Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Good woman is a school

A good man through a good woman towards the world, a man's a hundred good friend, also do not have a good woman good, a man's a hundred friends cannot substitute for a good woman. A good woman is a kind of education, good woman sending out a kind of qingli of life-giving spring breeze and rain sort of delicious breath, she is good men find themselves, to oneself, then heroic toward life's unswerving strength.
A good woman is a school to teach you to understanding and tolerance. In her eyes and considerate, you will always forget worry and exhaustion, loosen body and mind, nervous mustering up courage to fight, to start a new.
A good woman is a school teach you know self-discipline and cautious. Ancient language: a good wife makes a good husband woe, she wenwan the less persuasion and timely remind, often can give you the impulse of the mind blowing freshness of wind, let you reexamine the adventure had already made the decision.
A good woman is a school teach you know how to cherish and gratitude. She might not stands out as a beauty, but there must be soft eyes. In her effeminate appearance, decorated with a single strong heart. When you meet with difficulties, she can always firmly stick with you, when you finally come out on top, prompting you don't forget to have helped you. Along the road to tell you, she is always your final retreat, are you most strong backup! Christian Louboutin
A good woman is a school teach you have friendship and family relationships. In front of your friends, she won't embarrass you, even if you have any mistake, she would probably clever offset, behind alert so you can feel proud and elated, command in front of extensive trust. She will be willing to help you do all the good home, let you no worries, rest tianlun vacation.Christian Louboutin Pumps
Good woman is a school, but she also need your understanding and cherish. I hope you don't cut class, do a qualified students...
A good school, also should have good students match. Not every man to a good school.
Good woman would the gentleness, decisive, intelligent, and round jun, modesty, calm. Not aggressive, won't let a man lose confidence, Won't condensations, refuse people far away from... But wisdom to meet teacher bole also should have qianlima...

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