Thursday, December 2, 2010

Who can waiting for your life

She was two years old when, once had a high fever, unconscious. Father overnight embrace her to the hospital and the road, has been in a coma for a day, she suddenly opened his eyes, clearly called voice: "father!"

Father later and often she mention it, those tiny detail, the father again repeat, carved into a scenery. Every father say that finish, will exclamation: "you say, you only so little fellow, also was in a coma for so long, how suddenly awake?" By this time, father's eyes is full gentle with love. Said too much, she was vexed, take choked him, father words don't think about, just hey hey smile, is happiness and contentment. Her rdominating and bossy, then in his father's indulge in jointing growth.

Father is not exactly a good temper, a short temper. Often, only trifles living matter, he will be big noisy and mother a field, and each time, both terrible fight. Father of alcohol each drink will drunk, drunk after will quarrel. Since she began to remember, home rarely had sweet and gentle, darcy, always pervaded the taste of gunpowder.

Father's gentle and pampered gave her. He seldom it in her face and mother quarrel, if I happen to let she met, no matter how fierce quarrel, as long as she shout loudly 1: "don't make so much noise!" Aggressive father immediately then low head, learning. That later, as long as the parents a quarrel, brother immediately then called her, everyone know: only she is uniform father magic weapon.

Her feelings about my father is complex, she once for mother felt sad, once thought: later find a boyfriend, the first requirement to disposition gentle tolerance, the second is not eosinophilic drinks. She will never find father so of man: violent, fussy, petty, for some trifle feeds.he JiQuanBuNing disturbance.

But, do his daughter, she knew that she was happy.

She thought of such happiness will last for life, until one day, the father suddenly solemnly told her, after, you and dad living together. Then she know, is mother put forward a divorce. Mother said, so many years struggle to quarrel, tired of life. Father lasted for a long time, finally chose compromise that he put the only condition, something to be with her.

Although it is mother put forward a divorce, but she is still stubbornly add the account calculate to father's head. She became an indifferent aloof from the child, refused to father's care, move into a school to live. Father to schools to find her, insulation lunch box with a full, is she eats to braise in soy sauce sparerib. She see also don't see, low head, tried to her mouth, a steak rice pick one mouthful, until suppress the eyeful tears. Father sighed, begging her to go home, she cold face, silence. Father raised to touch her head, pity to say, look, this is just a few days, you'll thin become so. She "splat" by the hands of the book blocking his father's hand, hysteria to shout: "don't you tube!" And Saul, on the table with a lunch box "crash" landed, sauce sparerib spilled a red, thick fragrance diffuses whole dormitory.

Father lift hand, embarrassedly parked in the air. In accordance with his temper, change others, only afraid slap early fall off. She saw the father of the muscles on her face violently twitching a few, said: "no matter what, daddy always love you!" Father went, turn deeply watched her one eye. She looked at the father go far, stationary defenses HongRan collapsed, a person in cold and cheerless dormitory, watched everywhere ribs, howled.

She's just a father and spoiled child.

Autumn wind joke, under the wanzi xi, breeze already some cool idea. She just outside the classroom, he saw a shadow at the window dimly, the in the mind a tight, call, who? The man should immediately acoustic yy, don't be afraid, is my dad. Father went to her in front, put a roll things to her, telling her: "the weather is cool, you always sleeping love quilt, be careful not to gawk frozen." She return to dormitory, give the packet open, a new quilt. Her head buried in, deep breath a sigh of relief, is full of sunshine of flavor, she knew that it must be the father of sunshine, and cast a day to her delivered.

