Monday, November 29, 2010

Not afraid lose

Life is a journey. Have no royal road, also have the rugged country; Have a splendid flowers, also have JingQi cloudy. In this journey everyone will suffer setbacks, but I always believe that the value of life is strong through setbacks and rushed out the bumpy! You fell, don't beg others leave you lift, You lost, don't beg to others for you get back.Christian louboutin Black

To lose, we each have different opinions. And I believe that the so-called lose, is life encountered setbacks, you know, this is unavoidable. Only in the confusion frustrated and no act days, I wonder if you have to see, in haze under stand-up pines cyproess and winding mountains, in dead of night road flickering xinghui, Do you ever think, firm faith can take failure transcendence.Christian Louboutin Sandals

Lost, it doesn't mean you are worse than others; Lost, also don't mean you'll never succeed; Lost, more do not mean you to the end of life. Clever people tell you, failure of end is often successful starting point. If you dare to face failure, dare to struggle, you will pick to successful flowers - knowing that one of the crowd. Life is like running sea, no islands and reefs, it will be difficult to arouse the beautiful spray. Lost, take the defeat the power! Young people should have broad mind, don't go dispute the trivial trauma.Christian Louboutin Pumps

Even if your life have thounds you cry, you also want to take out the 10,000 reasons face life with smile. "Regardless of the rain, and more fulfilling idle front yard." Only in this way can we maintain a balance state of mind, can burn with oneself the morale of trials and hardships, to "strive to nine days, can pull the bright moon WuYang catch turtle" under the lofty sentiments courage.

No matter in prosperity or adversity, all unhurried facing, Whether gain or losing, all calm accept. I think this is our young people to play it. I think this path has been, no matter how dim past feet, no matter how fai numerous, all future of the past are now resides in the future, all are now starting to now!

Lose not terrible, in order to pursue his ideal, we want to fly, to accept the baptism of the rain, In order to achieve the life the long-cherished wish, we want to fly, to meet spring breeze and sunrise. Although we do not strong wings might hurt, but we must fly to distant. Youth is like a group of burning fire, round hot red, let's work together with youth depict the new century the elegant demeanour, understand the true meaning of life, compose music of life!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Japanese pop bingle TOP 10

The introduction of hair modelling is currently 10 Japan's most popular! Everyone can enjoy, look to suit his hair:

01 overhead manufacturing have qualitative feeling slightly hang down suitable curl, cut out of the jaw sinuosity of hair curls create a type of COOL feeling. This hairstyle to face requirement is not big, but doesn't suit of square face MM. Send lubricious also try to choose flax color.

02 cut out the hair tip, produce the hierarchy within the short long effect, make integral modelling are simple sense. If it is straight hair words. To hair end slightly to roll once, can decorate in face, achieve little face effect. This hairstyle suits any face MM, color is best shallow maroon.

03 slightly blocking chin hair slightly spell able and maturity, will outer hair cut out three levels, the closer the overhead hair shorter. Most outside two layers of hair to outward volumes, the inside of the hair to within the ear hair roll, according to the jaw to roll out. This hairstyle suits any send qualitative MM, but this paragraph doesn't suit moonfaced MM. Brown color had better use orange.Christian Louboutin

04 boys style of natural hair. Top level, adjust all play a little hair amount not much feeling. This hairstyle suits not quite long and square face of MM, hair color had better choose flax + carry catch.

05 from the top of head began to put the outermost hair cut out 2 layers, making the outermost hair have a summon up feeling. Overall inward roll, cover cheek arc; the head shade will frivolous have qualitative feeling. This hairstyle is not suitable for long and square face of MM, color choose shallow brown is best.

06 starting from the top layer of level, make the cut out the hair tip is close to the medial skin. Make your hair light on both sides of the cheek, press close to painstakingly highlights little face effect, also increased melting degrees. This hairstyle to face is very strict, not suitable for round face, long, square face of MM, hair color choose tea color as well.Christian Louboutin Boots

07 this hairstyle sweet and have individuality, starting from the top of the hair cut out 3-4 levels, make the inside of the hair end all inward volumes, the lateral hair end outward into small roll, creating the messy effect, head shade to thick some and to the side roll a radian. Due to the cheeks two ends up to face within the effect, so this hairstyle suitable for all kinds of face of MM, color is best ash flax.Christian Louboutin Sandals

08 this hairstyle and without much levels, as long as the parts of the brain after hair slightly summon up. Rear hair cut short cover in front of the head shade, achieve elegant effect. This hairstyle suits only hair amount less and soft MM, but to face and not too much restrictions. Color had better choose shallow the color of camel's hair, this show the whole very light.

09 this hairstyle very cool, starting from the top 2-3 levels build, have the hair in the back cover front head shade, so can make hair in front of some massiness, then later brain head place for central axis, hair end all toward that direction volumes. This hairstyle to face asked to compare strictly, is suitable only for round face and DaoSanJiao face. Color choose flax can.

