Friday, October 29, 2010


Don't underestimate yourself.
Don't refuse to listen.
Don't bottle things up.
Don't expect life to be fair.
Don't stick your head in the sand.
Don't beat your head against a brick wall.
Don't think the grass is greener
on the other side.

Christian Louboutin

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Love is the key to a happy life

As we all know, love is the crux of a happy life. 。
Love helps us stay calm and serene even when things are tough

It can carry us through the hard times. 。
Love looks for ways to be of service. Love is enjoying the surprises of life,and being totally delighted with what life gives you.。
Love is the key to happiness and it is a real blessing to others.  
People who love make the world a kind and gentle place and other people feel safe around them. They appreciate differences instead of making them a cause for prejudice or fighting.  

Monday, October 25, 2010

MM stovepipe networks experience the hottest Taiwan

Hate their thick legs and sisters, we take a look to see the love of honey from Taiwan, who is also a family of thick legs, with three stovepipe secret crush turned into legs. Write down three stovepipe method is well-known sites included Taiwan, actually 6 times as the board recommended the site home page graphic, highly sought after. Diet articles: start from the diet, if you diet without taboos, the body burden weight, must be reflected in your body shape. Recommended diet. In fact, tea has tired of the efficacy of solutions to the oil, honey love a drink from 3 years ago, if so, must all go to candy to ice tea. Black coffee is a diuretic, eliminate swelling effect, but love honey is Jackson ah, no way to drink something so bitter, and occasionally will point to drink hot latte no sugar, coffee or breakfast milk helps excretion. Sweet potato in the diet, stovepipe period, only to eat dinner no more than 30 dollars a sweet potato (constipation can also cause swelling of the lower body more Oh), but recommended not to crush an empty stomach, or likely to cause stomach discomfort. Not recommended diet: Amelie is a person addicted to soup, such as life, whether it is pork balls soup, instant noodles, soup, or spicy hot pot soup pot, must have to drink to the cleaners! In fact, this model is very wrong Oh! Containing large sodium food, and food (that is, salt), will lead to lower body edema, so the love honey feet before ~ Why do not thin down the reason for this is "eat salty" water accumulation can not be discharged in the leg in it! As for the love honey good friends, although the whole body lean does not pull grumble, but too fancy "bread" This high-calorie refined starch foods, so the next dish to be very robust. lose weight but note that the normal consumption of rice is not fat Oh * If you are eating too much salt, too much heat in the flour, please change your eating habits Hello!
Sports papers: that is the movement is not difficult to implement it! We must not go to do rope skipping, running and so on, this will only make the calf more muscular, but not easy to have a beautiful leg line Oh! Movement Method 1: Love like honey massage is very small on the outside, run, so well trained to have a leg muscle, if you like honey love like the original calf muscles are developed, in addition to stop skipping, running and other sports, but also the way for you please leg massage to soften the muscle layer is possible Oh sculpture leg curve. Movement Method 2: leg lift everyone knows this is a must do stovepipe recipe, be sure to remind the crush butt close to the wall,Christian Louboutin Pumps so that the heel of 90 degrees to maintain the walls in order to achieve results. As for the leg's time to take? Love honey are going wrong until it down Oh! (About 10 minutes) exercise Method 3: tapping your foot movement is to see a woman that my biggest, my heart sister Mae stovepipe approach to provide love like honey sometimes feel thicker legs, they will find a peace of mind to do something. Although the position full-ugly, but his wide desire when watching TV at home, shaking your foot a little itchy, red to stop the feeling. Tools articles: Yes! Is this double tights! This is not an ordinary pants socks Oh! this is Dan, the number of "anti-varicose veins," socks. Many girls take a long time standing, for example: flight attendants, waiters, nurses, teachers, etc., must all wear the socks Oh! But love honey varicose veins on the map is not a good material socks, wear appears to uneven color,christian louboutin heels in fact, because the tights uneven distribution of the pressure distribution point, so it is recommended that you do not do too little cheaper Oh. There are many styles to choose from, Dan also has a number of different. Amelie university work, because a waiter in a restaurant,Christian Louboutin white it will increase the relative effect of stovepipe. However, please note!! If you are a beginner, choose a high number of red socks to wear anti-varicose veins, will be difficult to wear and easy to give up!! Recommended Dan novice first try to buy about 240 socks, wearing a get started until Dan later purchased a higher number of socks to wear, of course, Dan, the higher the price the more you Oh! anti-varicose vein sock "material" Introduction: the highest quality materials such as: West Germany, the second best cotton: Cotton Excellence: Lycra + Cotton General: Lycra Socks, the love of honey have bought Lycra material, easy to wear off very easily. Drawback is that relaxation quickly, so we should soon pulls a pair of new station counters in department stores since the beginning, have changed their buying Lycra + Cotton material. Although the price a little expensive, but also wear a lot. Varicose veins in the system model socks worn: the beginning of love is the honey in the system 360 Dan wearing socks, but then I was not strong enough effect, so to convert 420 Dan's Lycra stockings. General recommendation is to go to bed before lying in bed wake up and put on a good elastic stockings, but love honey is in the front of the first leg for 10 minutes and then put on, just remember the blood before returning it. Home ready to take off should pay attention to, like the first leg 10 minutes for blood return. Directly off because if the blood will be washed down once, not once on the foot injury, had a crush varicose veins will be more severe Oh! Tights worn aspects of system than in a style more difficult, it is proposed to buy 380 Dan crush down the tights you can, unless you have great stamina, or Dan a few too, really makes you hard to wear cried ah! Model tights worn socks varicose veins: here to remind you, be sure to adjust the side while wearing pantyhose force point, it is best to reach all parts are equal forces,Christian Louboutin Flats especially the ass part, must be slightly up Lahti. Otherwise, wear a long time after the butt it would be very strange shape Oh! Would recommend wearing tights style crush elastic stockings, in addition to a stovepipe effect, there are corset features.Christian Louboutin red Honey was I always love a good tight beam it, the results seem to have strangled small stomach, like always no appetite, lost a few kilograms of the accident.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Eating little trick you can not not thin

