Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tracing arts super alternative high-heeled shoes bring you visually stunning

Guide language: Chris Ofili painting "The VirginMary press" once was at New York mayor Rudy ' 'Guiliani ban, Christian Louboutin BrooklynMuseum exhibition, because of his paintings are elephant dung! Now Tate Britain, Chris Ofili gallery for the exhibition especially invited six artists.
The designer from London Christian Louboutin Pumps INSA made 10 inch thick soles high-heeled shoes, water machine parts from 15 years ago all of The Rudy Guiliani Virgin Mary "in The same press elephant dung output home!
The origin of art, Christian Louboutin Boots fashion tracing the process, so crazy but fascinating, who can refuse the gift?

Monday, August 30, 2010

Japan AVANCE manual custom-made jewelry

A.U SUZAWA jewelry Europe from time immemorial cultural mapping "jewelry =" concept.
For the europeans, jewelry is "can enrich the mind and life" items. A.U SUZAWA jewelry is faithfully the soul of Europe type of jewelry. Pour into a painstaking manual builders, bright beautiful world meticulously.
A.U SUZAWA jewelry choose diamond and unified standards (F/VS color more level), combining jewelry design features, Christian Louboutin to ensure the best quality.
Even the same size of diamond, nor all the same width and weight of jewelry. Will they need to manually builders of average arrangement, superb craftsmanship. Recently, though appeared use machine gems, but the process of diamond brilliance is on hand to the workmen's craft.
A.U SUZAWA jewelry in all diamonds shine at the same time, also let each enchase craft a diamond sends more light, Christian Louboutin Pumps outstanding every diamond personality. Also pays attention to quality raw materials, metal strictly choose the material of domestic brands in Japan.
Will inject jewelry process is to develop acme of the craft with outstanding craftsman handiwork is savoured the most attractive.Christian Louboutin Boots

Sunday, August 29, 2010

By most paragraph joker sheet is tasted great gathering

Guide language: the most popular element brings a bud. Bud vest close-fitting on around the hem of loose and design clever, grows the design is increased practical, let it can come in many ways collocation is wearing! Christian Louboutin Can render pants pants or haren collocation makes willfulness and wind, also can match highlights sexy lovely sweet skirt.White bud silk vest PeaceBird grows
Collocation is 1: handsome neutral wind
Leather string metal buckles s straw-hat with rivets black leather handbag taobao ASOS military green gold buckle haren topshop pants
Tie-in 2: leisure sweet wind Christian Louboutin Pumps
Selfridge bud silk flower cake skirt to accessorize with straw in
Flowers clip toe pan accessorize sandals
Tie-in 3: euramerican contracted wind
Copy AshleyAesthetic pants cortical render black leather handbag bowknot Ricci pearl chain necklace Nina multilayer H&M
Ultra short paragraph can match with the big collarband, unique design in this year and was suddenly appear widely accepted!
The simple black + white tonal collocation makes it easier to wear, cotton texture is very comfortable. Tie-in dress is a super girls are very favorite new tees, because the style is lovely, the collocation suits young girls skirt, leisure style, style of tie-in jeans are good. Christian Louboutin Boots
Ultra short paragraph One Spo T smile dew shoulder
Collocation is 1: XiuXianFeng easily
Long skirts stripe vest Selfridge blue hair ribbon to clean out treasure peach heart duffel bag Agnes b
Tie-in 2: youth navy wind
Black lacy skirt H&M black and white stripe vest cake ZARA white hat titty&Co navy
Tie-in 3: fashion random wind
Style, hole jeans River Island three-layer bracelet juicy couture heart-shaped tea-colored H&M sunglasses
Tassel and shammy collocation after so many years in appeared not to fall behind, it is still too won!
Besides boximiya, in which there is tie-in, more lively and tonal animations and many popular element to create the mixture of leisure and fashion sense, is also a skirt with shoulder-straps or child unlined upper garment of tie-in good helper.
Shammy tassel rivet rosebullet ma3 jia3
Collocation is 1: sexy sweetness wind
Shallow brown shoes NineWest Roman big pendulum condole Snidel multilayer aureate fine lace skirt juicy bracelet couture
2: pastoral lovely collocation of wind
SUNHOSEKI horn sleeve dress embroider flower decoration straw bag Liz lisa flower ribbon dome hat taobao
Tie-in 3: Bohemian
Long flower skirt with shoulder-straps to weave Deicy feather eardrop FOREVER21 hair ribbon feathers

