
Step2: next pouch position from tears ditch the block defect product press start slowly open, always pressure to eye end dark heavy place, relieve eye prolapse feeling.
Step3: with sponge surplus shielding products printed the upper eyelid, this place easily give oil, such plays a certain role accusing oil.

02 leave eye lines, laughing beauty is enough

As the growth of the age, skin ageing, wrinkles is normal phenomenon, especially eye lines, even has many early 20s young MM also not be avoided. Use protect skin to taste to delay and fade fine lines, of course, is the way, but we cannot because too care about it and give yourself more cannot because of pressure, afraid have expression lines and check your smile, facial relax, smiling will beauty!
Lohas idea: laugh stiff or expression unnatural than plain lines ugly many, peacetime in addition to relax the mood, also want conveniently again rest when do facial massage, relax eyebrows, laughing will look better.
Facial stretch massage:
Step1: office worker usually rest got much time, this massage take part in brows, lock eye week and law grains of these 3 position. Mouth cape position with 45 degree Angle oblique upward gimmick to tiras.Christian Louboutin Pumps
Step2: left ring finger and middle finger, the forehead skin upward tiras right forefinger and middle finger around a v-shaped fissure PingLa eyebrows.
Step3: eye week clockwise method light looped, active the cell, the eyes will not on this side ChuiChui.

03 uneven skin tone have what fantastic, wipe a pink is enough

The reason caused by uneven skin tone, quite complicated nutrition of unbalanced, outside pollution, human body detoxification not thoroughly... , making it difficult to deal with this problem, ladies. But what is so amazing? Now who don't for skin dozen bottom before going out, can adjust color of skin, and certain level land against outside pollution.Christian Louboutin Boots
Lohas idea: now the powdery bottom besides have adjust color of skin, shielding effect, but also prevent bask in, moisturizing and whitening... Many the composition that maintain added in inside, need not worry will harm the skin. So uneven skin tone was no problem, wipe a powdery bottom to you can fix it for you.
Frivolous bottom makeup steps:
Step1: put fluid foundation respectively in facial ministry T word a point and cheek, the two areas can widespread use large sponge daub, and out to the face evenly.
Step2: use powdery cake dedicated sponge with a circle powdery cake, then click the corner position, press as alar, chin and eyes.
Step3: finally don't forget to save on loose powder, let makeup effect more natural, lasting.

04 TaiTouWen terrible? Bang obscure

TaiTouWen appear, acquired factor is less, are generally naturally. Secondly, TaiTouWen generation and facial expressions have great relationship, then we shall have to suppress her facial expression? Such lives much too tired! Experts say TaiTouWen once produced, it can be difficult for maintenance method to eliminate, want to eliminate, go, do BOTX laser or injection, but, think of the last public plastic accident, everyone is afraid of fear.Christian Louboutin
Lohas idea: cut a bang the forehead, eyebrow all cover, thus easily TaiTouWen problem solving! Today's hairstyle is complete function ", reduce age, thin face, highlight big eyes, etc, you also pick sfrom a paragraph like, change a hairstyle.

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