Want to lose weight, you have to consume excess body heat, food will definitely have to pay attention, eat low-calorie diet during the food, but still need adequate nutrition to meet the body needs every day, how you want to eat and also not fat, 5 strokes today Xiaobian teach you so that you can not not skinny. Here we introduce is how to choose foods to increase nutritional or alternative methods. As long as you skillfully converted food, food substitutes can not only fill the stomach, and eat fewer calories, which means the weight you can eat more, oh. 1. Low-sugar foods also contain vitamins,Christian Louboutin Flats inorganic listed below is equivalent to 200 cards a bowl of rice alcoholic beverage: whiskey - whiskey glass cups sorghum 90ml - 140ml sake of old wine glasses - small jug small 180ml eat taro, corn, pumpkins and the like high-calorie foods, eat more vegetables and less sugar, algae, fungi, konjac food. In particular, must be eating more green, and yellow vegetables. Vegetables and less sugar following: rape, leek, spinach, radish, bean sprouts, eggplant, beans, lettuce, American celery, garland chrysanthemum,Christian Louboutin Pumps cabbage, Chinese cabbage, green peppers, cucumbers and so on. 2. To the same low-fat calorie low-fat foods instead of food, can increase the weight. For example, we can make the following choices: oil-free salad dressing better than regular salad dressing; low-calorie mayonnaise better than the regular mayonnaise; low-fat margarine better than regular margarine; yogurt, skim milk better than regular milk; Slurpees better than ice cream; fat white cheese better than processed cheese; boneless ham, smoked ham than loin ham, sausage is good; beef flavored canned food better than canned corned beef; boiled tuna tuna better than the grease. 3. To low sugar foods instead of using sugar instead of the following foods with high sugar foods: jelly, weight loss, West Point better than cake; artificial sweeteners good ratio of sugar; low fat jam jam better than the average; fresh fruit over canned fruit, dried fruit, good . 4. Choose high-protein, low fat foods the treatment of obesity is most important is to prevent the decomposition of protein, it must choose low-calorie, but protein-rich foods. Meat must remove the fat, skin, choose a small part of the fat. Choose foods high in protein but also fish, low-fat kind. White meat of fish or shellfish like clams, squid, octopus, crabs, shrimp are all with high protein, low calorie food. 5. Sweetened beverages is best not to drink coffee, black tea, it is best not to sugar and cream. Green tea, wheat tea, oolong tea drinks are not calorie, the most suitable weight loss by drinking. Christian Louboutin Pumps 100CC canned fruit juice, coffee had 50 calories, if you drink your favorite beverage, you must reduce the staple food of the heat, to your diet can effectively control the heat within the range of intake permitted.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