That day, her home to take food. Push open the door, father crouching in the sofa, people fell asleep, TV is still open. Father's hair all become colorless, gaunt face, but time of a year, and exalted father, and immediately he was old. She suddenly found that actually father is so lonely. Bottom27 stood for a long time, took the quilt to give father cover, but the father suddenly woke up. Saw her, he felt a bit nervous, flurried to sort out the mess of things on sofa, again remind of what, put down his things, incoherent speech to say: "still had a meal? Wait here. I'll do what you love to eat to braise in soy sauce sparerib..." She wanted to say, don't eat, I took things go. But saw father expectation and intense expression, heart can not bear, and sat down. Father excitement, like a child, a slip away small run into the kitchen, she heard his father spoon dropped on the ground, still broke a bowl. She went in and help his father picked up good fragments, father embarrassedly said to her: "hand too slippery..." Her eyes moist with, suddenly some penitence: why do you want to hurt a deep love for their own people?
She read junior year, father married again. Father call her, carefully say: "is a primary school teacher, retired, talk, temper or... if you have no time, then you will not come back..." She was also talked about the boyfriend, to understand some of the things that are must depend on the fate of. Her heart also know that these father a person how lonely. Her on the phone this silence for a long time, just said softly: "after this, don't quarrels with others." Father bother to ball: "well, don't noisy, don't noisy."

She brought her boyfriend summer vacation, go home new added furniture, balcony blooms positive amorous. Father dress alight. On the micro fat woman, she sheepishly called voice: "aunt". Aunt then were to panic, with boundless joily went to the kitchen to cook, while ran out to ask she likes to eat sweet or spicy, taste to accachment or heavy some. And command the father, in a short while strip tree green onion, while wash vegetables. She unexpectedly, bad-tempered father, incredibly like a baby last, by her recuperation to obey orders. She listened to the father and aunt in the kitchen quietly laughing, pan to ring, the smell from the kitchen lampblack overflow, her eyes hot, this is true home flavor!

That night, everyone is asleep, father came to her room, and carefully said to her: "ya ya, the boy isn't suitable for you." Her stubborn strength son came up again: "how to don't suitable? At least, he didn't drink, much better than your temper, never quarrel with me." Father some awkward, still advise her: "you the things too little, this kind of person, he not heel you fight, but every little bit, he has in mind counting."

She stubbornly hold to their own choice, work the next year, he married. But they were reconstructed, her father unfortunate genetic father's nasty temper and we blow up, noisy inevitable. He never quarrel with her, but he is the sort of silence and persistence not compromise, more let her to bear. The cold war, separation, the child was two years old when, they divorced.Christian Louboutin Sandals

After the divorce, she's a man took the child, insomnia, hair fistful to drop, the job also college, old man suddenly gone a lot of. Once, the boy suddenly ask her: "daddy don't we?" She endure tears, said: "anyway, mother love you forever." After his words she paused, saying, father that year also once and she said yes, but her father's experience, wherein the mood?

Father said by telephone, if well, just come back. The child let your aunt belt, old daddy still keep not to live you? Her silence, don't talk, tears trickled falls, she thought father invisible.

The next day, the father suddenly came, not from cent say her things, picked up the child and said, with grandpa home after ather.

Or her room, aunt already clear is spotlessly clean. Father likes cooking, meals, change the pattern for her to do. Father is old, forgetful, dish often put double salt. But her childhood thing, father singly remember everything. Father and laid her childhood fever things speak to babies, father said: "is your mother that say" dad ", put grandpa's heart to hold the..." She beside listen, suddenly remembered that poem: "old to more forgetful, only not forget lovesickness."

Spring, see her whole body gray clothes, father determined to go to buy her new dress, he is very NiuQi to open their wallets look to her, inside a stack notes, is the father just brought pension. She was laughing and came and took father's arm, naughty ground say: "originally alongside biggie feeling so good!" He was like a gentleman like, keep your chin up, she and aunt couldn't help laughing. Christian louboutin Black

Walking in the street, but the father drew his arm, and said, before you go, I follow after. Her smile to ask, how, sorry about that? Father said, you go in front, in case you have any accident, I remind you hide it. She stood, sunshine from behind according to come over, she discovers suddenly, when, father's waist has rickets up? She remember the past, father is so big and strong a man. However, such an old man, still walk behind her, for she reminds possible danger...
She went in front, think, this life, who will be like his father, watching her life? Think like this, tears will surge pouring out. Not dare to wipe, afraid of being behind the father saw. Just straight back and go ahead.

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