Dress + suit elegant and generous

Guide language: the summer fashion delicate and charming be about to drip of candied color, like ice cream colour, Christian Louboutin a sweet savour the residue after long incense lets a person cannot forget. Dress to match with a coat or suit the workplace environment easily face dull, it is cool and refreshing, melting sorching summer through the catalyst.Quietly elegant is cool mint blue fang Buddha can let person smell a mint of fragrance, Christian Louboutin Pumps also became popular in summer version of colors! Full of romantic atmosphere elegant dress collocation is capable of a small black suit, successful actress, reveal delicate change Korean dramas and gentle temperament ripe in air conditioning room warm.Elegant dress just joint her figure, even if not tall plump women, also can create a unique girl-next-door stylish rider. Pale pink dress, actually not difficult, it is never avoid too multifarious accessories. Tie-in white suit, shaping a sweet and sexy OL figure.Yellow, can give a person to build a warm feeling, it symbolizes sunshine and cheerful. With the outbreak of colour tide, yellow is fashionable avant-courier, for in the choice of flagging economic situation, people bring some inspiration. Warm color department of shallow brown dress collocation suits, let you keep elegant feeling confident.Even the yellow powder body skirt full of summer breath, with warm feeling. Collocation a black half sleeve small coat more added modelling, very have administrative levels feeling. Black Christian Louboutin Boots lips high-heeled shoes, handbags are fish and the whole body echo proper.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Hilton xinchong luxurious crystal dinner packages

Christian Louboutin Christian LouboutinChris Tim, who is always bhutto many star favorite brand. It is the most famous "red shoes" is applied for patent. Louboutin hand so luxury, Hilton will easily pass the female.Christian Louboutin Pumps Paris Hilton's wardrobe, although there are many bag and clothes, but she still have several bag is mind. When the golden globe and warner bros attended the banquet with Louboutin handbag, wearing Zuhair indigo blue dress, the collocation of hadji Murad after she had hardly left after that, at A party with her. Especially Christian Louboutin silver set full crystal Maykimay handbag, is the high with her � 1743, or she is shining light of recent preference jewelry?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Christian Louboutin

A pair of red shoes, Christian Louboutin ground reflects the wealth, Christian LouboutinHence, the woman started chasing Christian Louboutin red shoes. On the road, the woman wearing the red shoes, step by step, let a members with the high-heeled shoes ZhiDeYouSheng, playing a city's new melodies, let people listen to fashion symphony. This time, the woman wearing a red shoes, sending out the temptation of attractive glamour, men only look with went far distant footsteps alone or in daze son of Christian, Christian Louboutin Pumpsmembers of the high-heeled shoes Louboutin red shoes absolutely cannot ignore, actually, want to ignore also won't ignore this brand, red and it is America's favorite actress!

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Thanksgiving was not supposed to be crazy this yearWe can’t have turkey, because Ki’x'il’ko

Manolo says, it is Tuesday and you are back at your desk doing whatever it is you normally do, but very badly, as you are completely distracted by Thanksgiving, which is now barreling down upon you like the runaway freight train full of free-range turkeys.Christian Louboutin
Thanksgiving was not supposed to be crazy this year. It was going to be just you and Gary and the kids and your mother. But then your mother called two weeks ago, and said she’d invited your Uncle Bill to fly out from Buffalo for Thanksgiving.
“Okay,” you thought, “one more won’t hurt. Uncle Bill is an old school nut who will probably goad Gary into an argument about professional football. But one more won’t hurt.”

And then your mother informed you that Uncle Bill insisted on inviting his son, your layabout cousin Billy, to fly in from Hollywood to join you. Billy calls himself the “writer-director-actor-producer,” although what he really is is the 43-year-old, cut-rate playboy who subsists on the variety of menial jobs and handouts from your uncle. Although, to his credit, he did once appear as the non-speaking extra on Will and Grace, in the distant background, as the coffee shop patron.Christian Louboutin Pumps
“Mom,” she says, “Ki’x'il’ko says it’s okay to have a turkey. She looked up the word. It’s ostrich that’s supposed to be sacred to her people.”
Luckily, you were able to call the butcher back and cancel the flock of geese.
And now, on Tuesday, with two days to go, you are frazzled and distracted from your work. And yet you are also filled with pride that everyone would consider your home and your family as being the good place to celebrate this important holiday.

Look, here is the Christian Louboutin Feticha Botta Platform Boots, simple, beautiful, dead sexy.