South Korea detoxification by 6 pounds on weight-loss method

South Korea's "detox diet" method once made quickly by the enthusiasm of women of all ages sought after, "detoxification godmother," said South Korean experts Jin Zhaoheng more, most women want to lose weight reduction is only concerned about the extent and time, in fact, weight loss was due to random physical injury is the presence of fat favorite breeding ground.
If you have been eating more normally rice, then one month to one meal a day of fruit instead of dinner, the end of a flat stomach may make you wonder. Detoxification to detoxification by the lower abdomen to achieve weight-loss goal is not only can the accumulation of toxins from the body also makes the body have become "lean body" as a way to lose the belly, and then do not worry about the accumulation of fat, it is is a very good way to reduce lower abdomen. Case1 Although the slim body, lower abdomen or large protruding belly case analysis: obesity is not simply a lot of MM caused by the fat, but the puffiness caused by the swelling. If for cold or lack of exercise causes the body lymph nodes can not function normally the waist, lower abdomen there will be waste accumulation, people are very easy to feel fatigue, lower back will gradually thicken. This situation need to meet certain abdominal exercises and massage, to become smooth blood circulation, edema, will soon be eliminated. Detoxification methods: 1 meal a day instead of meals with fruit: If you have been eating more normally rice, then a meal within one month of fruit each day instead of dinner, the end of a flat stomach may make you wonder. 2, enhanced the function of internal organs massage: After bathing, apply lotion in the abdomen, clockwise circular motion massage. In colder times, warm with a hair dryer in the file will be blown around the abdomen and then warm massage would be better. Hair dryer more than 15 cm away from the body to Oh. 3, refers to the pressure: in the days of two-inch pivot on both sides of the navel is an important regulator of gastrointestinal activity points. Press Tianshu, can enhance the function of the digestive organs, help to reduce constipation. Press with the index finger and middle finger Tianshu, exhale press, inhale when relaxing. Means under a pressure of about 10. 4, 30-minute brisk walk every day: stride slightly wider than shoulder width, about 70 centimeters. Brisk walking can not only enhance the strength of leg muscles and can reduce blood pressure, 30-minute brisk walk every day consumption of body fat can be good, your whole body metabolism and capacity building, and then the lower abdomen to eliminate wastes. 5, abdomen riding: riding abdomen, lower abdomen to the afterburner, the tension of abdominal fat can prevent this accumulation. 6, Puff head massage: the navel as the center, use of shower water spray device in a clockwise direction on the abdomen massage. Bath time when they were 5 minutes, long-term adherence to be effective in removing abdominal fat. Prominent than the lower abdomen, lower abdomen, upper abdomen Case2 large case analysis: the chair, found the chest like a spare tire? Abdominal outstanding is mainly due to gastrointestinal dysfunction, try to avoid eating or excessive eating, develop by rule by food habits. Detoxification methods: 1, control diet: fat is digested before the end of decomposition, so the time must have a fasting day, 4 to 6 hours. Meal time the law should be developed, such as 7:00, 1:00, 18:30 grading, in addition to other times that do not eat snacks, only drinking water or green tea. Fruit and coffee immediately after meals should be eaten as a dessert. 2, running: starting with a rate similar to running and walking, then slowly increase the speed. Total exercise time in the 15 to 20 minutes. Body suit, slowly reduce the "walk" time and increase the running time. Breathing to maintain a certain rhythm, to get more oxygen abdominal fat and easier to be removed. 3, 3-5 times a week cycling: 3-5 minutes or so should be started slowly pedal, and then gradually increase speed. Note that during exercise, rather slow pedal and do not break halfway. Exercise 30 minutes a day, 3 to 5 times a week exercise. Within a month, a lot of upper abdomen will tighten it. 4, fit to wear the clothes: no matter how easy the time, but also consciously avoid wearing loose clothing, so that timely attention to their body shape and weight. But they can not wear tight clothes, tight clothes is not only impede the decomposition of fat, but also hazardous to health. 5, should not lie down immediately after a meal: lie down immediately after a meal is the number one enemy of a flat stomach. After dinner, the room should be clean, wash dishes, walking, relaxing activities, the activities of the body maintain a state of ease. 6, attention to warm the abdomen: abdomen if cold, then loop hypothyroidism, metabolism will be sluggish, leading to obesity. It should always pay attention to the abdomen warm. Even in the hot summer months, the abdomen is also necessary to cover the quilt, it will not become "big belly woman" Oh. Case3 ribs rounded belly flesh big case analysis: Korea Research Institute of Ami-care study found that, MM have to more than 20 years of age, because the female endocrine causes, ribs and lower back will start to grow fat. While these fats are called "age of fat," but also because in fact, eat more, exercise caused by neglect. Only consistent exercise and food intake will not gain weight. Detoxification methods: 1, abdominal breathing: breathing, abdominal bulge; breath, abdominal tightening. You can use convenient beverage bottles to practice law: mouth latch bottle, repeatedly issued in one minute short "A" sound, audible in the abdomen to force the same time, we should feel the vibration of the bottle for the most good. 2, vinegar diet beans: Rinse the black beans into the bottle, add 2 times the weight of vinegar, for 10 days after the food after each meal to eat 10 beans. Vinegar can break down body fat, alleviate constipation, elimination of stool; beans contains vegetable protein, for added strength is very good. 3, the effect is to exercise abdominal muscles sit-ups and reduce abdominal fat in the most effective campaign. Lying on cushions on the body, elevate your feet, hands and pad in the back of the head. Use abdominal strength to the upper body stretched forward from the pad, and then the body slowly to the back, with Yao Li support the body, head touching the ground, do it 12 times. Foot and then held high, separated from the head pad, hands relaxed at your sides. Feet slowly down the force to support the foot with the belly touching the ground, for 15 seconds before his feet down, repeat 10 times. Start the abdomen may be some pain, insisted two weeks,Christian Louboutin Pumps not only flatten the abdominal muscles will become strong. 4, shaking hula hoop every day: more than 20 minutes to do a row to take a break. Attention shifts to the right and left to do to stay in shape symmetry. 5, stimulation of feet: big toe pressing the foot between the toe and second toe seam. Acupressure can also be used every day bar, press for 10 minutes or more.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

