Friday, November 5, 2010

Friends are not made of glass

Friends of course not made of glass, but many people use friends as glass, carefully, I am afraid that the friends break something. So sometimes, obviously very dissatisfied with friends, but did not dare express. Once the fear expressed dissatisfaction, the conflict occurs; in the event of conflict, it will hurt the feelings; once hurt feelings, they will lose this friend, to a small loss of a friend, so not worth it, so offensive to endure friends, Then, secretly angry in the stomach. A college girl, said she particularly outrageous friend, this friend in college four years, Christian Louboutin almost never draw water for her is let her play; and this friend is also often a large crowd in, it told her in whispers say; she hopes one day to realize that this friend should not do. But this friend was a little careless signs of change at all. "How do you handle these behaviors does she?" "I can how? I look away." "So how do you know her you unhappy?" "She should know?" "Do you think she has a specific function it? know what you think? Since you do not mind the way to make her think you do not care when; since she thought that you do not mind, of course, she will not be changed. "" I know I should express their emotions However, I'm afraid she was angry, fear affect our friendship. Although she had some bad places. For these things is not worth losing a friend. So I confessed. "reason for this idea, because they are all Friendship has a really good looking: I hope you will never be the best argument, no anger, always understand each other. In their eyes, in the event of conflict means that friendships shattered. Thus, they had to avoid conflict, the result will not help themselves and between each other happy. In fact, not a conflict had ended on a road of friendship. Because we have "reconciliation" techniques available. Friendship is a picture depicting the two sides, when the draw was a problem, reconciliation is like our hands like the skin or scraper, then draw the wrong means the painting to be a void. With the rubber and the blade, you can continue to draw down draw. Why do some people have friends as glass, can not touch, the most important reason is that they will not be rubber and scraper, and even they did not realize that there is such a thing with rubber scraper. Friendship he did not like glass, once broken, can only be abandoned. So they had to carefully, in the process, they have been suppressed, how can you feel happy? Therefore, reconciliation is the friends of the need to learn skills. If you know how to reconciliation, in exchange, you will have a greater freedom. You will dare to express their views of our friends, the courage to stick to, dare to take the risk of conflict. Because, you know, even if temporarily hurt the friendship, you have the means to eliminate the consequences, so that the friendship back to the past. Reconciliation is very simple, it is a stalemate after you take the initiative to say a word, then you are wrong to send him a yellow rose, is a friendly smile, is a small gift of friendship ... as long as you really exist, reconciliation so complete. Reconciliation of people not afraid to express their views of our friends, the results of the shortcomings of conniving friends, so to maintain the friendship is not solid, do not go one day will be maintained. And it is precisely those who are not afraid of conflict, in a timely manner to express dissatisfaction, through the exchange to resolve the disagreement between friends, to have real long-term friendship. After all, the friend is not made of glass, if you have a friend who really want to glass, you should not touch, such a friend broke on the breaking of the bar.Christian Louboutin Boots

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