10 this kind of fresh simple bingle modelling does not need many levels, just make a bitter fleabane bitter fleabane that feeling is OK, head shade to shear ground some. Because the hair back roll on both sides, so this hairstyle suits only elliptical and square face of MM, color choice brown as well.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

China fines oil firms for illegally propping up diesel prices

BEIJING, Nov. 23 (Xinhua) -- China said on Tuesday it would punish six companies, including affiliates of the country's two oil giants, for selling diesel above the state-set prices, in an effort to ease the diesel shortage and keep soaring prices in check.

The companies, including Sinopec's units in Wuhan and Luoyang, and PetroChina's Wuhan unit, were selling diesel at prices as high as 8 percent above the government set price, according to a statement posted on the website of National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), the country's top economic planner.Christian Louboutin Sandals

These companies also included local refineries and oil dealers in Shaanxi, Shandong and Jiangsu provinces and according to the NDRC, the acts have exacerbated the diesel shortage and disrupted market order.Christian Louboutin Boots

The commission urged local authorities to seize the illicit revenue from above-ceiling sales and fine the companies up to five-times of their income.

To relieve domestic diesel shortages, both Sinopec and PetroChina are increasing diesel imports, while Sinopec said last week it had even suspended diesel exports.Christian Louboutin

According to customs statistics, China's diesel imports in October rose to 400,000 tonnes, surging 60 percent compared with that in September.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Despair and rebirth

Friends said he was prepared to write a novel about rob Banks, the story will be very absurd.
"Why not write a love story? I'd like to see you write love story!" I said.
"I don't believe in love! How to write romance? Love is despair." He said.
"Good! You are now suit to write romance." I said.Christian Louboutin Boots
We all know that many first-class laugh potter privately is a serious, even a bit boring person. They may not feel life interesting. It is this kind of person, can show the most funny comedy.
A director, afraid of blood, also afraid of the dark. But, she took GuiPian but very frightening. She take action scenes, can be very blood and violence. Is she the enfolding her own eyes clap out?
Despair is not completely is a bad thing. Moments of desperation, perhaps is reborn opportunity.
A person to love despair, so, he must have a long sad memories. A good writer, he wrote love, not only is love, but a life. Love is a kind of motivation, end our past history, also put us into the future. Every man passes must die, if we never die, we would also passionately in love? Christian Louboutin
Fate is not refers to accidental befallen us unfortunate misfortune, but for human life limitation of acceptance and affirmation, admit that as a person restrictions. In this kind of limit for choice, is freedom. We are free to love, also have feel hopeless freedom. But love, began in such excitement, and finally such failure and desolate. Desperate, maybe see more thoroughly.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Life is a kind of process

Strong coffee with tea, only.savor can feel it the most sincere bitter sweet.
People from young to aging, in each stage has different view. So says the life just so a process. In this process, people feel should experience, only this process beginning and end without any difference, but the different process is the real meaning of life lies.Christian Louboutin Boots
Do one thing the result is important, but I think, do things the process is more important, after all the results and we will be happy ready, but processes were can let our life full. The end result of certain human life is death, in fact life is meaningless, you just give life a hope to achieve meaning, so enjoy the process of life is a kind of meaning.Christian Louboutin Pumps
As ordinary people is important to grasp your, when the process of life close, looking back yourself the road, you just say: I tried, struggle, this lifetime regretless yi. At least, your life turned into although not plentiful but full of fruit. Only sadly life can not heavy, don't hurry, steady steps, actively put forward! Life is short, life is limited, but we want to get out of this short and limitations of dig out the beauty to come. As long as a meaningful, the process of life itself is a kind of beauty.
Say so, sometimes, we didn't lose it, just didn't win.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Good woman is a school

A good man through a good woman towards the world, a man's a hundred good friend, also do not have a good woman good, a man's a hundred friends cannot substitute for a good woman. A good woman is a kind of education, good woman sending out a kind of qingli of life-giving spring breeze and rain sort of delicious breath, she is good men find themselves, to oneself, then heroic toward life's unswerving strength.
A good woman is a school to teach you to understanding and tolerance. In her eyes and considerate, you will always forget worry and exhaustion, loosen body and mind, nervous mustering up courage to fight, to start a new.
A good woman is a school teach you know self-discipline and cautious. Ancient language: a good wife makes a good husband woe, she wenwan the less persuasion and timely remind, often can give you the impulse of the mind blowing freshness of wind, let you reexamine the adventure had already made the decision.
A good woman is a school teach you know how to cherish and gratitude. She might not stands out as a beauty, but there must be soft eyes. In her effeminate appearance, decorated with a single strong heart. When you meet with difficulties, she can always firmly stick with you, when you finally come out on top, prompting you don't forget to have helped you. Along the road to tell you, she is always your final retreat, are you most strong backup! Christian Louboutin
A good woman is a school teach you have friendship and family relationships. In front of your friends, she won't embarrass you, even if you have any mistake, she would probably clever offset, behind alert so you can feel proud and elated, command in front of extensive trust. She will be willing to help you do all the good home, let you no worries, rest tianlun vacation.Christian Louboutin Pumps
Good woman is a school, but she also need your understanding and cherish. I hope you don't cut class, do a qualified students...
A good school, also should have good students match. Not every man to a good school.
Good woman would the gentleness, decisive, intelligent, and round jun, modesty, calm. Not aggressive, won't let a man lose confidence, Won't condensations, refuse people far away from... But wisdom to meet teacher bole also should have qianlima...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Love you will go on your left

