Thursday, December 9, 2010

This world, only she short and sincerely warm for him

That meeting, is doomed to death before a game of love dance.

Met that man, he's life has entered the countdown, illnesses make this 39, new thirties, height 1.82 m in the big man only less than 55 kilograms, he every day, and for the future, haemoptysis, despair refusing treatment.

However, she still love heart, tao lung.

Many times, love a person, must inherit his fate pieces. Although she wanted, but is a can hold in your hands the warm, however, the cruel reality, but let her suffering is always cannot hit bottom, she bet on the life most really infatuation, trades is an earnestness fanatical but very short happy days.

11 months, is the love all the duration, it is a man stay there last time.

She called DORA. Dean Oman te, a jewish girl, has a pair of slender hands, one pitch-black long hair, a kind heart. Her brave, idea be close, gentle and affectionate.

Young DORA was born in a rich, highly fame jewish family, if not personality necessity, she will like her sisters as by their parents, arranged a equal marriage, then, in the basin of boiler bowl gourd ladle, insipid in day-to-day version of everything. Yesterday. However JueJiang's DORA don't like parents conservative dogma way of life, and she didn't want to in a self doesn't love men pass his life, like to keep my life happiness salutes to parents to arrange, she resolutely runaway, eager to find my own love and life.
Runaway DORA initially in Berlin a Jew orphanage when a tailor, and later in a seaside holiday village to do in the kitchen maid.

Many times, fate always like to follow one's inclinationsly outstretched hand, the seeds of tragedy to be buried, and then quietly flash on one side, a face of ChanXiao waited for its fruit.

19, DORA met her love. Franz kafka, a genius of 20th century sun-moon thinkers and literary greats jewish Czech people.

Such a meeting, want to have some drama flavor.

That year, kafka and his sister and younger sister's two children to the Baltic sea resort, by chance, they find a come from Berlin jews resorts.

One day, kafka passing resort kitchen, saw a girl is kill fish, kafka not lamented: "what a slender hands!'s work is and how cruel!"

That kill fish girl is DORA, kafka words, let DORA shame), she immediately to the resort's leadership requirements change the work.

So they acquaint with, the man profound thought, humorous style of conversation and hidden in these representations of heartbreaking behind the gloom and doom deeply touched DORA, at the same time DORA body persistence and persistent and youthful vitality also deeply infected kafka.
They fell in love, dorah's appear aroused by kafka depressive and distortion of a lifetime of life will, the power of love that this has been for my own life pessimism men have renewed live desire, he began to like a childlike FuShouTieEr listened to DORA words, earnestly to accept the doctor's treatment. Later, they rented a house in Berlin, began to live together, in dorah's side, kafka's every day is immersed in the limitless beautiful reverie.

With dorah lives together day, kafka got all his life he didn't get the warmth and love. DORA in Hebrew to kafka read the leaf plug, sunlight, Virginia, the two "literature", in the vast parasitic son of jewish civilization grasslands, enjoy the love and passion of literature collisions between brought by the extremely happy. Flying

In Prague people, "the meaning of kafka" these three words are "instant dense life" means. Perhaps, and somehow it presages a, their love in life, but the unsuspecting rotation period, then, in the moment of happiness at a certain hour, the happiness to an abrupt end, with "kafka" way to life picture scroll long lonely.

1924 the spring a grass warm wind embalm days, the doctor told kafka, his illness had alleviate tendency, kafka pleased to cry, he hug the DORA, said that he had never like so eager to rehabilitation, longing to survive.

Kafka to marry, meanwhile, DORA consent dorah's consent, kafka for dorah's father wrote a letter, I pray he promised to marry her daughter to yourself. In the letter, kafka described themselves as "a prodigal" "a repentant turning jews" "a desire to redeem themselves," however, dorah's father is in line with their antipathy and orthodox jewish spirit refused kafka proposal.

Sickness of kafka learned DORA father's reply, just grin and said nothing. Summer in the first rose has not enough time to open, then at the sudden to QiFengGuYu trample down prematurely thewane.

Kafka understand, oneself life can enjoy has redemptive meaning the wedding that I will as a lifelong bachelor miserably die. That night, supporting the unparalleled suffering body and mind watching "the hungry artist" QingYang, kafka, this life character more wry, never will feiends write in the face of the man, finally unbearable long shed countless tears.

And kafka also hit, and DORA, she matchless excitement eager to get married with lover, however, not for her wedding, but kafka's funeral.

Because without being admitted marriage, DORA even has no right to have lover's funeral. However, she still came, her stubborn and refuse to appear in kafka's funeral, in a censure and sarcastic eyes, cry frazzle.Christian louboutin Black

The whole funeral, DORA lamented that the only sound extremely jokingly space.all kafka's life: the world, only DORA short and sincerely warm for him.

She tore heart crack lung cries,

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