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Referee men's suits Christian Louboutin

Men's suitsSuit for men is clothes, it can make you appear more self-confident and neat, but many men dressed in all exist to varying degrees, make integral image with discount.Wearing a suit with white shirt doesn't tie --Because wear suit with white shirt is the most normal tees, so if you don't tie, Christian Louboutincan give a person a kind of easy, feeling of military.But the white shirt, no pattern relatively drab, let a person feel less.If you really want a tie or a word, you can have three choices:A. in A piece of white shirt collar is rich, the collar, A stylish look came out, but wear out in the dark suit too,B. can wear a shirt, dark stripes or grid, such as the feeling letting a person is not drab and thin body effect,C) one of my pullover suit is high, the most reliable accessories, also easy to more color collocation,Colorific collocation disorderly --A set of formal wear suits by, shirt, tie, and consume, Christian Louboutin Pumpsthe choice, as long as you are relatively easy to choose some example: blue, black, such as deep cream-colored joker color, but if you want to suit, shirt, tie three matchs well have bit of difficulty.Here introduces a kind of the most reliable method: tie don't pick the flowers in dark grey, too, it is advisable that shirt is white, the choice of methods, suit for insurance among dark color as far as possible is not too big, so the same of of all kinds, whole appears uncomfortable.Don't deserve attention --Suit deserve to act the role of can include: buttons needle, necklaces, belts, handbags, shoes, socks. Whether you wear more have poise, if don't an ugly buttons, a needle rusty stains, wearing a pair of necklaces and overall coordination of socks and shoes extremely clean again. See, your image will? You, so, be in on the coat,

Monday, August 23, 2010

Spicy mama Christine weight secret password. Size S diet

Christian Louboutin

Spicy mama Christine recently launched a new album "Bionic, 30 years old, she is still so hot in the album, nearly naked big play halfback modelling, the figure curve. Whether she is how to keep the sexy figure?

Skinny asparagus and plastic curve work
Christine childhood is skinny asparagus, every interview she is how to choose the food to keep fit, Christine always claim to be "junk food control". She is actually like potato chips, biscuits, coke, Fried chicken, such as "not only nutrition, heat" junk food zealots to envy, a diet sister younger sister!
But the woman is not only the body beauty, skinny can when the sexy goddess, Christine is exclusive for her coach for 1 set of healthy eating plan, tie-in 1 week 5 days of sports, make originally the thin body sculpture out successful asparagus and curve. Thin enough, beautiful curve to points need!!!!!
Christine has exclusive cook dinner right now, she urges her much attention to health, almost no touch Fried and snacks, she is more calls to eat less food processing, eat more natural food and adopts the traditional cuisine.
For people to wife, mother, health diet is avril lagvine family can enjoy eating together, simple and healthy

Postpartum mammalian body fat
In January the womb, Christine is little Max 1 times have faced obesity crisis, her body was world exclamation postpartum the most difficult thing to make weight of declining and difficult.
Nonetheless, Max mummy or success JianXia 18kg postpartum. In order to reply and lithe and graceful figure and the baby's health, she decided to mammals.
According to investigation, feeding the baby milk in the mummy every can burn calories, as long as 500-600 balanced diet, compensatory nutrition protein, can supply plenty of milk, not sedulous sport and diet can thin very beautiful! Hollywood actress is good for many ways.In addition, with the child is Christine personally lose weight, she said: "I have to eat my food to eat, sleep, until the Max with children go so far."
About diet, Christine is bitter to shout loudly: "impossible! Impossible!" For food, she USES the method of mild, occasionally also can enjoy the happy meal, it is healthy long attitude.
Motherhood person wife music will, family and creative performance let every stroke full, can't even time, she still rigid compact 1 week 5 times of collocation of sports, life is regularly

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Diesel clothes do you like

Diesel jeans are famous Italian fashion brand,herve leger by the Renzo Rosso founded in 1978, Hermes Birkinand the Italian fashion company “Genius” one of its 14 brands. Diesel was also a second-tier brands, however, worth 7 million U.S. dollars. Genius Group has Katherine Hamnett, Martin Guy, Ten Big Boys and other popular brands.Christian Louboutin

Diesel this summer,Moncler people still choose a different side to guide the way people dress philosophy, a new quarter, new single-product concept is Be Stupid! And through a global search for the folly of taking place for the 2010 Diesel Music Video of the recruitment.Christian Louboutin Boots

At the same time there are not to be missed and photographer Kristin Vicari, Melodie McDaniel and Chris Buck co-production Acting Stupid poster. Face a lot of clothing, is Be Smart, or Be Stupid, It’s up to you!

