Thursday, January 6, 2011

Broken beautiful + coat joker favorite dress tide law

In choosing winter coat on, besides style and colour selection beyond, collocation also is very important, want to wear a new idea, case grain, flower, wave point and take all kinds of irregular graph is tie-in coat perfect design, how can clever wear a different flavor will see MM people own grounding oh ~ tie-in
碎花+外套 百搭不厌的扮潮法则
01 with Chinese wind chrysanthemum dress very classic flavour, tie-in black paragraph coat elegant and give prize, very beauties the atmospheric demeanor.
02 wave point of black and white bud silk chiffon splicing skirts, tie-in canvas shoes and jean jacket let you as if returned to old-school, then put on big black-frame glasses effect is more lifelike!
03 wine red suit to mix with color broken beautiful dress abnormal sweet but person, slaming color is very pitched well, a little bird hanging like feeling.
04 lambs MAO bladder of ga color looks hale grow fur neutral, inside take black color broken flower and chalaza tall canister boots, thick woman flavour immediately and voice coming out.
05 at the beginning of the year, may small foreign outfit is absolutely the best choice, descend a body lightsome and elegant chiffon broken flower skirt, that the paragraph voluminous yangyang and type.
06 recently very fashionable Leggings administrative levels: oh, will wear take a multilayer pantyhose wear on legs felt alternative avant-courier, as long as color collocation is proper, can will upper black ash to wait depressing colour carry bright N a level oh ~
07 great artistic breath a section of rice pattern of the dress, seemingly a little visual abstract effect oh, outside take lambs hair soft coat looks very city girl's temperament.
08 high-grade brown department shammy coat all show female spell able and agile, inside take same high body of classical broken beautiful dress but person, euphemism gutty rigid-flexible economic feeling oh ~

Monday, January 3, 2011

Knitting collar of multiple style is tie-in

Inner Mongolia 45 ° C below zero the weather really amazing cold air power! Warm kung fu didn't make enough is likely to turn into a "Popsicle"! As warm three-piece suit this time just play one scarf its powerful use! By scarf extends the collar in recent years very red, wearing a convenient, thick knitting well-loved modelling style, sense of da rewards. Today, small make up just picked several kinds of knitting wool, teach you how to collar is a more attractive tie-in:
01 street winds: collection of leisure, street style of recreational dress up, jeans is necessary street collocation sheet is tasted, collocation of popular this year of camel's hair dress, individual character is dye-in-the-wood brown shoes make you bind the defining enjoy leisurely zai time.
02 XiuXianFeng: like the recreational collocation of women can try this wear build, a recreational dress collocation of collar, modelling feels dye-in-the-wood joker black mixture is tiny smallholding forefather oh!
03 fair maiden wind: joker color of gray department is also one of the lubricious department of losing da heart, not only be able to bear or endure look, and very good-looking classic, simple dress collocation can show individual fashionable glamour of, what is there against it?
04 lovely winds: render solid-color dress matchs snowflakes pattern of the sweater, appear not only you melting and lovely, and it's Christmas atmosphere, this kind of collar hang in my room have different collocation effect, try it also might as well!
05 intellectual winds: OL necessary suit jacket, winter wear a suit cold tone was boring! Perhaps circumference of a bright color fastens on the thick needle collar might bump a different effect!
06 elegant wind: winter wear a mask protect your ear, ear PI cao isn't afraid cold MM can try this "long" collocation, is long coat + dress, the tees microlenders by MIX, which collects data tees suits not quite short of MM, you remember!
07 temperament winds: this type of collar is actually with double-color dress is a suit, and collar removable, very convenient, collocation of simple but elegant necklace, simple in reveal your temperament charm.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My favorite Sienna Miller

My favorite actress is west street pats and na. Miller ~ these photos have plenty of her last year's street pats and earlier ~ but now it seems still very beautiful is very fashionable ~ ~ I remember her is the earliest wear haroun pants, lace blouse actress now seems her one ~ fashion sense really sensitive? ~ ~

Monday, December 27, 2010

High heels make you sweet, simple woman who becomes Sheng women left

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White fish head Christian Louboutin heels

Editors: fish head with high heels retro elegance of leather with fold treatment, collocation, and simple dress, a woman one of the most wanted collection of styles.

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Classic simple pointed high-heeled shoes

Editors: Ladies love the classic simplicity, may wish to decorate the basic spring shoes, pointed toe design to show the restrained elegance of the side. Very suitable for everyday wear white-collar workers.

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Fish head black boots

Editors: fish head boots are still the main spring, whether it is the same for formal occasions or for work. Variety not only can satisfy your desire, and the success of the visual transfer to the calf, thus contrasting slim thighs.]

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Gray thick heel

Editors: weekend shopping, afternoon tea or friends, in addition to the formal and elegant dress, a high-heeled shoes has the effect of the finishing touch. Elegant gray with black, more vividly.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Delicious jabuticaba Popsicle

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Friday, December 24, 2010

Modern Family Cast covers TV Guide Magazine

Modern Family Cast graces US TV Guide Magazine with neither one, not two butthree stylish Christmas Covers. Cast of Modern Family have their own individual “family” cover for the Christmas issue of TV Guide magazine that features each family unit in a very pleasant way.

modern family cast covers tv guide magazine

Modern Family topped the magazine’s list of the best TV shows of 2010. Not only this, Modern Family is also one of the top 2010 Screen Actors Guild Awards nominees scoring four nominations, including Best Ensemble Cast in a Comedy Series.

Talking about one of the three covers, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreetare donning their Christmas apparel showing off festive spirit. Jesse and Eric are featured on holiday-themed cover with young actress who plays their daughter on sitcom and are shown baking holiday cookies.

More news atc!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pencil pants and boots were thin with

The cold winter, afraid of the cold MM people will be wearing layers of coat wadded pants to wrapped body, this is unavoidable can appear bloated obesity, the MM most taboo, well, today is to teach you keep warm and show thin super pragmatism collocation! Cultivate one's morality pencil pants + short boots is most can show of leg ministry line, no matter what kind of shape, the metropolis is very suitable for oh:
01 pencil pants collocation chalaza short boots tensile leg ministry line, easily show high, stripe unlined upper garment is tie-in coat render good sheet is tasted.
02 pencil pants tie-in short boots relaxed plastic beautiful leg, in order to look more, a thin jacket absolutely cannot little.
03 cortical pencil pants and leopard grain short boots, are easily attract eyeball sheet is tasted. Loose boyfriend edition coat is very good block defect buffets oh! Help you keep out dewlap, show slender leg!
04 pencil pants, very short boots collocation cortical cool feeling, concise but not alternative, good outstanding leg ministry line, light color short coat delicate collars add a small chemisette lovely flavour.
05 stripe sweater collocation MAO jacket, the half choose light color pencil pants take short boots, balance in the upper body bloated, present slim body.
06 seven points of the sleeve of the long black coat, very fashionable cool feeling, use light color pencil pants and black short boots collocation, full of administrative levels.
07 short coat, pencil pants and short boots mix build, very tall, while Europe van explicit figure.
08 if we wear thick coat, pencil long pants and short boots in the groin show thin collocation makes you avoid doing clumsy bear.
09 brunet pants collocation brown tassel pencil short boots, leg ministry line immediately lengthen! Case grain even cap coat with street wind. The cute furry brim say then ~
10 pencil pants tie-in short boots, neat and matching dust coat of natural and unrestrained temperament.