Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My favorite Sienna Miller

My favorite actress is west street pats and na. Miller ~ these photos have plenty of her last year's street pats and earlier ~ but now it seems still very beautiful is very fashionable ~ ~ I remember her is the earliest wear haroun pants, lace blouse actress now seems her one ~ fashion sense really sensitive? ~ ~

Monday, December 27, 2010

High heels make you sweet, simple woman who becomes Sheng women left

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White fish head Christian Louboutin heels

Editors: fish head with high heels retro elegance of leather with fold treatment, collocation, and simple dress, a woman one of the most wanted collection of styles.

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Classic simple pointed high-heeled shoes

Editors: Ladies love the classic simplicity, may wish to decorate the basic spring shoes, pointed toe design to show the restrained elegance of the side. Very suitable for everyday wear white-collar workers.

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Fish head black boots

Editors: fish head boots are still the main spring, whether it is the same for formal occasions or for work. Variety not only can satisfy your desire, and the success of the visual transfer to the calf, thus contrasting slim thighs.]

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Gray thick heel

Editors: weekend shopping, afternoon tea or friends, in addition to the formal and elegant dress, a high-heeled shoes has the effect of the finishing touch. Elegant gray with black, more vividly.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Delicious jabuticaba Popsicle

America’s economy is more UGG Sandalsstructural problems caused by the trade imbalance, the responsibility transferred to China’s tory burch bootshead is a dog.Back in the field, and when the hearing on the computer after finishing several members of the questions and answers, a turn in the table that almost all gone, senator senator Robert Bennett only to cover Turner questions. Can understand, when the mid-term elections only less than two months, the two parties shall fight for the senate members 37 seats to deal with affairs of the Chinese people, but also many of the welfare of their core is the concern. If they are to actors, then they tory burch salewill cast in several to UGG Bailey Button play for.Out of the building,UGG Classic Tallthe author or thinking "noise". What is the building repair? Or the U.S. economy structure? On the road not scold, but on. America, tory burch handbags saleat its rather down-to-earth long self-aspiration, long.Peter szabics cane hammel size 69 years of age, this year, is a typical Munich locals. His "szabics cane hammel" beer canopy Schottenhamel history can be traced back to Munich beer, 1867 is the oldest one."A beer on the Pink/Dark Blue Color Ugg Women's Classic Tall Bootsearth is not a problem," szabics cane hammel said, because of theUGG Women’s Classic Short traditional method, and trust his decisionUGG Bailey Button to invest a better ventilation equipment.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Modern Family Cast covers TV Guide Magazine

Modern Family Cast graces US TV Guide Magazine with neither one, not two butthree stylish Christmas Covers. Cast of Modern Family have their own individual “family” cover for the Christmas issue of TV Guide magazine that features each family unit in a very pleasant way.

modern family cast covers tv guide magazine

Modern Family topped the magazine’s list of the best TV shows of 2010. Not only this, Modern Family is also one of the top 2010 Screen Actors Guild Awards nominees scoring four nominations, including Best Ensemble Cast in a Comedy Series.

Talking about one of the three covers, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreetare donning their Christmas apparel showing off festive spirit. Jesse and Eric are featured on holiday-themed cover with young actress who plays their daughter on sitcom and are shown baking holiday cookies.

More news atc!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pencil pants and boots were thin with

The cold winter, afraid of the cold MM people will be wearing layers of coat wadded pants to wrapped body, this is unavoidable can appear bloated obesity, the MM most taboo, well, today is to teach you keep warm and show thin super pragmatism collocation! Cultivate one's morality pencil pants + short boots is most can show of leg ministry line, no matter what kind of shape, the metropolis is very suitable for oh:
01 pencil pants collocation chalaza short boots tensile leg ministry line, easily show high, stripe unlined upper garment is tie-in coat render good sheet is tasted.
02 pencil pants tie-in short boots relaxed plastic beautiful leg, in order to look more, a thin jacket absolutely cannot little.
03 cortical pencil pants and leopard grain short boots, are easily attract eyeball sheet is tasted. Loose boyfriend edition coat is very good block defect buffets oh! Help you keep out dewlap, show slender leg!
04 pencil pants, very short boots collocation cortical cool feeling, concise but not alternative, good outstanding leg ministry line, light color short coat delicate collars add a small chemisette lovely flavour.
05 stripe sweater collocation MAO jacket, the half choose light color pencil pants take short boots, balance in the upper body bloated, present slim body.
06 seven points of the sleeve of the long black coat, very fashionable cool feeling, use light color pencil pants and black short boots collocation, full of administrative levels.
07 short coat, pencil pants and short boots mix build, very tall, while Europe van explicit figure.
08 if we wear thick coat, pencil long pants and short boots in the groin show thin collocation makes you avoid doing clumsy bear.
09 brunet pants collocation brown tassel pencil short boots, leg ministry line immediately lengthen! Case grain even cap coat with street wind. The cute furry brim say then ~
10 pencil pants tie-in short boots, neat and matching dust coat of natural and unrestrained temperament.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Beautiful loneliness, endless longing

