Friday, December 10, 2010

You ChenQian, I know

"Dad in this life, no other illnesses, beat is ChenQian."

Is this your mantra, a "beat" word, like the four major state-owned Banks are in your pockets are filled with similar.

Your home ChenQian, I know.

Standing in the south of the city's high hill, look, everywhere is your own fields, your house is the county's largest, the home of wench servant close together foot have a JiaJiangLian - these, you already and I said N times.

To tell you the truth, your house how rich folk, I don't know. I only know your landlord family did not bring you how many benefits.

Because you this "exploitation of class" heir's identity, no root is MiaoGong family wants to show their daughter marry you. That was the educated youth return to cities abandoned woman, because disreputable, nobody willing to, so her family gave her plug gave you, penny money didn't want advertising.

Her younger than you were 11 years old, not love you.

When you put her flowers, but she still keeps on your shape with stranger. I was in a toddler occasion, she would take all of your valuables and go to provincial capital, searching for her love.

That day, you took me, wiping away tears, I face of low to say: "don't cry, girl, dad rich, want to eat what dad take you to buy them."


You relied on speculation and profiteering ", became the SiLinBaXiang famous rich.

You put one waiting outside the matchmaker baulked, you say, there are a tree "cabbage" is enough, your daughter doesn't need her stepmother, you won't give anybody hurt our opportunities.

The entire childhood, I plunge into a JueJiang finished in plait son, wear colourful clothes and all kinds of red shoes, such as a QianChenBuRan fairy, active in a group of dusty children among, in a click sound in admiration envy jauntier to and fro.

I go to school, you will not revert a person to run all over the country. You grow in your wing open a small gate, worked as a grocery store boss. You said, you have to follow me, wheezed guidance and supervision of my study.

Though you read much, but my grades but surprisingly well, every time take back testimonials to, you always act surprised to ask me: zha so smart? I hung about grinning, answer a word "gene good bai", then your laughter was very anxious to the roof had.

Later on, wait for me to high you sold the tradition of the three generations of clearing, with I moved into the county town.

The class 37 students, only one is rural registered permanent residence, yet no one dared to question me, I wear the use of, all is those students to catch up with, in their eyes, you are the most representative in the category of people - upstarts.


Received in a university in Beijing admission notice, you trembling hands, saw again and again, the name of the university fingertips contact, touch once again my name and laughs like a child.

In spite of my block, you run back to town, put several table, please, SiLinBaXiang throughout and you have YiMianZhiJiao, you are invited somebody else. Almost every day to eat the person all know, how I naughty, naughty, you think I return the life is kept LiaoEr, not ChengXiang unexpectedly such as TanNangQuWu sort admitted to the university, and still Beijing university.

The college, every time to call in the home, your first sentence always "money is not enough, give you collect some!" I say enough, there are many? And then, you will repeat that sentence: "don't saving, your daddy in this life, no other illnesses, beat is ChenQian!"

First brought her boyfriend home, you put his town ask a again, he sent the somebody else see their forefathers' planer open have person face long after MaZi.

You say you have plenty of money, as long as well to him in this life I, you won't lost him.

Over the next few days, your pocket money becomes rich, so that the boy would you pay a cry LengShenEr, everyday eat mouthful flow oil son, saw you bowing and scraping, fear like imp saw of hell.

You give cognizance, this boy because of your money and your majesty, from now on I FuShouTieEr. But, I still brokenhearted, two feelings can't cover several big nose next door class woman the glad eye, that boy went boldly take refuge in foreign devil.

Call you, wanted to ti shuangliu to you play a song of hatred fu tone, but because you a "bird big what lin2 zi3 all have", then smiled a mess.

After graduation, I stay in Beijing, in advertising company in do agent. You no longer open store, say too tired, you found a night to show outlets work, the house rent out.

Two months later day, you run to my company, says mysteriously to give me a gift. Don't know not, a look really scared me, you send me the, unexpectedly is a set of more than 50 square meters of house.