Because love you will go on your left, this is a friend told me that story.
And all the love of person as, experienced a magnificent and victorious love later, she and he finally entered the marriage is an institution. But get married with him later, she felt she married life and imagination of dreams. Marriage is not a love, is often more trivial and boredom, less passionate and romantic.
When she had to face every day such dull and boring life, she felt heart in a little grinding smooth, life like water as vapid. After they still calculate conjugal love each other, but also often quarrel, often because little trivial things will quarrel. And he is less than the past everywhere humored her let her. She felt that man is really false, marry will become a people, don't like the love that kindly tolerance. Now of she make small temperament, the husband is generally ignored or silence, even some time has a dispute with her, never to revert spoil her. Although there are many emotion she always can't let go, but after all her marriage to this kind of inanimate endurance is limited.
Finally, one day, two people's congress after a quarrel, she unbearable say the two words: divorce. He immediately say yes, go now. That day raining outside, he and she various umbrella. Two people to walk on the road, all fell silent, all have their own thoughts. It rained quite big, and roads are very slippery, but who would not say to give up. Suddenly the road in front of a local stopped a car, narrow have only through a person, so he walked at the front. The past after, she again and he walked on side by side, he suddenly honked she angrily say: "how again walk my left?" Meanwhile, a big truck with his brush CeGuo roared, he stopped her car body, although didn't hit him, but the mud from splash but dirtied his clothes. She jerk leng in there. Just such a simple action, let her feel he subtle and plain love: always, he always used to walk in her left, with their own bodies blocking turbulent flow for her, for she is blocking the rain and dangerous.Christian Louboutin Boots
In fact this is true love, although no flowery aura, but himself and heavy. Do not add any modification in casual is revealed. She could not help being tearful, confuse her face is surging and rain water or tears. He wiped the tears for her, and said unto her, go home. She flung nodded tightly and took hold of his hand and she felt seems also caught a heavy love.Christian Louboutin
Only because I love you, will go on your left.Ask yourself, like all can't do this!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