Christian Louboutin Pumps

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No common shoes christian louboutin

Christian Louboutin has never been common. Moncler JacketsEach new model continues to amaze and delight the world by the whole theme of elegance. What type of shoes is the most beautiful women? While most fashion designers haveherve leger the challenge of ever higher heels, all your ideas and expectations on the day wearing shoes made on the account by the developers shoes Christian Louboutin sandals was! Be prepared to be surprised by the collection, you can see here. They are all sandalss of art, which you save a large part of savings, but also provides you with the best sense. You’ll never say because the original know-how brilliant. Genuine leather is adopted, ensuring sustainability.Hermes Birkin
They do not really know the remarkable aspects of Christian Louboutin sandals was placed on after a pair of themselves. What is the whole theme of Christian Louboutin shoes? Yes, there is the elegance and brightness. Designers continue to surprise people for the vivid colors of higher unit sales. As for summer sandals, you will enjoy our collection. Different colors are stored. High Heels in a variety of styles available. Adding a button or a strap makes these shoes more comfortable to wear. Christian Louboutin are on important bases are common. Now you can own the same shoes with your wonderful stars. Buy Christian Louboutin sandals sandals was here! You get more discount Apart from lower prices.

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Those people who like high heel shoes must know the international famous shoes designer Mr.Christian Louboutin

Those people who like high heel shoes must know the international famous shoes designer Mr.Christian Louboutin . The shoes that designed by Mr.Christian Louboutin are welcomed by many ladies which arrange from the famous Hollywood stars to the white collar.It is very common to see the female stars appear in the red carpet, newspaper, TV ,parties and in christian louboutin shoes moreover even though the high price of the red sole shoes many stylish young ladies will also buy theChristian Louboutin Pumps when the brand is on sale promotion.
Many people admire Mr.Christian louboutin and there are always some curious people want to know more about Mr.Christian Louboutin for example the daily life ,the family, the apartment and some privacy about him.
Today I have seen an article about the apartment of Mr.Christian Louboutin. The pair apartment itself is not “ordinary”. The apartment of Mr.Christian Louboutin located in the so called and well known “New Athens”, the 9th district in pairs. Mr.Louboutin enjoyed his life here very much even though he is not the local he like the area very much long before. Because he often go with a young guy of his friends whose name is Ionesco Eva to pick up the old clothes in the old clothing store nearby. It is no doubt that the so called “New Athens” is the paradise of many artists, here is the most inclusive places in pairs the designer of Christian Louboutin Sandals also live here!

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Teach you how to Christianity Louboutin buy shoes

Whether one haggles for lots over a new couple of Christian Louboutin Pumps,a new pair of Christian Louboutin Sandals, or go with the Christian Louboutin Red Soles,getting in price negotiations with the purchase of anything is sensible and will often bring about getting for less money.Christian Louboutin

1.Think Savvy – Not CheapThere are few things embarrassing about haggling over the cost of anything. Good Christian Louboutin shoes buyer know few boundaries with regards to applying for a much better deal. Keeping guided toward the end result of all of the money that is saved, just by asking a number of questions, may help anyone break in to the art of good haggling.get the Christian Louboutin Sale infomation.
Christian Louboutin Pumps
2. Be NiceNot some people are prepared to compromise when working with a grump.Good Christian Louboutin shoes buyer are always upbeat, polite and patient. Success will come with less effort if the person controlling the price likes you.
Christian Louboutin Sandals
3. Avoid an AudienceAnyone in the position to consider the expense of something is usually aware of the golden rule when coping with the population – What is made for one will last all. If many people remain you can raise the risk that they too would want torecieve an Christian Louboutin shoes extra discount. Haggling quietly and outside earshot of other patrons lets thoseinchargeto be more flexible whenagreeing to bargain.Moncler

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Charm of Olivia Palermo’s Dress Style

Christian Louboutin boots Olivia Palermo done for seldom people can still turn out to be young when put on sand color clothes.She looks still youthful and beautiful,meanwhile full of culture charm.She didn’t need to Wearing sand color clothes would be better if your skin are white and face will not be gray for white skin.In addition,Olivia’s skirt are not pure color of sand and with mottied stripe,give people a sense of warm,and with a crystal pearl necklace as transition.Golden wide waistband made of weave material.It is approach the pattern and texture of her skirt.Her chloe handbag and Christian Louboutin boots are all gray sand color. So the color and the texture all harmonious in an integral whole. Olivia is the fashion popular welcome people of fashion magazine VOGUE.Make a summary, her dress style and match style value the peace.Embellishing a dress by contrast.So it looks nice and won’t make people feel annoying.The red color on the tips of her fingers and red sole of Christian Louboutin ornamen her more suitable.Her confidence can be exuded by her every act and every move.Of course, it is not the perfect,there is a little defects that the boots are a bit longer,although it didn’t make the leg appeared short, it make the feet seems a little big.It would be better if it is a pair of boots the upper only to her ankle.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Catch Your Eyes