Only in thoughts, loneliness is especially beautiful.

Missing is a kind of happiness of sadness, is a kind of sweet sadness, is a kind of sweet pain. Missing is over yesterday long wallow in and to the glorious future yearning. It is in the unending yearning, people's feelings got purification and sublimation.

No distance, then no thoughts. When the ship's sirens sounded, when the train whistle keep, when the wheels of the car starts turn, when the plane left the runway soared into the sky, thoughts began. Also because there are missing, just had a long separation streams, just had accidentally met surprise, just have relatives and friends get together the toast to celebrate.

Miss tortured people, also exercise person, more casting a person's personality composed and feelings deep sink.

Thoughts of others is a kind of warmth, by others missing is a kind of happiness, of course good premise is - missed each other. Otherwise, unrequited love is a kind of sorrow, only by others missing is a kind of burden.

Because miss, moonlight was injected with human full-bodied feelings. The moon bending, miss also curved, the moon when the moon is missing, no matter the moon is round also bend is round, missing is a bright poetry. Thoughts can let you shed tears, thoughts can also let your smiling. Whether you are missing, laugh or cry in thought and thoughts of time, you will eliminating distractions. Indeed, missing is also a kind of pure.

Thoughts in lang next month, missing in the dusk, missing in the rain, beautiful scenery, easier hook moving thoughts feelings. Beautiful scenery, also more foil those full of beauty.

With endless yearning comes is inevitably the long waiting. American poetess highway hutchinson said: "wait for 10,000 years is not long, if finally have love as compensation." It's also say, is a yearning of loyalty and open-minded.

No matter how to say, missing is a huge spiritual wealth. YiMeiMei condensing affectionate stamps, letters sending out sweet form-all of, is all this than spiritual wealth of content.

Years may like leaves as fluttered, but this wealth forever. Everybody in your life, it will always accompany you, give you must not continuous warmth and inexhaustible power!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The love we need us to fulfil

Always think, we love one person will last a lifetime love down, wait until the vicissitudes discoloration and never can end. When everyone tells us that don't need, he actually isn't you think good, but we, would rather believe that give yourself weaving fairy tale, also don't want to believe beside the person said.

Always think, fall in love with a person, we must whole heart, always think we can wait until mianmianzhong the fate again again. Trinidad love-fate first to pull, when clouds winding down, when two intersecting line stagger, we don't know is but lookers-on.

Always think you love someone, love to do anything for him, love to luxuriant background until you that a record lonely to turn around. Who first love, who go first. Always think, the first turn men are best, watching the favorite people far away, we thought is a lifetime, this life, is he, besides him, we who are no longer love.

The heart has to affection numb, tears flow has been completely, what is what you should always stick to, always waiting? Some things, may not be as happy as we thought, we also did not like oneself imagination as fragile. Ask, lose him, you really can go to dead? Maybe that moment yes, but after ten days? A hundred days, after several years?? One day, you suddenly woke up, perhaps you will want to, why, has not put, why, so we had to YaoSiBuHuo will be so much?

Actually, we love only a kind of mood. When such as flowers is gorgeous, when such as tea tea has dissolved. We loathe to give up, but not other fearless unwilling. Why, I still love you and you would first love? Why, when you love so now I have become so cold? Heart upsurge asksoneself those words when, in fact, we have already not simply love this man. We just fell in love with his unwilling. 1.outwardly, no one freewill are worse than others, who all hope oneself of everything is beautiful, second to none.

We think the prince and princess naive love, forget, we are actually live in reality, many things must be established on the basis of reality. Love a person, we actually is in love with a feeling, only he can give feeling. Love a person, just because of the feeling is gone. Love is not love again, force yourself to also was not used.