9 good habits for daily life, you thin

Women, regardless of any age and hope that their slim, wearing clothes only look good, How could you have been to maintain a slim figure it? Xiao Bian is a collection of nine people in the good habit of daily life, as long as the Yangcheng this simple method of 9 daily Hao habits, you can easily have Miaotiao good figure, and is a lifelong O, and quickly and see it. 1. Relax, relax Diet If you do not stay in control of your emotions, is also very easy to gain weight, oh. Why? Such as angry, the body's cortisol (a stress hormone) secretion is increased, it can cause obesity. Another study also found that the more you get angry, get angry more often, the more likely you are to gain weight and fat ─ ─ most likely to have waist length! So, the next time it was popular to do is to make 10 deep breaths and then ask yourself: There are What is the big deal? There is another way: Close your eyes, gently pressing the temple with the thumb, and slowly massage, to throw aside the unpleasant things go. 2. Do not "escape" breakfast, lunch and dinner meal should be a healthy diet, can not be quick to "escape" out of a meal. Do not eat just one meal, when you're hungry, when it might start easily devour anything to eat on hand. Biologically speaking, as your blood sugar plummets, you will feel extremely hungry, then eat more than you think Dian granted compensation. Coupled with your "escape" after a meal, your body will think the future will be inadequate nutrient supply, thus reducing the rate of metabolism. The slower metabolism, you are the harder to lose weight. 3. How restaurant owners with music faster for customers to eat the small to eat, usually the same: fast-paced play of music (about 120 to 130 beat per minute). Thus, the faster the music, you will not help to eat faster, eat more. Therefore, before each meal, you have to turn the music off or put on a little slow, lyrical music. lose weight 4. motion a life penetration statistics: per capita per day of time spent on transport, each additional 1 hour, the likelihood of obesity increased by 6 percent sign. Similarly, walking 1 mile per person per day (1609 m), odds of obesity decreased by 8 percent sign. How to be able to work do not have time for late I walk? When you're on the phone, you can call around to keep walking back and forth; when you're watching TV, in advertising space can be off the couch what little activity. Of course, doing step and squat is better and better. Remember to go shopping mall lose weight commandment: Do not take the elevator and automatic escalators. 5. The sun will also help to lose weight body needs sunlight to produce a kind of makes you feel happy serotonin, it can resist your desire for sweets. So, when you think about when eating candy, to the outside to get some fresh air, the sun now. During the day, open the curtains blinds is also a close contact with the sun a good idea. 6. The candy store of knowledge snacks on the table could easily lead to the desire to eat. Therefore, the candy on the opaque container or very far away, and you will forget to eat this thing. Diet 7. Mouthful slowly 20 minutes the stomach need to send a signal telling the brain when it is full. So when you eat too fast, the brain will not be so quick to react. Conclusion: when you realize that full amount has been eaten out. Eating with chopsticks can adjust the speed slightly,Christian Louboutin Boots because the folder with chopsticks is not too much time. 8. The more dimly lit dining room lit dining room, you'll eat more. Why? Because of weak light to make you more relaxed, lower your consciousness. Another study found that more bright dining room, you tend to eat less. Therefore, consider adjusting your dining room light it. 9. Meimeideshui on a Howard Medical Institute at Stanford University under a study, the fewer hours of sleep, the body will secrete less leptin. What is the relationship with the weight that it? Leptin to help lose weight in two ways: First, it will stop you from eating, it will send a signal to your stomach: Hey, already full, do not eat any more! Second, it will encourage you to exercise,Christian Louboutin shoes to burn the body's energy. More and more studies have found lack of sleep affect weight loss. Another hormone to stimulate your appetite (the secretion of this hormone in the past by you within 24 hours of sleep time), lack of sleep in when you run out of evil.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

