Monday, November 29, 2010

Not afraid lose

Life is a journey. Have no royal road, also have the rugged country; Have a splendid flowers, also have JingQi cloudy. In this journey everyone will suffer setbacks, but I always believe that the value of life is strong through setbacks and rushed out the bumpy! You fell, don't beg others leave you lift, You lost, don't beg to others for you get back.Christian louboutin Black

To lose, we each have different opinions. And I believe that the so-called lose, is life encountered setbacks, you know, this is unavoidable. Only in the confusion frustrated and no act days, I wonder if you have to see, in haze under stand-up pines cyproess and winding mountains, in dead of night road flickering xinghui, Do you ever think, firm faith can take failure transcendence.Christian Louboutin Sandals

Lost, it doesn't mean you are worse than others; Lost, also don't mean you'll never succeed; Lost, more do not mean you to the end of life. Clever people tell you, failure of end is often successful starting point. If you dare to face failure, dare to struggle, you will pick to successful flowers - knowing that one of the crowd. Life is like running sea, no islands and reefs, it will be difficult to arouse the beautiful spray. Lost, take the defeat the power! Young people should have broad mind, don't go dispute the trivial trauma.Christian Louboutin Pumps

Even if your life have thounds you cry, you also want to take out the 10,000 reasons face life with smile. "Regardless of the rain, and more fulfilling idle front yard." Only in this way can we maintain a balance state of mind, can burn with oneself the morale of trials and hardships, to "strive to nine days, can pull the bright moon WuYang catch turtle" under the lofty sentiments courage.

No matter in prosperity or adversity, all unhurried facing, Whether gain or losing, all calm accept. I think this is our young people to play it. I think this path has been, no matter how dim past feet, no matter how fai numerous, all future of the past are now resides in the future, all are now starting to now!

Lose not terrible, in order to pursue his ideal, we want to fly, to accept the baptism of the rain, In order to achieve the life the long-cherished wish, we want to fly, to meet spring breeze and sunrise. Although we do not strong wings might hurt, but we must fly to distant. Youth is like a group of burning fire, round hot red, let's work together with youth depict the new century the elegant demeanour, understand the true meaning of life, compose music of life!

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