Wednesday, December 15, 2010

In the world only to be himself

I think god is relative. For example for a tree hole of ants, a want to water drowned their child is god, for in 1945 Nagasaki men, which are looking around for the clouds aperture us pilots are god, for Charles v elected the aztecs, those are mounted Spaniard was god.

When I was a child, dad is god. He can decide to beat me still don't beat, although it theoretically depends on my exam the top digital. But things are not so, whether I was actually depends on his heart beating the stand or fall of... Or for him that he is working on the "god" the mood of good and bad. So this matter such as chaos theory as becomes more difficult.
As god, it has another privileges, which can set the lives of others, for example, my dad, he see me around now, I felt that I must cultivate my decorous hobby. He considered long after decided to let me learn Chinese paintings, the whole process is also very strange, he also postponement of famous not for me, but direct bought the book, xu wei is famous copying, let me think I self-taught. When I ZhaoHuLuHuaPiao occasion, he went and carefree depend on the couch, usually listen MiMi voa side of Teresa teng supervise me. It was a painful process ~ I dared not responsibility for his old not honour.

Relatively I still more lucky, because soon father gets passed me, but this is not to blame him, we would have lived in the lives of others to set the delight of excessive.

We have too many so-called thinkers are willing to do others god, they are the most enjoyable thing is set to the lives of others, making the rules, for they could not do, it is hard to say.

So Mr Gu said: "China thought only moral XunTiao, no logic, without philosophy."

Not only is the Chinese philosopher Plato, even if is such great philosopher and ready to set others. His "ideal" is to Sparta as the prototype, the people's life did all the detailed Settings, but we know, in the peloponnesian war, Sparta this private camp fundamental can not stand outside temptations, system of rapid collapse, who don't like himself!
Also good ideal countries eventually not implemented, and Emerson said: "burned all the library now, since all of them in the value of the book (refers to" ideal "inside)." I think said this burning also is not low, you think it better to also go, can hinder you anything else book!
In my life met greatly small countless "god", they will come to help you set up ideals, the good life, set the bright future, lofty quality, often at this time, I will think of eritrea orchid island an ordinary woman poet - Anna LvDe steidle verse: "of course I saw in Europe, and those who sat at the table for men and women. I was born and grew up to only: in the world do Anna."

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