No career woman will be very miserable

Today the administrative recommended again a quality nice lady miss liu, in my office interview, I glanced at her resume, will see through her, but is still let her narrative once, she always do sales member, four years changed three projects, the rest between a year, 28, came to our company hope to continue to work on the project received clients work.
Our company recruitment of personnel, summed up and have 3 kinds, one kind is property consultants, is the so-called marketing, one kind is project sales, is it sit pins, the 3rd kind is administrative assistant classes.
Every time I will let the interview ms pick, often they would dry administrative, followed by sit pins, really pick marketing very few. Even if I tell them property consultants minimum-salary highest, and commission, the future can still when the manager, turn to the administration or project department is very light, they are still not change their choice.
Their choice order, just and how much money to the contrary, the weird. Actually they choice is the sequence according to the pressure of work order to choose, i.e., they would find a, low pressure, stable, and at leisure of work, even if money less, appreciation, development opportunity small difficult. Unfortunately, such, I wouldn't hire her administration, because they simply had no dedication, also won't study, unless the company just now have an emergency missing hillock.
Their ages 25 fluctuation, some again indeed image but person, but, I really worry for their future, because it is likely that their future is very troublesome, even will lead a miserable life...
In the most assiduous when seek at ease in most can learn about love, because their plan was 28 years old before getting married, so to dress up, making friends is that they all of the world, of course, enjoy the happy time youth, is also the most appeal to them, even if therefore leave and resign, also won't seriously.
Naturally they at 28, duly of marrying a rich man, or have potential of the reason why the man to marry her, often because she tendered blooms.Christian Louboutin Boots
The husband that time may also in career stage of development, she is listening to the husband of words, resign went home, when a full-time wife, some are still in a careless work until the children.
For women has been in grassroots employees, to have children, their career is almost over. Except in the institution, if is general unit, they tend to be so quit, pregnant to birth, feeding half a year, all the recovery, remind of work, headache, first, not good again find qingxian job, because at that time, will seek can go home earlier errands, otherwise, unable to take care of the kids not trust ah, secondly found to hire aunt to replace his, a calculation, aunt than oneself still expensive, results, give youself a pretext for education child, himself took the child, until they grow up, in fact career to pursue, and no fear of social work is that caused her to be full-time wife reasons.
The financial burden of the family fell to her husband's body, the husband career constant hard work and study, and business relations constantly contacts, to improve the quality, position and money raised, circle of friends too more and more big, steady social progress, the husband also of continuous progress.
The wife is not so busy, children in kindergarten, she a person, their children to school, she was a man, occasionally and another don't work wife, go shopping together, hairdressing, but finds himself and social farther and farther, several times again want to summon up courage to enter the society, but the age does not forgive people, the original grass-roots work, she can't do, original, now also cannot do, actually such woman, also won't special virtuous, housework slowly lost interest, after all is female of new era, where would willingly old so stay at home, but regret ah, small when no serious reading, on-the-job didn't learn anything, no real abundant.under the industry, not with any good at something, how to begin?? And how to adhere to bear hardships, in can pleasure, life candy had been eaten, now in addition to constantly hesitation, affects mood, even bothered her husband.
Actually she can enjoy, after all have blessedness family, love her husband and lovely children. But she often complains about housework gorgeously, she for the home, dedicated, and her husband all too lazy to wrangle, actually husband want to say, I for the sake of this home in spelling.
Her greatest wish is to let the husband with her patience and talk for a while, but he went home very late because dinner party, even if have returned home, he didn't speak, watching television sleeping, women don't let him sleep, fight, the husband feel this woman has become more and more difficult to unintelligible, women feel men don't seem so love her.
Fight, to a happy couple, is flirting with indifference, and for the couple, is to break the numb, broke the numbness, often be vexed, often is completely disgusted.
Two men in social life of the different roles, determines the two men made a huge difference, the difference, caused the common language of reducing, women drew man's glamour, is no more, and defiant and neurotic, constantly harassed by man, until a man, really is having an affair.
A in fear the woman of the life, with reluctant humbled themselves, the husband asleep and slipped through the husband of mobile phones, how poor the scene, what did you find, again how.
Woman, miserable life began, in fact already started, this time, she will go in loneliness and Laos, she will with the housework companion, and television companion, if she energetic, still can and GuChangLiDuan companion, of course, as revenge, she might even squander husband's money. She is not happy, even go online, actually, Internet, less than what seek is likely to have a comparative idle bored person, can chat with her several, for her husband. Her husband, not only and she said little, seem to move rarely, anyhow, hopeless suffering, no doubt. Have been to old. If the divorce, she will despair, because life was all her.
The young woman, if no career and no learning, since she gave birth to a child, life is more and more miserable, suffering whole life.
And a career woman, constantly enrich themselves, love is not her whole life, he and the men, so have a common language, gave birth to the child to her, just a small delayed, because she has been in management, I have a decorated a company to friends, deputy general manager, seemingly effeminate woman, she is the boss before birth, drive send her home, she natural production, less than a month, when I phoned her, she is in wuhan on business. The baby was very healthy, the home was very well organized. Her example may be some extreme, but explains a lot.
Men having an affair, it really doesn't all because of lewd, to tell you the truth, if when you plagued by career crux of the time, wife and you because chit GuChangLiDuan, babbling incessantly, you and she said enterprise management, she say with you store discounts, you're sleepy, because of stress, she take pillow hit you, you say how vexed, you again looked intently, opposite of woman, intolerability ferocious, foul-mouthed muddy, what else can you say so of woman, not only himself suffering, also can give her responsibility husband trouble.
Have the cause of the woman, very beautiful, see them in a man's world, shem, learning the woman in the exhibition move STH is very beautiful, talent, and transverse yixian woman such life, fun is yet-and yet-o, they may not be a beautiful vase, but will let you calm, let you sweet, let you song, let you worship.
Modern society, economy is so developed that woman be stay-at-home wife, if a woman's decision, because she has retreated, if is man's decision, it is selfish to oneself wrong.
I gave an interview girl spoke this general meaning, she said she knew this, but she still think don't want to bear hardships, and risks. She believes love her man, not like that.
What call hardship? You really have not seen bitterness of jobs and see moving company and site workers, in your office? Call can calculate hardship In air-conditioned office, visit customers be hardship? Listen to the boss words, the earnest reading, Internet check material, calculate hardship? This female staff, to see their interpersonal relationship is very interesting, they in the company of friends, not conducive to business progress, but has male charm, not working together, but can play together or chat. Pour a piece or
This is why China today high divorce rate, the reason of the so-called Chinese style divorce, the ongoing occurs, in my opinion, continue to happen. Women with what just gave birth to the child tools, with what had children later became nanny, don't want to use all the energy for house? Don't forget, she had also received a good education, she had had a dream. But what has changed her life track?
Of course, no business men, will be more miserable, his sad is that all his life not eaten sugar. Than women are miserable.Christian Louboutin Pumps
This paper presents to all on-the-job field woman, because the world is complex, very some may think that text extreme, one-sidedness, after all happy families are like one another; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. Women should be brought the spoil, men bring love education women must be career-minded, looks so cold and inconsiderate, only the boss will be so mean and pragmatic, but is this vile boss in the company inside give women as well as men are of equal opportunity for advancement, he grieved to those who have and he fought's confidante, he spends painstaking care brought-up have commercial talent of female staff, the early exit from professional stage, those lips pursuing equality of woman, secretly for meditation, women are weak.
A career has pursuit of woman, how has charm, the charm was so thick, her hard work figure, and always abounding talent, however fascinating, how endure years deliberate. This woman, just give them some consideration should be more and caring, because worth also needs.Christian Louboutin Sandals
Those who still childlike, clover, complain melancholy on-the-job female employees, if your career goal without a goal, I return how to ask that you do not late for work, true don't know which one day, your boyfriend a word, let you resign. They received care has too much, they have plenty of time to rest and recreation, their future will spend the rest of his life in self-discontentment, still can and they have anything to talk? I don't think they have what charm, especially for me, in their resigned, I almost lazy hypocrisy detains.
Because my jokes, they couldn't understand, I say, when the tragedy of their jokes.
- send and all women compatriots said. If the heavens treat you well, give you capable husband and superior life, please don't convergence their morale, If the heavens to your enough love, truly the manning, please don't kill the confidence in themselves and forward struggle of courage.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The third ear hole story