3 days of thin and clear body detoxification method

What is a three-day detoxification method? In fact, is the use of pure natural foods to supplement the nutrients the body needs to help the body eliminate toxins and rapid accumulation of garbage in the body and increase self-healing self-cleaning ability of the body, in Europe and Japan are already very popular one with the universal kinds of maintenance mode. three days off to eat very popular in Europe, America and Japan. Now is not the same Xiaobian recommend a three-day break to eat, or clear body of law known as the 3rd, you do not like to bring a new feeling thin! Possible, the best you can every month or once every two months clear body, this is a natural and safe method that can easily tired and weak to improve sub-health status, also contribute to a healthy diet, the most important thing is to clean the internal environment, eliminate waste remain blocked in the body and toxins, avoid various diseases, but also improve the skin condition. Clear three-day feature is the largest body of law to the situation according to their own preferences and choice of food intake, but in principle, limited to fresh fruits and vegetables, and if the diet better. Is simply on the basis of fasting, detox diets with life, in a short period to help the body rid of toxins, relieve stress and reduce body weight, is an effective practical health detoxification method. Specifically, the implementation of three days should be clear how we eat the body even though there are now a professional nutritionist to help design the menu, but I think not so much pains, in short, they can choose to accept, your favorite fresh fruits and vegetables, make salad (it is best to sprinkle salt on the breeze or a refreshing sauce, do not be a high-calorie Thousand Island dressing), labeled as fruit juice, or direct exposure, the use of some changes, so that three days can easily spend. In the choice of ingredients, Xiao Bian introduced a number of previous detoxification is a good choice of food: fruit apple, lemon, kiwi; vegetables like cucumber, bitter gourd, celery, tomato; of coarse grains like maize, barley, oat and mung beans, can be with food. Cooking raw food is as far as possible, or using boiled way, the less cooking the better example, close to the original fruit and vegetable juice or a cup of morning is directly eat the fruit, celery, cucumber tomato salad for lunch, evening bowl of oatmeal + fruit, or witches pot of vegetable soup is cooked slowly drink three days,Christian Louboutin Pumps in the middle hungry to eat an apple or tomato, adhere to three days, you will find that the body is really a lot easier, spirit changed for the better, of course, the most obvious is the prominent belly disappeared, but also reduce the weight! Xiaobian really recommend this body three days off to eat clean, lots of play from the heart feel good: 1. quickly and efficiently: life food to help the body in the shortest possible time,Christian Louboutin Sandals quickly and efficiently detoxify, clear body and lose weight. 2. Natural Health: eliminate processed foods, high-calorie ingredients and cooking methods, say goodbye to greasy to eat mainly fruits and vegetables, the body absorbs only natural nutrients. 3. And balance: the body's pH can be adjusted to allow the body to achieve balance, healthy and relaxed. As long as three days, time is not long, so I do not think particularly painful! Eat every day can change patterns of different fruits and vegetables, not to eat greasy! How to try it starting this month

Friday, October 15, 2010

Excessive harm women lose weight

A lot of beauty to beautiful to keep thin, resulting in thin addiction, to know a good body does not mean Shouguruchai, excessive weight loss for women's health is a major threat, today we introduce Xiaobian too thin to be What are the hazards. Why envy those skinny, skinny with the view seen how horrible! First, infertility Diet medical experts pointed out that women's body fat percentage at least 17%, in order to maintain normal menstrual cycle and levels of sexual desire, and this is their future, a healthy pregnancy, childbirth and breast-feeding a minimum of fat standards. Because fat tissue can provide the adrenal cortex processing of raw materials into estrogen, is manufactured outside the body than ovarian estrogen an important place. Too little body fat, estrogen synthesis and concentration levels in the blood will be affected, resulting in inadequate levels of estrogen in the state, and this level of female fertility is the key criteria. Second, osteoporosis, recent U.S. survey of 3683 women found that: thin and the incidence of hip fractures in women weight than the standard 1 times higher than women. This is because people are too thin, insufficient levels of estrogen, affect calcium and bone, unable to maintain normal bone density,Christian Louboutin Pumps therefore prone to osteoporosis and fracture. Third, gallstones our bile is secreted by the liver, which contains cholesterol, bile salts, calcium, lecithin, etc., they have maintained a certain proportion. Too thin and the general lack of calorie intake, so the deposition of fat tissue in the body to accelerate consumption and cholesterol also will move, resulting in an increase in the content of bile, bile thus become sticky, precipitation and precipitate the formation of crystalline stones Fourth, human hair, hair loss is a major component of fish known as prion protein and zinc, iron, copper and other trace elements. The body through thin people, fat and protein were in short supply, so frequent hair loss, hair colors gradually lose their luster. V. anemia who are too thin widespread problem of unbalanced nutritional intake, iron, folic acid, vitamin B12 and other substances on their own blood to inadequate intake; as eat less, basal metabolic rate is lower than the common people, so slow gastrointestinal movement , gastric acid secretion of less absorption of nutrients. These are the main cause of anemia. In addition, malnutrition reduces the body immunity is also prone to secondary anemia. lose weight six, gastroptosis Do not envy you eat on the side that is always a full, a few mouthfuls of rice, lunch will be able to cope with female colleagues, and only she understood, her stomach experiencing every day how much torture: loss of appetite, and always feel bloated, pain. If you do not kill people to do a gastroscopy, and that diagnosis may be: gastroptosis. Yes, when the body is too thin, the body of the abdominal wall relaxation, weak abdominal muscles, resulting in suspension, fixed position of the stomach muscles and ligaments relax weakness, abdominal pressure decreased, so the physical location of the lower stomach,Christian Louboutin shoes decreased gastric motility, thus cause gastroptosis seven memory loss from brain, the main driver of the work of fat, it can stimulate the brain, and speed up the brain's ability to process information, increased short-term and long-term memory. Thin intake and body fat storage is insufficient, the body nutritional deficiencies, nutritional deficiencies such serious damage to brain cells, will directly affect the memory, so we become more and more forgetful. VIII, uterine prolapse is not a sufficient amount of fat in the protection of the uterus easily drop from the normal location along the vagina, cervix down, or even emerge in the vagina mouth to form we are talking about the mere mention of uterine prolapse, may lead to serious cervix infection, even cervicitis. September, hematuria our kidneys by a layer of dense connective tissue wrapped. People who are too thin, lack of body fat content, resulting in this layer of loose connective tissue changes, muscle weakness, not to provide renal protection based on the external muscles. Therefore, the kidneys and cause them to sag within the blood oozing, hematuria, also often accompanied by lower back pain.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pet dogs may help reduce the chances of children allergic to