If ask you, you'll miss once loved? Certainly won't be pledge of eternal love, some is actually more very tiny detail. Kid you, care for you, pain, you may also be because more misunderstanding, a billowing come to wait.

We say will such a person, actually, etc have not this man, but a kind of mood, unwilling suddenly in people say leave just left. If he came back, and you, still can continue to love him, tolerate his everything? Don't be so easily said will, use your heart says, you, really?

Trapped in the emotional cannot extricate oneself of you, in this break up season, really grasped the? For once the man, maybe you really loved, but you are but love that can't get back and that has touched memories. So, why not choose this down, because, we hope our own happiness, we want oneself to fulfill their own happiness...

Monday, December 20, 2010

Years of courtship began in a single carsick medicine

I and FengJing is university classmate, she is hunan person, I'm anhui, ten years ago we into chongqing university become classmates. I was then monitor, she is the vice President. I am attended high school entrance exam work again to review, so after entering university, whatever thoughts or doing things than some classmates slightly mature. Small jing personality directness, our class in dealing with the problem, she gave me the feeling is always very sensible, but I work conscientiously style also always provoke her antipathetic. To quarrel quarrel, she doesn't hold it against you, I am more not girl jinjinjijiao man, so we occupy or consult together very often. But in the end make our mutual goodwill with or a school debating contest. She was speaking interview very nervous, are almost no confidence. I have repeatedly to encourage her, said she is the best, this makes her very touched. To tell the truth in my heart, she is really great. From that day on, we never quarreled. That resulted in her really began to like me, is the goal carsick medicine. Remember that day, city for college students' organizations, I put my own opportunities to her. I know she carsick, worried about her way uncomfortable, face before departure I put in advance for her prepared carsick, telling her she medicine to eat. From that day on, our relationship began a qualitative change.

From downtown back, we make to school, when we chat tea found two families unexpectedly also have similarities, we all live in a single-parent family, and are lucky, although be stepfather stepmother, but to us who are considered himself out. Though both tacitly like each other, but I still can't say to her. I live in the countryside, she was living in the city. My family life condition is poor; I'm afraid she will and I endure hardships. At that time I always think two people love, though, true love together with the probability is almost no.

Finally small jing first openings, she seriously said to me, the future come hell or high water, she will bear with me together, she believe I can through their efforts to develop further. Our relationship formally started.Experience sharing love who solution its taste

Our relationship his classmates and teachers are loathe to fall in love, they agreed that university impossible to succeed. Some teachers afraid we are thus wasted studies and advised us give up this affection devote yourself to study. And I know FengJing teacher is good for us, so to the teacher promised affirmation not therefore delaying study.

I and FengJing are very independent person, in order not to home stretched out his hand to money reading, we started work-study, two people outside and a few respectively in job of tutor. When having a meal also very province, we go to the dining room dozen rice, always two rice, a vegetable plus a canteen free of clear soup. Although had banyan days, but the affection is more and more deep. Slowly the teacher began to take us as other students paradigm of our affection also more and more recognition. FengJing study result has been very good, in her impetus, I am also very hard to learn, four-year university, we two every year the scholarship.

Our feelings have been steady development, senior year, we faced a graduation allocation. When she go abroad, walks grind and foreign enterprise job opportunities, and I also have to a Qingdao authority do civil service opportunities, but we finally have abandoned. Then I had an impulse, think back to hometown anhui province as do contribution. And FengJing attitude is very clear: where she let me where I go. Later I contact to anhui an enterprise, so after graduation we went together to the unit work. In the workshop intership after six months, we have been assigned to two different posts.

I often to zhejiang business, sometimes a walk is for several months. At that time we are no cell phones, will meet every weekend pass a telephone. The opening period, we are everyday is looking forward to the weekend is fast a little come so that can hear the voice on the other, but gradually, our topic is less and less, then later, two people on the phone, nothing except animal.will, often get huff.

We all know that go down so again, each other really will have problems.

Once I travel, is the evening before departure of car, she sent me to the door, I dare not to see her wet with tears. When I came to the station that day didn't fare, heart was full of joy. To a room stood at the door outside, wish to give her a surprise, who knows that a person is looking to see her pickle in eating porridge. At this moment, I couldn't stand anymore and rushed into the house tightly around her. At that moment, I keenly aware that I can't let this situation to continue, and I will take good care of her and gave her a stable life.10 years running finally margin set this life

In August, 2003, she resigned as I came to ningbo. Look at this beautiful city of ningbo, we decided to the everglades home, living together forever.