There was once a girl told me: "this life through ears pierced the girl, the next life will also is a girl." Say this words, she left ear has set with two MEDALS earpins, in the darkness of night glowed the mysterious light, but not on the right ear!
Her name is summer, is a funny girl, always wears a white T-shirt and wide cow he pants, sitting in the classroom place not far from me. Once, she suddenly turned around and eyes directly meet my view, without any hesitation and shy, then side face, gently smiled. I'll remember her smile -- seventeen girl is only have the sort of innocent smile. That naive provoking fondly.
Later we will acquaint with, so always see her innocent bright smile, and her left ear on the ear hole, above fluctuates with pretty earring is forever cannot see through also look not scenery. I like that, she is just her smile! At that time, I already have a good girlfriend, called Yang. Is a no ear hole of girl, but she said she liked to see other girl with beautiful ornament exquisite ear. Earring
I am school stations members. Later I planned spy campus show about ear hole topic. There are many girls scored hotlines to describe his ear hole. Have a familiar voice there also repeated: "I very love very love a boy, but I won't let him know, also can't let him know. So I to he wears a third ear hole, and let it empty. I think one day, when the third ear hole more full-time, I abandoned all the love, leave him. He is just like my ear hole, is my life cannot hide and hidden gap, but always not export. I can't stop, I can only go forward." I think everybody will easily be such a girl is touched. "Thank you, my schoolmates, and your name is?" "My name is summer." Sure enough, the next day, I in summer right ear discovered on the third ear hole!
Later summer and many boys been in love, every relationship ends, summer he buy a pair earring, saying is a memorial. She said: "I'm only a love, I know its negotiation rooms is to wither, be in so it bloom moment I put it cut off, I have no more love, but I couldn't resist the warm, even if it short, thin again." I say: "summer, you may not like this, they are innocent, you on their unfair." "This in this world has fair? Like I love you, yet you do not love me. Is it fair? -- sorry, I was just kidding."
Summer after graduation from the university went to Japan, walk before we spoke by telephone. I asked when she'll be back, she said that maybe a year, maybe ten years may never come back. She said to me: "yu, true oddness, why my third ear hole has been have no a healing? I can no longer endure love this waiting bearing. So I decided to use space and time to fill it."
Xia go after two months, I decided to get married and uplift, young and summer completely different, she will be a good wife, I will love her, we would be happy......
I and uplift wedding nearly, I received from Japan to send the parcel, there are many earring, I understand that it was from summer ears off, they miss the spiritual, no longer glowed the mysterious light. There are two letter, including a wrote --
Mr. Yu:
Is this summer, but also the so earring her only relics. We don't understand what you have summer to feelings, she said she would never any hope that and crave. But still cannot forget you. She is such a lovely girl, anyone would be touched by her trueness, but why you but can't? As parents we hope she can forget the past. Again, happy life going, but too difficult, because she loved person getting married!
A few days ago, she said she would see you, just to go look back, but aircraft just a runway just exploded... .
Afterwards we took her room, and found this a bundle of earring, and a letter without sending out the letter is addressed to you, even though we know that kind of thing cannot be forced. We left for the send to you. Even our selfishness! For a souvenir! Christian Louboutin Boots
Section failure!
Summer's parents
I made no effort to hide their own tears, this is I didn't expect the ending. Summer in my side for four years, I ever so obsessed with her smile, but never loved her, originally the world really have the injustice of it.
I saw summer childish font, childish willfulness naive --
Yu:Christian Louboutin
I am a very bad girl, do too much bad, cheated too many people, my only doing good deeds, who once so infatuation and sincerely love a person, if this also calculate good words, see, my ear hole is for you to wear, if one day, you also like me by love forgotten, you will understand now I have to exploit injury. If there is an afterlife, I would like to meet you again. Even if you don't love me, I still love you......
I cannot control themselves out on the ground, with tears in her eyes, originally I do not only attached to her face, she is a kind of breath, has been leaking into my life, can't again being pumped. I keep yourself at home for five days, on the fifth day, Yang come, ask: "wedding also held?" "Yes, and immediately." I said
Because I don't want to also can't disappoint the second girl. I think I'll love her, we would be happy.
A year later, we have a boy.Christian louboutin Black
Time really quick, when children graduated from college, that he put his girlfriend home, I and uplift all very happy, girls are very beautiful, smile innocence, provoking fondly.
"Uncle and aunt, my name is summer!"
I am one leng, hand smoke dropped on the place, Yang looked at me.
The girl is very enthusiastic running to the kitchen to help young's busy. Conversation vague float out.
"Why do your ear hole is empty, how don't take earring?"
"I have to earring, grew such rejection feeling."
"That you why again to wear ear hole?"
"Mother said when I was born, the right ear on an ear hole, true oddness."
"If it really depressed, there is an afterlife, and I would like to meet you again, even if you don't love me, I still love you." Summer's voice in my ear side long echoed...... .