You said: "real tight-ass, I heard people say, in Beijing girls have the house and then had the choice boyfriend's angry, you have to promise me, must give I choose a good future son-in-law, I swear by his pension?"

I smile, fundus weep.

I know, you are afraid that I will because of poverty by some YingTou profit-making material lure, walk to crooked road, that is why from you will give me the most desperately superior life of reason, I is your GanEr, you see not I have BanDianEr is bad.

I want you to come and live with me and you refused and said afraid to come Beijing somebody else suspicion you older, there's no place to agree to use you. You said you still hale, don't want to ChiBaiFan so early, "he said, you have, 59, you can still feel that you're my foundation, it's for my shelter that big tree.

Later, I got married, giving birth, life way automatics.

You every year to Beijing twice, couldn't live in a few days he hurried back. You say, the employer's store night cannot nobody see, old boss let somebody else TiGong also embarrassed.

You never let me go home, you say home house rented out, I went back and no place to live. At that time, I have lived in a more than 100 square metre of a large house, I want you to stay with me, you still refused and said you get used to the hometown of day, should be moved only got, they don't want to bother me. Ao however you, I had to put his own that part of MOTOROLA's mobile phone have to give you hope at each of you want to me, or I miss you, can hear the voice on the other.


A few days ago, I went south to travel, pass by their hometown, I'd like to see you, see he had lived for more than ten years old town. I didn't call you, I want to give you a surprise.

Find the house that I once incomparably familiar old building, climb, knocking at the door, a 339 year-old obese women across the guard against theft, a face of vigilance ground to ask me who look for, I say: "I is you the property owner's daughter, I want to know his work place where." The fat woman says she is this room, owner of the house had bought for many years.

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I startled, ask her if she knows you spoke to the shop where, the fat woman a face surprised, saying, do you not know that your daddy had not give somebody else did, he at three mile zhuang rented bungalow, everyday receive junk to live on.

My head, suddenly had a moment of dizziness. Aluminum-framed snowshoes underground floor, take a taxi, finally found the place where you live.

Two rooms low, shabby, looks ramshackle one-story house, is your life from years of place. Across the door, I saw, in the courtyard heaped with you collected from the waste paper, scrasp plastic and various bottle container canister.

I in grass embalm wind warm April day, suddenly tears.

Beijing the apartment and push you all dry. You dish out of the shop, sell the home of a house, put into the rest of the old book, still not enough, you had to relatives borrowed money.

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Then, in the next few years, in order to pay his debts, not the capital of you, has bought three-wheeled, daytime accept junk, sooner or later, picking up trash. You deceived me say you night to the somebody else see shop, be afraid that I face not good-looking, afraid I worry about you, more afraid because I want with you together debts and been tightened their life.

I only know that you ChenQian, but he has not settled down to thought, Beijing this place, is a toilet also is worth county a two-bedroom price, although you do during a lifetime, but ultimately sale is small-business, how can suddenly tao that so much money? After more than once I seen you cracked hands, with a little heart can think of, a only at night to the somebody else vigil, hands and how so rough!

I have no room and turned away. I know, you must want to see me, in this time, this place.

Back in Beijing, I put the reading room of exposed to the air, change a moving big bed, fired the babysitter, and then to call you, say to you: nanny of children is bad, I put her quit, the child nobody tube, I class son all can not, to the house is a mess, child mischievous, I beat him, now is a relentlessly the crying for grandpa?

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This one is enrolled indeed as expected, the next day you reach the gold, sit overnight train.

You wear neatly, slightly thinning hair back from his, look like a retired cadres have created.

Ate breakfast, I go to work, before I left, took out a stack money on tea table, tell you: "the noon I don't come back, you and the children go out to eat, eat what eat what." Say, I to go out, took a few steps, folding back, learn to your breath, added: "don't give you the girl in our province, in this life, do not have what problem, beat is ChenQian."

Looking at your laughter appearance, my heart a qualm.

34 years, you have always been my cash machines, from this moment, I want to change a za a height. I swear, I mean it.

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