To ningbo, FengJing facing new obtain employment problem, this to her is a big challenge. Until the early 2004, she always are not, and I now work also appeared problems. Two people are in the work schedule back-loaded with each other, so common talk with emotions, quarrel bicker continuously. Some days, we talked about the best complicity to separate a period of time and let each soberly on two fit together. Remember that day FengJing put my clothes packed into luggage, when I with suitcase went to the door, I cannot help but ask her that we should do this. She listen to "wow" sound to cry, I threw box tightly put her enveloped against. We are all love each other, why should one another torment?

In 2005, small jing finally found himself a satisfying job, and I now also from former unit to resign, changed a more play to their capacity of the unit. Because the job, my salary mention quickly, we have bought houses, cars, life basic tends to be back on track.

This valentine's day, we got up early to marriage registration office. That day, we are the first pair of where the registration newcomer. On May 18, we will hold a grand wedding, these days of calls, every day I can receive your relatives, friends greetings. I thank fate that brought her to give my life with her hand, I can certainly buchibuqi.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

How to deal with winter skin dry problem

Black rim of the eye, pore bulky, skin irritation. Because of the dry causes? Yes, skin dryness and always will cause all sorts of skin problems, today we will learn how to cope with these troubles, live learning, let you moisten the winter:

A: in addition to face the drying problem outside, shoulder, arm, waist and leg, etc. Places there is peeling, extensive red phenomenon
The main cause: is this winter common skin dryness, northwest wind a shave, the lower temperatures because, the human body sweat will greatly reduce the skin lubricants sebaceous glands secretion also decrease greatly, so in winter most people would rather dry skin, this with your skin methods and protect skin to taste nothing.
Emergency baodianpian: external for skin complement moisture, strengthen skin cold-resistant capacity
Chamfer + hydrating masque is the most effective to solve this problem of law that protect skin dry. Corneous layer massiness, even a again good hydrating products can achieve the desired effect. So, repair and promote cutin metabolism is open skin moisture channel of the key. Then use relieve dry skin most efficient tool - hydrating masque, adhere to the 1-2 days dry skin feeling will significantly reduce, color also brightened.
Edit remind you: winter chamfer selection containing enzymes ingredients product, this is newest also be the most safe cutin is one of the ingredients of, it can dissolve dead skin dirt and composition, let the effective nutrients follow-up protect skin to taste better penetration.

Question 2: dry feeling dry concentrated in eye week, and black rim of the eye become obvious
The main cause: this problem mainly appear in using an eye excessiveness person, such as often to computer OL, drawing, writing program designers, studies the busy crowd, eyes of college students, etc, the radiation overfatigue damage and lack of right eye care can make eye week too dry. In addition, eye week skin is riddled with many microfilament blood vessels, cold weather our circulatory system is likely to slow, vascular oxygen, hemal dilate can lead to black rim of the eye is obvious.
Emergency baodianpian: every morning and evening and to use eye creams
BaiTianXian with hydrating eye frost, reoccupy eye special sunscreen. The evening want to give first eye do thoroughly clean, then daub moisturizing eye creams. Qiu dong season, in addition to the dry air with hydrating eye frost, go up in the eye frost use before the eye essence. And the attention of eyeball maintenance, carry hydrating eye drops, relieve eye fatigue.
Edit remind you: must seriously eye care, if let eye week skin continue dry down, will cause you early appear eye lines and flabby, then want to save it can be harder than eye moisturizing harder.

Drying question 3: each discharge makeup, after washing a face is particularly dry skin
The main cause: protect skin to taste not change garments according to the season. If your skin is usually not big dry feeling, then the problem must be out in the cleaning products. Chun xia season out skin oil and sweat of very strong, so use of cleaning products must have strong cleaning and decontamination ability, and the product is not suitable for use in autumn and winter obvious, it may take to protect skin grease, so skin will feel tight, dry.
Emergency baodianpian: protect wet model product + reduce face frequently
Many people are habitually think that washs a face to must use grandma, this wrong idea of abandoned, we should face before check their own skin, look to whether the oil overmuch or residual other stains, if it were to use contain moisturizing ingredients (e.g., hyaluronic acid, glycerin, amino acid etc) products to clean, otherwise generally need to use warm water wash enough, this reduces the sebum the loss, have moist skin protection effect.
Edit remind you: special remind everybody, those with particle of cleaning products may even harm the skin, destroying corneous layer, MM careful use.