Every woman will become sexy when she wearing high heels,Let alone a pair of high heels, red background 。Christian Louboutin Sandals That is christain louboutin shoes.The hell is the most sexy part of the shoes,which makes your legs slam and beautiful.Once wearing the christian louboutin shoes,your body will be well with your pace,Christian Louboutin Pumps in other words , the christian louboutin shoes can correct your walking posture.
In the world of the high hells,nobody can ignore the existence of christian louboutin shoes.Be well known to all,the red outsole is the distinctive features of the christian louboutin. This design is perfect!A great number of stars are the fans of christian louboutin shoes in Europe,the red of their outsole can catch people’s eyes immediately.Now,don’t wait.

Christian Louboutin’s trademark

Christian Louboutin designed dozens of styles with heel heights of 120mm (4.72 inches) or higher,and helped to bring stilettos back into fashion in the 1990s and 2000s.His professed goal is to “make a woman look sexy, beautiful, to make her legs look as long as he can.” While he does offer some lower-heeled styles, Louboutin is generally associated with his dressier eveningwear designs incorporating bejeweled straps, bows, feathers, patent leather and other, similar decorative touches.
Louboutin received inspiration for his lethal-looking stilettos from an incident that occurred in his early twenties. He had visited a museum and noticed that there was a sign that forbade women to enter while wearing sharp stilettos, for fear of damage to the extensive wood flooring. This image stayed in his mind, and he later used this idea in his designs. “I wanted to defy that,” “I wanted to create something that broke rules and made women feel confident and empowered.”Louboutin has said.
In his U.S. trademark application, Louboutin explains the inception of the signature red soles:”Christian Louboutin Pumps In 1992 I incorporated the red sole into the design of my shoes. This happened by accident as I felt that the shoes lacked energy so I applied red nail polish to the sole of a shoe. This was such a success that it became a permanent fixture.”Christian Louboutin Sandals So now this shoe can have so beautiful signature: red sole shoes

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Fake Christian Louboutin

Last sunday , my friend visited me . we talked a lot . when we talked the online shopping , she said she wanted to buy a pair of 2010 summer christian louboutin. but afraid of buying fake christian louboutin, as we known , there are amount of louboutin shoes knock offs, although the shoes have obvious features. red sole and high heel . but we cant tell the difference of fake christian louboutin and authentic christian louboutin. christian louboutin man is christian louboutin , a genius designer. i recommended her pay attention to louboutindiscounting.com , i have bought several pairs , not expensive price which we can afford easily . no worry the quality , and comfortable feeling when you wear.christian louboutin sandals are on selling now , very charming , have a try to buy one pair this summer , and then share the feeling with me .

Louboutin Shoes Make You Distinctive

We all know what happens to women who wear the famed Christian louboutin Shoes. They are instantly filled with a wicked sense of sexy self and fall hopelessly in love with its creator: the great shoe designer Louboutin Shoes. Christian Louboutin’s fascination for women’s footwear began as a child growing up in Paris, where he discovered the world of high fashion and glamour in the city’s nightlife.
His early passion for dancing and showgirls inspired him to incorporate elements of costume into everyday designs. This whimsical and seductive union makes for utterly unmistakable and irreplaceable designs. He passed through the iconic fashion houses of Charles Jourdan and Roger Vivier before opening his flagship boutique in Paris in 1992, marking the birth of the Christian Louboutin brand. His be-jewelled heels have become the most coveted accessory on high-profile glamour girls all over the world. “Shoes are more than just an accessory; they are an extension of a woman.”
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Symbol of Sexy and Maturity-Victoria – Christian Louboutin

Wearing the christian louboutin on can make your legs slim, beautiful, and graceful. It is a devil no matter for men or women. This is not exaggerate. Once upon a time, a man said, Even a ugly women, she will be sexy in a pair of high heel shoes. Yes, it’s hard not to be sexy in a pair of high heels, let alone it is a shoes made by Christian Louboutin.
Now ,it is time for christian louboutin sale ,All women will be crazy to have a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes. Then,the piece of red of Christian Louboutin seems to have a magic power that can attract careful, sensitive ladies. It shaped the distinctive features of Christian Louboutin. The piece of red that is stepped catches both a great number of men and women’s eyeballs and appetite.
If you are going to own a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes now ,just action now ,our products are all at lower price but excellent quality ,you will benefit from it .Just show your personality with our Christian Louboutin shoes!

