Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pain and salt

There is a teacher for disciple mumbling to this complain that feel very tired, then one morning send apprentice to get some salt back.

When the disciples reluctantly the salt back later, the master apprentice to the salt fall into the watercups drunk down, then asked him how to taste.

Disciple spit it out, said: "very bitter."
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Teacher smiled let disciple with some salt and oneself go to the lake.

They all did not speak.

Come to the lake, teacher let the salt and apprentice into water, and then the disciples said, "now, do you drink water."

Disciple took a sip lake. Teacher asks: "what's the taste?"

Disciple answer: "very cool."

Teacher ask: "taste salty?"

Disciple say: "have no."
Then, the teacher sitting on the total love being bitter apprentice side, holding his hand and said: "life pain as the salt of a number, neither more nor less. We suffer because of the size of the volume of the extent of the decision pain. So when you are miserable, you bear the volume up a little, not a glass of water, but a lake."

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