Monday, November 8, 2010

Each child is "rare collection"

There is a collection of industry jargon, is called "Jianlou", meaning to value for money to spend much money to buy the collection. Collection of biographical attention to my friend that, I might be "Jianlou" so envious: "You're luck is not particularly okay?" Most of the time, "Jianlou" is indeed rely on luck. But out of luck, I have my own secret - many of my collection before they are in the social boom "pick up" back, meaning that most people than the first, I have seen their appreciation of space. It made me think of the children. Good collectors, more than the product as a baby as her own children. In fact, we do they not put their own children as a unique collection, to enjoy these "collections" and found their "appreciation of space"? Start with a good collection of character, no personality, if not fake collections, at least a yung products. Almost none of adolescent children that they are yung products; can parents often Quedui its own "collections" lack of confidence. Children consciously grown and self-examination of social standards, and parents think their children is far from mature, do not worry as their independence. Recognizing there are differences that divide is not surprising. Does not depend on the value of the collections pleasing to the eye you see is not pleasing to the eye, but rather the amount of his own survive in the world and process characteristics. To get your home "collection" in the future revaluation, you have to find out his own characteristics and style. If the child is fond of painting and writing, parents need not forcing him to take a medical major, and the candidate to lead the children to love writing, painting, design, or journalists into a career; if a child dreams of being teachers or trainers Aquarium Parents need not enlighten them with reason and emotionally moving to persuade him to a university professor or a zoologist. Each thing has his value, as we can not compare wood, jade, porcelain, like what is more precious. As long as the child well-being, according to its own conditions to create life, then it should be charged with this matter; parents forced to reverse, in accordance with their own ideas, and even paid in accordance with the standards of the community to design him, out of mass production of quality goods at best, although there will be room for appreciation, but certainly not "rare collections." How to find their own "collections" on the characteristics of? To do in fact "do nothing." A friend of mine, to send their children to school, even the mattress shop are for children living floc did, because not meet the bunk beds, making the bed when I looked up, to be spread knock stars, an egg-shaped bulge back of the head big package. He sat on the bed, coarse breath for a long time, then went shop, due to a splitting headache, not a long memory, the rise has been knocked out once again, the original package on top of a packet. I asked him, why not willing to let go of it? How the child's bed before sleep comfortably shop, he best knows. What do the parents have done, the shift in the child will naturally not do anything, while a considerable number of traits is also devoid of a lack of exercise in the out!Christian Louboutin Pumps Of course, the "do nothing" is not really no parents thing. You are the masters of collections, you are obligated to their own collection of more "polished", to encourage more children, more incentives, more to the face, "laced with gold." Chinese parents on the progress of their children, often the "default", there is little to embrace Western-style celebrated and clapping and encouraging, for fear of inability to recognize the child would be cocky. And when the children blew it, do something wrong, they probably talked about how he would Taoxintaofei to pay, others worry the children how to live up to expectations and so on. This comparison is stupid. Collection of different circumstances, adolescent children, too, some, such as brittle as porcelain, and some, such as processing of wood to be polished, and some even still not wholly satisfactory defects ... ... parents should be turned, Jing Xiaxin, carefully scrutinize their children, find out his real material, which can lead to unique bright spot, which can make the best use so that it defective, "Awaiting a balanced view", rather than the total of their children, "not a hate jade tile"Christian Louboutin Sandals Do not baby the envy of the "finest material." Nobody does not like to hear praise. Sometimes the children of adolescent rebellion has demonstrated its disdain to hear the teacher praise, does not mean that children do not like, most of the praise they think that these hypocritical, not from the heart. I am a friend of the child, very naughty in school, grades are bad, parents, teachers both soft and hard, but he does not eat this. However, when a student teacher praised his writing is very good, he is very happy, said: "I have always think so, but no one found!" Heart of a child in fact related to mirror-like, they have been In observing the attitude of adults, but with the collection as they will not take the initiative to say it, rely on yourself to try to figure out, playing. If you can say that the children would like to express, the performance to find your home's "collection" a good way to provide value-added color.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Friends are not made of glass