Drying question 4: pore bulky, especially on makeup will float pink
The main cause: cutin once suck full water, will be like suck water sponge as swell, pore surrounding cells filled with water absorption swell, pore nature will become is not obvious, Conversely, the surface of the skin lacks water, corneous layer will appear dry, coarse appearance, pore becomes more apparent, colour makeup is difficult to apply during make-up attached on the face.
Emergency baodianpian: before sleeping apply hydrating masque, the second day relaxed makeup
With the summer grease is secreted more clogged pores is different, because the water shortage and cause pore is bulky should use protect wet method to solve, don't recommend convergence products like water. Every night after a hydrating masque and then apply a thin moisturizing night cream coated immediately went to sleep, horniness absorbed alimentary composition through a night, plus the cells repair, the second day pore will swell, the skin becomes elastic, makeup is perfectly all right.
Edit remind you: many young people by your own young skin capital, often ignore moisturizing this, think use colour makeup cover a cover cover good, little imagine skin dry besides let skin table looks coarse, pore bulky besides, even shangfen all difficulties, it is the most basic darling ground do wet work well.

Problem five: the morning wake up dry skin dry itching, even a small group of irritation
The main cause: more and more people make use of the evening's gold hairdressing time, I would expect to have doubled effect, but found the next skin vapid. Is this what is the row? The main reason is everyone in the use of sleep mask, tall nutrition late frost, essence, not ready to render before work, the skin's pores hadn't completely open, use a thick covering layer function to covered with skin product repellent, of course, can produce dry, even allergic.
Emergency baodianpian: using an imported product makes the skin absorb better nutrition
Before this shall first clean the skin, wipe import type, make the skin toner ready to be about 15 minutes before use those high concentrations of moisturizing products, such ability in morpheus exert its moisturizing effect.
Edit remind you: a lot of girls will mask when sleep with ordinary mask, this kind of practice is quite wrong. There are many common mask paragraph, each product the pertinence different, if chose whitening or accuse oil mask, as their sleep mask use it will be sucked the moisture of the skin, make skin more dry.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Broken beautiful dress all the way to the end of summer

Futong flowers in full blossom glorious season, I'm used as watched him, looking at his running figure, looking at his float in the sky of corner of the lip, because he, I know what is missing...

"Summer, the sky is clear, the float around in the air futong flowers smell."

Campus platanus acerifolia, covered with a tree of blossom, in the sunshine multicolored glaring.

I often take two cans of coke stood watching basketball court LingJi play, he wheat color skin in bright sunlight flashing healthy luster, black hair in running jump when natural and unrestrained float in the sky, each scored a goal, he will show him that woman.she smile, like a wipe wanton sunshine drill into my eyes, so bright.

I like LingJi, this would have no secret, LingJi also know, just not disturbing it.

I don't know whether he is a little like me, anyway, everyday can so watched him healthy and happy, I have felt very happy.

I often watch him play was thinking, small 68:1736 &, since when did you begin to like him?

Like him, it should be a long time ago...

Then I but fourteen, thin little, shear a neat ears bingle, always like to wear a white broken beautiful dress, feet wearing a pair of sports shoes, a pair of malnutrition of appearance.

When my parents always will be for the sake of some trivial things a highly divisive, for this home I would have thoroughly tired, each school, I don't want to go home, but to the opposite direction to go home, a man sat on the basketball court to see those boys residential chasing hopping playing basketball. So I met LingJi, that like with blue headscarves in head plunge into play very handsome boy, when he is already very will play, his legs are very runner up fast, accurate 3-point also threw a super.

Every time he saw I stood buttonwood pilsen, will be friendly smiled at me.

Futong flowers in full blossom glorious season, I'm used as watched him, looking at his running figure, looking at his float in the sky of corner of the lip, because he, I know what is missing.

"I always think, god so clever arrangement, his own truth."

I went to the north of the university, leave home, when parents are still in the cold war. I took home that zhang only family, sit on the train of the moment, I said to myself, to be happy to face now, with past say notification.thank notification.thank!

Living in the school student dormitory, I and my roommates together harmoniously, all matter on, until I was at school on the basketball court met LingJi, have never thought, he incredibly and I attended a university.

He also saw me and came running and I say "hello", "hi! Broken flower skirt, long time no see."

He likes to call my broken flower skirt, perhaps is that when I wear broken beautiful dress stood in full blossom white splashes buttonwood watching him play look too deep impression to let him.