New York October 14 --- power of a U.S. study,Christian Louboutin Pumps and live with the family dog, not only allow children to feel a "family member" of the loyal companion, leaving precious memories, and even may be useful children's health. Published in "Journal of Pediatrics" on this study, have a family history of allergies before the age of the child and if in a live dog, then the probability of a child suffering from eczema may be reduced. However, living with children and cats but may increase the chance, although limited to those sensitive to cat allergens in children. Team leader, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine assistant professor of Tolly Epstein said, given the complexity of the situation, a pet is difficult in specific recommendations to parents. However, she pointed out that, far as eczema is concerned, has a number of studies have shown that pet dogs and suffering from eczema have a lower probability of contact between the sustained and stable. "These children may also develop a certain tolerance, but we are not sure," she told Reuters Health Channel, said

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Condom is how to make out

A clean mould into a liquid latex filled 21 degrees of latex slot - the latex looks like we confirmed the skim milk, coffee at 116 degrees and baking temperature, then soak, baking. Quality is the key link to test every 1,000 product if two above, the whole batch of unqualified products according to regulations will be destroyed. Quality inspection personnel from production line, the sample to random sampling "Christian louboutin Black wet lab", there is a group of experts, to the condom samples of water, and then the manchu note he pulls the water polo. Another group of experts is like a balloon ready for the party to them, not a natural air after picking twist, tortured tear crap. In the production of a kind of amazing tester - each condom after all this. As the conveyor belt running machines and endless the erect penis shaped object, women will hemp deftly wove the safety set above,Christian Louboutin Boots then, these "stick" conveyor, two small sink into an underwater start electricity, if the condom electrodes of stainless steel, the conductive condom is too thin, or a hole. After the heavy quality condoms last twisted into our familiar and small spray lubricant, pure or benzene thiazole ledocaine douche Pleasure during (in the use of lasting and make more lasting anesthetic man), and the foil packing bag. Thus, among many box, inside the stacks of sleep quality pass who temporarily - waiting in the condom loring shot

Monday, October 11, 2010

Grudge not flexibly of high-heeled shoes, lang...

High-heeled shoes and men and fall into water, you will start out? "This hypothesis is very unkind, but it may to some extent can test the woman of loyalty. In order to make the shoes have more sense, assumptions, we specially added the high-heeled shoes in the famous", but the attributive only 14% of the first female net ", "remove high-heeled shoes. 85 percent of women netizen still without hesitation, they choose to remove man in the comments out reason:" the man pulled up in this life are the Christian Louboutin heels shoes of hope, will choose a IQ out shoes! "The answer, let me feel some small lost before. They are not said:" I like high-heeled shoes, I'm not a man to wear high heels and more comfortable shoes? Ah... "Now I only change the law, they immediately mind. A pair of high heels, or noble enemy but the drowning man.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