Friends of course not made of glass, but many people use friends as glass, carefully, I am afraid that the friends break something. So sometimes, obviously very dissatisfied with friends, but did not dare express. Once the fear expressed dissatisfaction, the conflict occurs; in the event of conflict, it will hurt the feelings; once hurt feelings, they will lose this friend, to a small loss of a friend, so not worth it, so offensive to endure friends, Then, secretly angry in the stomach. A college girl, said she particularly outrageous friend, this friend in college four years, Christian Louboutin almost never draw water for her is let her play; and this friend is also often a large crowd in, it told her in whispers say; she hopes one day to realize that this friend should not do. But this friend was a little careless signs of change at all. "How do you handle these behaviors does she?" "I can how? I look away." "So how do you know her you unhappy?" "She should know?" "Do you think she has a specific function it? know what you think? Since you do not mind the way to make her think you do not care when; since she thought that you do not mind, of course, she will not be changed. "" I know I should express their emotions However, I'm afraid she was angry, fear affect our friendship. Although she had some bad places. For these things is not worth losing a friend. So I confessed. "reason for this idea, because they are all Friendship has a really good looking: I hope you will never be the best argument, no anger, always understand each other. In their eyes, in the event of conflict means that friendships shattered. Thus, they had to avoid conflict, the result will not help themselves and between each other happy. In fact, not a conflict had ended on a road of friendship. Because we have "reconciliation" techniques available. Friendship is a picture depicting the two sides, when the draw was a problem, reconciliation is like our hands like the skin or scraper, then draw the wrong means the painting to be a void. With the rubber and the blade, you can continue to draw down draw. Why do some people have friends as glass, can not touch, the most important reason is that they will not be rubber and scraper, and even they did not realize that there is such a thing with rubber scraper. Friendship he did not like glass, once broken, can only be abandoned. So they had to carefully, in the process, they have been suppressed, how can you feel happy? Therefore, reconciliation is the friends of the need to learn skills. If you know how to reconciliation, in exchange, you will have a greater freedom. You will dare to express their views of our friends, the courage to stick to, dare to take the risk of conflict. Because, you know, even if temporarily hurt the friendship, you have the means to eliminate the consequences, so that the friendship back to the past. Reconciliation is very simple, it is a stalemate after you take the initiative to say a word, then you are wrong to send him a yellow rose, is a friendly smile, is a small gift of friendship ... as long as you really exist, reconciliation so complete. Reconciliation of people not afraid to express their views of our friends, the results of the shortcomings of conniving friends, so to maintain the friendship is not solid, do not go one day will be maintained. And it is precisely those who are not afraid of conflict, in a timely manner to express dissatisfaction, through the exchange to resolve the disagreement between friends, to have real long-term friendship. After all, the friend is not made of glass, if you have a friend who really want to glass, you should not touch, such a friend broke on the breaking of the bar.Christian Louboutin Boots

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Proper use of treadmill

Something to eat before training, fasting exercise likely to cause exercise-induced anemia, a cup of juice before exercise, or eat a banana, can make you fitter to exercise, but do not eat junk food, such as fried bread circle. Quick Start mode selection: good opportunity to pre-set program running, you're running, just follow the prompts to input data, you can choose different exercise methods, such as "reduced fat model", "cardio mode", "climbing mode "," random mode ".Christian Louboutin Pumps Among them, the quick start mode can be adjusted exercise intensity. Note body position: to stand in the middle of running belt, too easy to step on the base front, left out too far easier, of course, do not deviation. From the walk start: recommendations from the 4-6 km / h walking speed began to gradually transition to running. In addition, brisk walking to be more use of fat for energy, reduce fat effect is relatively better. Slow down: Although your efforts to move forward, Christian louboutin Black but the body is always parked in place, allowing the brain some confusion, so just under the treadmill may feel dizzy, gradually slow it down that no such situation.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Man behind the silence