The surprise excites me several days, I always think, god so clever arrangement, his own truth.

So I will run to every morning to see him play basketball court, my hand is always holding two cans of coke, until he finished the ball, I would have coke hand it over, he a pot, I a tank.

In addition, we didn't have the other intersection.Sometimes, someone will be questioned our relationship, he always smiled, also don't explain.

Summer already passed half, one evening the mother call to my bedroom, she said, small 68:1736, I can't stand this way of life, I decided to talk to your father divorced.

My parents after years of on-again, off-again before finally decided to divorce, hearing the news, I didn't know whether to cry or laugh, have to what look should also have no, nothing to say, hung up the phone.

I thought that our sackless heart no more feeling, but that night, I still on the one family flow a long time of tears.

Family on three face "close, laugh too so sweet, so dazzling.

They had also happy right, why want to welcome so end?

"LingJi, don't you know I love you?"

The next day I was swollen with a pair of eyes to basketball court ball, LingJi see my hand over the ball to flank the boy, ran to care to ask, broken flower skirt, what happened to you? Eyes swollen like a walnut edifice.

Ok. I smiled at him, hand over the coke handed him.

He didn't ask more, beside me, pull open cans, upward take a gulp.

LingJi, don't you know I love you? I hear yourself peaceful and calm voice light tone ask, this is my first time to ask this question, will also be the last.

He turned his head with astonishment eyes staring at me, look for a long time.

Do you like me? I asked him.

And he said, I hadn't thought of this problem.

And now that started to think!

I already have a girlfriend. He looked at me, haltingly openings.

I stand up, and in August that no longer warm light shine me some dizzy, but I cannot fainted, at least in front of him. I can't.

Later, I give schools ask for leave, return to a home, parents have made all things, just waiting for me back then sign it. I would like an outsider looking at them for a divorce formalities, very simple, without fee, just a signature what trouble, the house, the end is no longer complete.

Back to school is already a week later, I gave birth to illness, fever to 39 ℃ persistent, took some medicine, sleep in a bed empty-headed for several days.

LingJi to seek me, I see the appearance without further ado, he will carry me to the hospital.

In the hospital I hang a drip, and said unto him, thank you.

A quoi, we are friends. He says airily.

Yeah, just friends.

"He said, broken flower skirt, you also take good care of yourself. Be more smile, don't sick."

My body after me good, still go to see him play basketball every day.

Occasionally, he taught me to play basketball, said a good exercise, the body will be healthy.

Occasionally, and his phone, like ordinary friends like that, he would ask me to have eat well, I said to him last time borrow books is very good-looking.

Occasionally, he would ask me out to have a dinner, after meet, we just talk, talk about learning the thing on film, talk about basketball.Summer is going to pass the time, I have not seen what he said that girl appear, I always think, perhaps, he just made up a character let I forget it.

LingJi birthday that day, I bought a bettas, violet, put in a beautiful bottle, it like me, are so lonely.
I put the fish gave him, he liked it, he said he would take care of it, he said, broken flower skirt, you also take good care of yourself. Be more smile, don't sick.

With these words before long, he graduates.

He put his basketball gave me, he said the fittest leave a mark it.

He walked that I didn't go to send him, I just hugged his basketball sitting basketball court to his message, bon voyage! Later any further to see him that jumps figure, and he that can warm smile.

After, I again became lonely one.

I don't go basketball courts, and began to study hard every day, and bubble in reading in the library turn information quickly, my grades from general become outstanding.

Parents after a breakup, relationship than previously relented many, no longer talk to each other, once they tit-for-tat reserevation together come to school to see me, we three people sitting near a school small restaurant, they constantly give me clip vegetables, also asked study recently, they say previous taheri oneself, how didn't care of a parental responsibility, later they'll double care about me, I hope that I can forgive them.

Out of the restaurant, I suddenly feel oneself mood suddenly enlightened much, sunshine also no longer dazzling, stranger smile appeared on my face, I finally solved entangled in my heart years of shares.

"14 I wore that broken beautiful dress barefoot in the meadow run, run to the end of summer."

Meet again LingJi, already was two years later.

After graduation, I find work everywhere a resume, but haven't found the right, I finally have a various conditions are good joint venture company let me go for an interview, I'm very excited to the news to my parents, they all happy for me.