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How Can Christian Louboutin Replica Shoes Help You Lose Weight?

There are several women who have tried tons of times to lose weight but have been unsuccessful. This is what happens to most of us. The pounds pile on unsuspectingly and all that we diet and exercise, does not seem to get them off. Why not try dancing to lose weight?
August 2, 2010 Posted by Jacky Grishan
There are several women who have tried tons of times to lose weight but have been unsuccessful. This is what happens to most of us. The pounds pile on unsuspectingly and all that we diet and exercise, does not seem to get them off. Why not try dancing to lose weight?
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All that you need are the most wonderful of Christian Louboutin Replica Shoes at your feet and you are ready to dance your calories away. Get for yourself one of the best DVDs and watch your dancing moves. Why would you want to go to an expensive gym when you have one of the most enjoyable forms of exercising right in front of you? Watch your love handles disappear in the most fun way.
Christian Louboutin Replica Shoes look fabulous and are extremely comfortable to dance in too. Other forms of exercises have a whole lot of monotony and boredom attached to it. But, it is not the same with dancing. Even after dancing for ages you will want to dance some more.
This is a fabulous way to get a good figure and good health too. This is one way that you will not waste your money in vain. Go on and have a fabulous time with these wonderful shoes on your feet and dance your stress away.
Dancing not only helps you burn the calories but stay healthier too. Stop drinking and smoking and you will be able to get a whole lot of health benefits. Besides that you will also lose weight and gain more health benefits.
Dancing can bring about a great social life. You can increase the number of friends that you have and network too. The energetic dance steps on the dance floor will ensure that you lose calories and produce more feel good hormones.
Dancing is so much more fun than just plain exercising. Even without realizing it you will start losing a whole lot of weight and have a firmer leaner body. Dancing is one of the best of ways to bring about weight loss. Even the hard to lose areas such as love handles will disappear. You will find improved health too.

Fashions that have Lasted during the Decade

Some trends will always live on.,Christian Louboutin Pumps The little black dress is one of them. It is a timeless classic that has been in style for the last 7 to 8 decades . If you are not very inclined to fashion and are tired about which clothes to invest in in order to have a fashionable closet then I have a few tips for you.Christian Louboutin
Every woman need to have a little black dress in her closet. This is one dress that can be teamed up with accessories, other articles of clothing and a good pair of shoes. No matter what size or shape you are .It will suit you. A dress that touches your knees is a good option. If you are a working woman then you need to have a business suit. This should be an article of clothing that fits you. All women need a daily bag that can carry around all her essentials without looking bulky. Choose a bag that is black, tan or grey as it will suit all outfits and seasons.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Engaged Christian Louboutin Shoes

The team decided the best way to reach these two critical groups of Christian Louboutin Lace Bootie Silver would be through one of the industry’s biggest trade shows, the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Fla., in January. “It was the perfect opportunity not only to engage the readers, but also engage the trade sector so our advertisers within the industry also understood our story,” Hawkins says. Their biggest challenge? The limitations of an in-house budget. “We had a shoestring budget and only four people in the department, including two graphic designers and a marketing assistant. All the creative and design was done in-Christian Louboutin Boots Leopard line,” Hawkins says. Nearly all–about 80%–of the budget was designated toward space at the show and a venue for a planned event to come before the show. So the main thrust of the campaign centered around the show, with supporting reader outreach and digital tactics that included: Using research tools to determine the post-rebranding response. Creating an interactive program that engages the audience and showcases the Golfweek reader’s passion for golf. Capitalizing on the timing and magnitude of the industry’s largest trade show to drive home the brand’s new messaging. Hosting an exclusive event to reintroduce Golfweek to both endemic and non-endemic Christian Louboutin Lace Bootie Black. CAMPAIGN TEES OFF The Golfweek PR/marketing team then began to execute on its plan. Multiplatform Effort: The team leveraged its in-house resources to make the most of its small budget. Print, digital and PR components comprised the core of the campaign, allowing Golfweek to reach its readership via multiple channels, like in-person events and through its online portals. Passionate Profiles: To engage Golfweek’s readers–and remind advertisers who these readers were–the team created “Profiles in Christian Louboutin boots orange.”