More and more women, more can not understand, whether it is love stage, or during the first marriage for the man, his language was how well-developed cells: an hour ago to tell him to see you eloquent Acacia, an hour later I see you are still expressing love forever ... ... Christian louboutin Black
under a leaf falling on your head, he would like the poems generally extremely rich with emotion; you an innocuous "good home" and laments that he quips with You talk about a few hours ... ... Christian Louboutin Boots
Now, this is how? Ah just a few years of marriage, he suddenly became a "boring pot." Some people say: men are action-type animals. So what man behind the silence mean? British sociologist Mark after an investigation found: men talk daily volume, a woman's half. However, men are mostly used for circle of friends, work, love to chat with the exchange may be less than 15 minutes per day, term of not more than 10%. In fact, men have a lot of silent way, each of which may be a heart-heart conversation started. Premise is that you know what they really want, and then take appropriate countermeasures. To use silence to protest against the chattering women like to build relationships by talking to consolidate relations in the home is like through the ramble to show their leadership, expressing concern for men. Men not think so, no matter how articulate he was before marriage, vomit Lotus, married men are more willing to speak directly to their specific wishes, such as "you want to go out to dinner tonight", "I want to rest," "I To meet the. " However, women can not stand, men more so, more women have something to say. Many times, because the woman's ramble, outside the hustle and bustle of home and the sky is no different. Man this time seems more rational than women tend to face a woman's ramble, and he does not directly refute - that is undoubtedly a bomb dropped in the home; he would not violently snapped - it is undoubtedly less effective in the crushed worm will turn. Many men used to choose silence, one is to use silence to express their feelings at the time, ideas and attitudes, on the other hand is a deliberate silence to maintain the distance between each other, women will also feel especially hurt. In this regard, women tend to say "they do not have feelings, is simply cold-blooded", which is actually a misunderstanding. Married men are more accustomed to hard to communicate their emotions and love. The more powerful women ramble, a man will leave you farther, though he remained silent, but the mind has put up a "protective wall." To use silence to the body and mind to accept a small boy to conquer the world, the sky, take responsibility like the "backbone" of education: when they become - people, no matter how helpless the face of fatigue, frustration how hard, how cruel blow What a heavy burden, how great pressure ... ... they can not cry like a woman to vent, through the tears washed through talk distraction. Only thing they can do, only silence. Reflect in silence, in silence, conditioning, poised in silence, in silence, lick and suck the wound. Therefore, when a man trudged home, when he sat on the sofa without a word, when he turned a deaf ear to your words, you do not insufferably arrogant, much ado about nothing, imagination, and even imparting instruction. Maybe he just ended the conversation with the customer exhausted, or are facing life career Cengdeng, are greatly hurt the frustrations fatigue. At this time, he was silent in order to recuperate, he was reborn in silence. At this time you may wish to give him an hour, let him complete the work during the day and say "goodbye", after which he may have any questions you demonstrated a remarkable interest. Here to remind that when a man physically and mentally tired, if he still interested in watching TV, then do not watch the news on his network to switch off the TV, and concern, saying: "tired, to rest as soon as possible, but also to see what TV yet. "Notice, the cause of most types of men are more concerned about politics, you kind of" care care "can only be counterproductive. But you can show the gap in the amount of advertising insertion point of comfort. With silence to make plans you will often find that they are familiar with the man, talking and laughing, it suddenly silent; heat the clamor at home, he sat on the sofa daze; you warm to him a bunch of words thrown in the past, he actually unconscious. In fact this time, the appearance of silent daze just the men look, maybe he was going to mind what strange ideas, or thinking about some odd questions, or what triggered his inspiration. In his thinking into the silent state, it is a similar to the "closed-door practice" level. They do not want anyone to think he pulled out of the state, but do not want someone to interrupt or disturb him in silence, "practice." If at this time, you can not help but wonder impulse or interest dictates, he mentioned one way or another to the problem, for example, you're thinking, say staff I help you staff? Or do you have anything to say ah? You hear me questioning it? Tantamount to knocked. In men it seems, this time for all concerned, considerate, kind, curious and questioning, all the same, such as flies buzzing fly, disturbing quiet. At this time, you may wish to take when a silent followers it. The relaxed atmosphere you provide timely, not only will greatly shorten the time of his silence, and you'll make him grateful. Private collection with silence and sometimes, men prepared in case of emergency a lie, and sometimes it will try every means to hide something, like to drink a few beers the night before, had a Aventure business trip, just got an extra bonus and so on. Man's vision is, they do not say that women do not find that all will be very simple. And sometimes, silence is another man's hide. He may think that women are too special - the system, interferes with his freedom and rights, she even designed - made arrangements for his daily life. Therefore, in order to prevent a woman inquisitor asked in the end, to prevent her from his control and supervision of transparency, he chose silence. No clues in the search, he can quiet a lot of the world. In the couple's communication, if they have anything taboo issues, then the crisis on each other's feelings a little more possible. For example, when you repeatedly discussed with him the strength of recent sexual problems, feelings of apathy issues, loyalty issues, bonus issues, etc., his heart like a mirror, that walks with the powerful, but he does not know this say it kind of disgusted, and looked to the more not showing, so we use silence to take preventive measures. Men are always very careful and try to avoid exposing their weaknesses, especially in crisis situations, men extreme self-isolation. If a woman nagging at this time, men will be more angry. For the past love, sex and other sensitive topics, often in good faith and silent man, because men also need a sense of security and hope to obtain protection, the dream in the most perfect woman in front of their own show. Men need to camouflage the same time, the male psychological researchers pointed out: a man's world is full of competition, which requires distance, masks and calculation. The survival of man faced with the challenges a woman can not imagine the cruelty, loneliness is inevitable. The woman will feel a lot of men hidden in the secret heart must, therefore, continue to promote the mining depth of curiosity. But let a man open up in silence, first, give him a sense of security that you are at any time, will not use his weaknesses. You can use the kind of women to soothe his passion. You can quietly listen to his narrative, as an objective evaluation, and a solution with him. In fact, the man always has the potential arrogant tendencies, as long as he has enough of the audience, he will behave very charming, talkative, and full of interest. So, if you want to ease the atmosphere of each other's frozen, you can consider with him at a bar or tea house. Because of where he can find his public excited. Or to do something with the others, such as some people watching TV, shopping, and when he found the position of the threat of their own, he will certainly take the initiative to come to you break the impasse.