Go to the interview, I met LingJi. Christian Louboutin

He also calculate small achievements made the area manager, young and promising see me face smile gentle bloom.

The end of the interview, LingJi put his cell phone number gave me, "he said." when I saw your resume, some incidents: I always remember that year, you're wearing calico dresses like.

And he said, you gave me the rosetail live well, every time I see it, you will think of the basketball court accompany him a whole summer hair girl.

I said, now you also play basketball?

He shook his head, now is less have time, every day except work, is to work overtime, otherwise is meeting social niceties.

Through interview, I became his colleagues, every day before him to run in and out, and colleagues drew a, several male colleague also expressed I have good, but were I declined.

And he will always see me a face of doubt, small 68:1736, you have changed.

Into social, who would not change? To him I henceforth no longer, actually I prefer he called me broken flower skirt.

Your girlfriend? Christian louboutin Black

Girlfriend? He's one leng, then sorrily smiled at me and then, I'm lying to you, I just don't want to regret it before graduation.

He was nervous, but I never forget you, you now willing to do my girlfriend?

I nodded, smiles, I said before, god so clever arrangement, his own truth.

He stepped forward gently hugs me, trance, between memory that 14 I wore that broken beautiful long skirt, barefoot in the meadow run, run to the end of summer.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

LOHAS concept of easy to get facial skin problems

LOHAS, is a western coming from emerging lifestyle groups, by transliteration "LOHAS", "LOHAS" is an English Lifestyles of Sustainability and be abbreviated, meaning to Health and self-sufficient form a life. Lohas skincare ideas are same, advocate everyone need not too care about those you hard to change the face problems, such as black rim of the eye, wrinkles, a change of style and attitude to face them, you will find that actually easier to solve the problem.

01 black rim of the eye is enemy? Actually cover line

Which women don't hate black rim of the eye? Who does not know to want to have enough sleep, balanced diet, to maintain good mood can effectively eliminate black rim of the eye? But these to often be timing overtime, feed the wuding, work pressure big office worker, deliberately to adjust life rhythm, but is a kind of pressure ah.
Lohas idea: use block defect product can naturally black rim of the eye, cover the eyes have look instantly, looks young for several years, the whole people looked at the mirror no black rim of the eye of oneself, the mood becomes happy!
Cover black rim of the eye steps:
Step1: with block defect brush (or lip brush) to block defect product by clicking the in eye head, pouch and eye end this 3 position.
Step2: next pouch position from tears ditch the block defect product press start slowly open, always pressure to eye end dark heavy place, relieve eye prolapse feeling.
Step3: with sponge surplus shielding products printed the upper eyelid, this place easily give oil, such plays a certain role accusing oil.

02 leave eye lines, laughing beauty is enough

As the growth of the age, skin ageing, wrinkles is normal phenomenon, especially eye lines, even has many early 20s young MM also not be avoided. Use protect skin to taste to delay and fade fine lines, of course, is the way, but we cannot because too care about it and give yourself more cannot because of pressure, afraid have expression lines and check your smile, facial relax, smiling will beauty!
Lohas idea: laugh stiff or expression unnatural than plain lines ugly many, peacetime in addition to relax the mood, also want conveniently again rest when do facial massage, relax eyebrows, laughing will look better.
Facial stretch massage:
Step1: office worker usually rest got much time, this massage take part in brows, lock eye week and law grains of these 3 position. Mouth cape position with 45 degree Angle oblique upward gimmick to tiras.Christian Louboutin Pumps
Step2: left ring finger and middle finger, the forehead skin upward tiras right forefinger and middle finger around a v-shaped fissure PingLa eyebrows.
Step3: eye week clockwise method light looped, active the cell, the eyes will not on this side ChuiChui.

03 uneven skin tone have what fantastic, wipe a pink is enough

The reason caused by uneven skin tone, quite complicated nutrition of unbalanced, outside pollution, human body detoxification not thoroughly... , making it difficult to deal with this problem, ladies. But what is so amazing? Now who don't for skin dozen bottom before going out, can adjust color of skin, and certain level land against outside pollution.Christian Louboutin Boots
Lohas idea: now the powdery bottom besides have adjust color of skin, shielding effect, but also prevent bask in, moisturizing and whitening... Many the composition that maintain added in inside, need not worry will harm the skin. So uneven skin tone was no problem, wipe a powdery bottom to you can fix it for you.
Frivolous bottom makeup steps:
Step1: put fluid foundation respectively in facial ministry T word a point and cheek, the two areas can widespread use large sponge daub, and out to the face evenly.
Step2: use powdery cake dedicated sponge with a circle powdery cake, then click the corner position, press as alar, chin and eyes.
Step3: finally don't forget to save on loose powder, let makeup effect more natural, lasting.

