Sunday, December 5, 2010

Learn to refuse

Walking in the world, to accept or refuse, love or not, give up or persistent...

Everyone should have accepted and tolerance of heart, but also learn to refuse.

I refuse to numb. Although the life of hone let too much enthusiasm, but you can't smoke turns into a callosity to let the affection grinding. If there were no clouds let fly chase, then born eyes what fun?

I refuse to fine day forever. Because that is illusory dreams, pain can let me grow up, let me strong. The rain and snow life so that I could clearly see feet in ChunMeng in the road.

I refuse to fold under the flower blooming flowers, that is destroyed the beautiful life. A slender stalks, fragile after many struggles and pain to bloom out beautiful, how bear for personal desires to destroy the happiness of others. I just looking at her in the distance, pray silently the natural wonders bloom every corner of the life.Christian Louboutin Sandals

I refused to use the youth to bet on tomorrow. The precious season, jack, how can withstand roll flemingia can get back, but no matter be an hour, and a minute... Lost and nowhere. Youth belong to oneself, grasp it, use it, cherish it, can harvest the autumn harvest the fruits.

I refuse to become the windowsill fear rain tender flowers, they can only across glazing, exclamation the changeable weather. One day, has the wind from the Windows of XuYan past, the delicate flowers will fall one leaf wither, regret and sad. I appreciate those with men, working women, by their own shoulders provoke life's burdens, a hall, descend kitchen and roll up your sleeve can kill chickens slaughtered sheep, but also have million RouChang can build a warmth rays.

I refuse to life in pain, although I powerless to stop comes. Ever heard a story: someone to find the way to seek liberation Jackson pain, Jackson let himself go to enlightenment. The first day, Jackson asked him why, he don't know how life-defining lift ruler, and beat him once. The next day, Jackson ask again, he is still not know, coach phil Jackson raised ruler again dozen him up. On the third day he still not reap, when Jackson up mine hand to play, he was foiled. Then Jackson laughed. "you finally discovered this truth - refused to pain."

I refuse to meet vanity, get money and position but don't hesitate to youth, beautiful feelings even for sacrifice. Life is full of temptation, also covered with astray and trap, the beauty of a woman is a natural gift, is the true, the good and beautiful flowers, like a piece of body flawless jade ornament, can never be secular pollution, women have to rely on your own ability and intelligence obtain due status and respect.Christian louboutin Black

I refuse to listen to the story of "romeo and Juliet" type. Although they love courageous, but ultimately is the catastrophe of a tragedy. I beg reality love a little romance, there are a few wisps breeze, a brief thunderstorm also just as well, will always be insipid and happiness of comedy.

I refuse to pray for years, tears blame time mercilessly. Although, youth has quietly in the calendar YiYeYe roaring disappeared, life has the experience to write in the corner of my QingSi, dyed white long, but I believe the woman youth lies in her mind. Beauty is fleeting, glamour forever.

I refuse to clear purpose of love. Love is beyond words to explain, a period for people came difficult to sleep at night, when they meet again, feel dolorous conversition emotional encounter, after many joys and tears, touching and shattered, just to express a is reluctant to word - love. I like calmly gazing lover sees himself, smiling face the happiness, wordless, go together. I refuse to be loved moxibustion injury, refusing to let passion crazy after combustion, pale ashes were disappointed winter deplete the youth threads.Christian Louboutin

Refuse to accept a superficial, deep. Refuse to hate, accept tolerance, caring and tolerant. Refuse to accept false, sincerity. Refuse to false, evil, ugly, accept kindness, beauty and truth... Life, a seductive road at foot extension, but learn to refuse to won't misguided.

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