People just thought "neutral colors" are white, black and shades of gray

Someone thought that neutral shoes have the advantage of never really going out of style. It is mainly because they are very versatile, and we can feel more comfortable wearing neutral shoes than Christian louboutin high heels. Christian louboutin pumps always makes women's feet painful. Neutral shoes have the advantage when you do outdoor activities.
Choosing these is similar to choosing pumps. I will show you a few tips for choosing shoes and how to wear them. Neutral shoes are like nice high heels that they also have many colors and styles.
People just thought "neutral colors" are white, black and shades of gray, because we never got into too much color theory. Christian louboutin shoes' colors are warm or cool, but neutral colors are not warm and cool, they are meant to work with any other color. Neutral colors just like decorating your house in neutral colors allows you to change your accent pieces at a whim, they allow you to pair them with nearly any outfit.
We always pay much attention to match our clothes and shoes, and thought that neutral shoes can work with clothes of any color. I want to tell you that the neutral color also had some special colors to match with it. We had to change color scheme when it's balanced.
People like them because we can mix and match them with nearly anything. Black shoes can go with all black and gray clothes, it seems very harmonious. A pair of Christian Louboutin pumps only can easily go with evening dress, but the neutral shoes can nearly go with anything, although there is christian louboutin online.
Fengmei Song is a high heels shoes fan, she is interesting in shopping skills and tips for having shoes. she is usually online, you can discuss with her. she knows many famous shoes and shares them with us, for example, MBT, Christian Louboutin.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Emma Watson: environmental protection and fashionable pioneer a new identity

Fashio experts say Emma has become a young girl pursue honors, she let her become a positive image of the Cenozoic Hollywood stars.
Environmental protection general and older consumer fashion, but the British fashion contact Mr. Castro DE Orsola association with a positive image of Emma hopes to change this situation, make more young people realize the importance of environmental protection fashion.

Emma says design dresses for age is a very has a thing for her, the People of the 2010 winter Tree design series will Wednesday sales.
Emma is always Burberry, high-end brand Chanel as the spokesperson, the Internet for 20 dollars Christian Louboutin Tree brand pricing, always with her dress in, do not know how the market reaction.

Emma Watson for Harry Potter Hermione Granger in movies, but now she will become one with the identity of the fashion designers for environmental protection.
Emma Watson endorse the latest series Tree People, Christian Louboutin Pumps they follow strict environmental policy guidance, the prince Charl

Friday, October 8, 2010

Change the world: a save the planet's photo

Photo is not only the human one time image records, sometimes to convey important information in the world while changing the whole world, this is the photo of power. Photos can bring us to many places, may be year.visit somewhere before us, maybe even never dreamed that place. There are some pictures will let you stop to think. Below this 10 photo let the whole world stopped, all people in seconds of the breath, understand its secret
Tetons - Snake river "--'s Ansel Adams (Christian Louboutin Boots Adams), 1942 Someone says photography can be divided into two times before and after the Adams, Adams. As before, photography and in Adams was not widely considered an art form. Instead, the photographers trying to use the technique of extreme pictures of them more "artistic" (which is also more like painting), such as the lens in their coated with vaseline, needle scratching the surface film etc. Then, Ann. Adams, help to overcome the photography fans around the collective inferiority.
Adams photography is to announce the passion of a burning "reality of poetry," he who "artistic" boycott of artificial gimmick, claiming they simply is other art forms of derivatives. Instead, he vigorously "pure" value of photography. In the hand-held cameras are growing rapidly in popularity of the era, Adams and other landscape photographers insist to use heavy old big like picture camera. Finally, the pictures of Adams photography becomes a beautiful art Christian Louboutin. In addition, these photos also influence of American national wildlife protection environment and wild.
For the love of Adams through the lens is not limited to clap photos. In 1936, he took his photos to Washington lobbying support of the valley, California protection act. Indeed, he succeeded, it was announced as the national park.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Naked color high-heeled shoes show class by packet skirt instant shine

Naked color high-heeled Christian Louboutin shoes like help you have changed as the queen of elegant temperament, or, or even sexy sweetness. So the joker of bag style collocation can make your legs skirt looks more slender and high.

Analytic: round of fashion figure, wear black small ceremony skirt to show the concave and convex graceful fair figure. The first round match with bare color high-heeled shoes, pointed legs proportion, instantly stretch more slender and high.

Analytic: obtuse Christian Louboutin heels fashion colour, high heels nude shoes material to a powerful charm, let a person have to look it. And printing silk shirts, gray leisure a-line collocation, with A strong overall mild flavor "attack".

Analytic: tight black light fashionable dress, wiping a bosom surface of unique design bypass chest straps, hale material reveal full-bodied futuristic breath. Tie-in bright color high-heeled shoes, bright face naked surface elements perfect and unified, let the big star sign image more thorough popular feeling.