04 TaiTouWen terrible? Bang obscure

TaiTouWen appear, acquired factor is less, are generally naturally. Secondly, TaiTouWen generation and facial expressions have great relationship, then we shall have to suppress her facial expression? Such lives much too tired! Experts say TaiTouWen once produced, it can be difficult for maintenance method to eliminate, want to eliminate, go, do BOTX laser or injection, but, think of the last public plastic accident, everyone is afraid of fear.Christian Louboutin
Lohas idea: cut a bang the forehead, eyebrow all cover, thus easily TaiTouWen problem solving! Today's hairstyle is complete function ", reduce age, thin face, highlight big eyes, etc, you also pick sfrom a paragraph like, change a hairstyle.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

In the world only to be himself

I think god is relative. For example for a tree hole of ants, a want to water drowned their child is god, for in 1945 Nagasaki men, which are looking around for the clouds aperture us pilots are god, for Charles v elected the aztecs, those are mounted Spaniard was god.

When I was a child, dad is god. He can decide to beat me still don't beat, although it theoretically depends on my exam the top digital. But things are not so, whether I was actually depends on his heart beating the stand or fall of... Or for him that he is working on the "god" the mood of good and bad. So this matter such as chaos theory as becomes more difficult.
As god, it has another privileges, which can set the lives of others, for example, my dad, he see me around now, I felt that I must cultivate my decorous hobby. He considered long after decided to let me learn Chinese paintings, the whole process is also very strange, he also postponement of famous not for me, but direct bought the book, xu wei is famous copying, let me think I self-taught. When I ZhaoHuLuHuaPiao occasion, he went and carefree depend on the couch, usually listen MiMi voa side of Teresa teng supervise me. It was a painful process ~ I dared not responsibility for his old not honour.

Relatively I still more lucky, because soon father gets passed me, but this is not to blame him, we would have lived in the lives of others to set the delight of excessive.

We have too many so-called thinkers are willing to do others god, they are the most enjoyable thing is set to the lives of others, making the rules, for they could not do, it is hard to say.

So Mr Gu said: "China thought only moral XunTiao, no logic, without philosophy."

Not only is the Chinese philosopher Plato, even if is such great philosopher and ready to set others. His "ideal" is to Sparta as the prototype, the people's life did all the detailed Settings, but we know, in the peloponnesian war, Sparta this private camp fundamental can not stand outside temptations, system of rapid collapse, who don't like himself!
Also good ideal countries eventually not implemented, and Emerson said: "burned all the library now, since all of them in the value of the book (refers to" ideal "inside)." I think said this burning also is not low, you think it better to also go, can hinder you anything else book!
In my life met greatly small countless "god", they will come to help you set up ideals, the good life, set the bright future, lofty quality, often at this time, I will think of eritrea orchid island an ordinary woman poet - Anna LvDe steidle verse: "of course I saw in Europe, and those who sat at the table for men and women. I was born and grew up to only: in the world do Anna."

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mature popular single product to create lovely winter wind

Multivariant style of cany Wells Lena strict examing gas sheet is tasted, deduce beautiful collocation, make winter mature lovable style, want to successful promotion for tide 100 change of Japanese da? Will never miss oh:

01 high body material and using fox fur collar, complete costly style coat. Tie-in imitation leather belt, suitable for commuting material when wearing, date is also recommended a sheet tastes oh.

02 long version pieces coat, furry tactility and the margin design, quite tweed feminine flavour. Inside take a black skirt, natural texture and gem ornament out waist decoration, instantly charming figure line sketch.Christian Louboutin Pumps

03 horizontal stripe style no matter go to work or the leisure time after work are appropriate, wearing tie-in wool shawls liusu, according to the position of buttons up different, make the batch up feeling changes are different.Christian Louboutin Boots

04 filled the bud silk chiffon maiden breath connects body skirt, outside take even cap outside, even cap mouth and the sleeve mouth compose with loose murmuring fox wool, simple and neat and impressive.Christian Louboutin Sandals

05 nylon taffeta uniform wind cotton-spreading coat, with basic product spec unfolds, the line style is just right for mature wind leisure modelling oh.