Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The heart of a mother

My grandma dementia.

Grandma first incognizant grandpa, resolutely forbid this "strange man" on her bed, bed-fellows 50 years wife had to sleep till the living room. Then one day a door grandma trail disappear, finally at the police station help buyers will finally she recovered her talent, original grandmother single-minded want her childhood home and refused to admit that today's home with her any relationship.
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Coax to cheat, very not easy to persuade the grandmother to stay, but forgot her grandmother brought from firsthand the nephew niece, think they are a bunch of wild child, to grab her food, her with his play them, skill protect live her own bowl: "go away, forbid to eat my bread." Got all the family to laugh and cry.

Thanks grandma also know a person - my mother, remember that she is his own daughter. Every time I see her, on the face can smile, ask her: "maomao, maomao." At twilight move to a bench sitting downstairs, nagging: "maomao how to still don't school?" -- even woolly daughter have graduated from college.
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The family ChiZhun grandmother's this, later again she say to his home, he browbeating her: "again make, maomao don't you." Grandma will immediately be quiet.

One year the National Day, black, my mother cook cook dinner in person, entertain guests. The table grandmother had again extremely strange action. Whenever a dish served, grandma will vigilance ground in all directions to spy out stealthy, asing if is a ready to stealing sugar child. No one noticed she finally judgment, grandma just under the eyes, a big chopsticks momentum-builder dish, without embarrassment in their pockets. Functional are frightened, but each containing didn't see, only the grandmother himself, as if conceives himself dry very cleverly hidden, revealing a cheerful smile. The meal eat... Is really a little harder.

After the last - dish, has been busy without touching the earth mother, did it from the kitchen out, he asked guests "eat good have no", while conveniently pick some leftovers from the plate eat. At this moment, the grandmother a bullet up, -- the grabbed my mother's hand and heaved her mother puzzling, had to follow her rose.

Grandmother all the way to the door, the mother pulled warily use a body block all line of sight, then in the pocket be ah, grinning cutting the just hidden within the dish to mother holding out, hand a zead: "maomao, I purposely left you, you eat ah, you eat ah."

Mother hands hold that a heap of all kinds, hybrid one regiment, squeezed not forming dishes, long time, just leng leng ground to raise head, see grandma's smiling face, she burst into tears.

Disease cut off all contact with the world's grandmother, let her forgotten life -- all linked, all dear people, but only can't cut, mother, she is the blood of the disease is the soul has various slowly dies, but would never die, was that a single mother's heart.Christian Louboutin Boots

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