Analytic: pink and purple of fashionable dress collocation, deep V purple paint Christian Louboutin Pumps, nude shows beautiful lovely temperament.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The shoulders of ring: everyone needs a colourful of double shoulder pack

Although it has all kinds of bags, tote bag, the hand of the portable bag, even under the messenger of hand grasp clutch. But still the treachery, still don't hand double shoulder pack.
It is a double shoulder pack, recently bought from EASTPAK. Recently, though, is more than two years before. This does not mean that these two years, I have to double shoulder pack warm, but can only explain, tired too durable, have double shoulder pack is inside short time can be predisposed toward a warrant. Don't exaggerate said, my closet is put five years ago,Christian Louboutin Boots FengLiLai bought double shoulder pack in the rain with me half years, until now say no "now",Christian Louboutin shoes "yield" is not even. Everybody loves this is one of the important reasons for the double shoulder pack, good package as a good partner, also can't let you walk alone.
In retrospect, from kindergarten to the primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, nearly 20 years of university of time, double shoulder pack should accompany me is the longest bag. First let me unforgettable backpack, is the primary mother buy "force" bag. Don't know how many people still remember "force", is probably the 80's collective memory, as is the brand from Taiwan, bright-coloured color, shape, in the 1990s tinggua is very brim and piece carry design. In secondary school, should be the major sports brand of double shoulder pack become mainstream, a hair with relaxed, wearing sneakers, shoulder to take a NIKE double shoulder pack, basically have become campus girls' talk actor. At college, though there are many peers begin as adults, "" the germination of desire, will double shoulder pack trend as" childish "sign, I still depend to a 4 years. The reason is very simple, double shoulder pack for my hands, whether in my bike, motorcycle, the crowded bus, even with people fight, it makes me hands can continue to be done, even if only a girl's hand, and will come more efficient.
This endearment sentiment has been extended to work. The first year at work, double shoulder pack my daily life is still the second leading role. Perhaps is practical, except with age and experience in the shape of growth, I designed and identification of a further appeal, I began to appear a durable and the double shoulder pack. Also is at that time, I knew the EASTPAK.
Can say, EASTPAK should was I to double shoulder pack have re-know abecedarian.Christian Louboutin Pumps The first U.S. military manufacture specially for the brand, let me this first saw, practical and flowery can pick. When all Jansport was as much a north Carolina state university freshman I conquered immediately, bought a fancy to the beginning is shown, EASTPAK that money. Then found with various fashion brand EASTPAK crossover between more better products, and in 2009 under this spring and the Raf X Simons affinity. EASTPAK

Monday, October 4, 2010

Balenciaga 2010 chun xia series

Trinity of Chinese is the Trinity. In the name of the church to college for people, never have marked the acme of perfection in life is so clear pursuit. Christian Louboutin Pumps Kadeya in 90 years ago this emotion will be worth collect carefully into the jewelry works -- kadeya trichromatic gold series. To transcend gender and ethnicity, have a meaning you have family love, friendship and love the perfect life jewelry. From a star on the red carpet is luxuriant, splendid night on white gauze that when a mini trinity plain but true earnest,Christian Louboutin we never hope she is only a piece of external decoration, but wish when you wear trinity of that moment, the story of the past all of your success today delicate, unique three color light.
They are lovers, is the mother's wife. They are never are fond, too simple, sometimes naive girl, but in, and will be experienced in the story of life, have a kind of elegant XiJinQianHua con. This woman, will choose to Trinity.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

More humanized bodice

Since the world won't identical leaves, two women will have a completely symmetrical chest. Since women are designed to corsage symmetrical, it is not reasonable. Ok, humanized bodice has been designed, the Fruit of the Loom designed only unilateral corsage, around the sides clasp can combine.Christian Louboutin According to their own needs and select size, also can choose different color and pattern. Unilateral corsage price is very reasonable for 5 dollars

Friday, October 1, 2010

Copy of different shape of red star master explained

Takeaway: red is small, but the law that knowledge. According to the different shape, of course, even red besmear of different also. Have you tried according to your face makes appropriate cheek is red? Look carefully, you are a mirror which face? Today, let's revelation actress who cheek red besmear of different face! Let us with their synchronous!Standard faceFace shape: suitable for standard standard method is brushed brush or elliptic. Here is what explain standard cheek is red brush, namely red eyes and nose does not exceed below, from zygomatic place to temples to outgoing brush.Long faceLong face: the inward to the alar zygomatic loop, brush on the cheeks, like a brush, not below the ear, the brush is advisable.Round faceRound face: the nose to zygomatic outward looped, near the lower tip, don't, don't brush, brush hair into cheeks should higher, long, long lines and brush until temples.Square faceSquare face downward inclined top by zygomatic cheek colors should brush, brush deep, high, or brush.DaoSanJiao faceDaoSanJiao face: zygomatic position with darker color cheek is red brush, zygomatic lower part, the color with cheek red brush, make the face appears plump.ZhengSanJiao faceZhengSanJiao face: a long face brush, brush with inclined, suitable for some method, but don't brush to temples.