Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Love you will go on your left

Because love you will go on your left, this is a friend told me that story.
And all the love of person as, experienced a magnificent and victorious love later, she and he finally entered the marriage is an institution. But get married with him later, she felt she married life and imagination of dreams. Marriage is not a love, is often more trivial and boredom, less passionate and romantic.
When she had to face every day such dull and boring life, she felt heart in a little grinding smooth, life like water as vapid. After they still calculate conjugal love each other, but also often quarrel, often because little trivial things will quarrel. And he is less than the past everywhere humored her let her. She felt that man is really false, marry will become a people, don't like the love that kindly tolerance. Now of she make small temperament, the husband is generally ignored or silence, even some time has a dispute with her, never to revert spoil her. Although there are many emotion she always can't let go, but after all her marriage to this kind of inanimate endurance is limited.
Finally, one day, two people's congress after a quarrel, she unbearable say the two words: divorce. He immediately say yes, go now. That day raining outside, he and she various umbrella. Two people to walk on the road, all fell silent, all have their own thoughts. It rained quite big, and roads are very slippery, but who would not say to give up. Suddenly the road in front of a local stopped a car, narrow have only through a person, so he walked at the front. The past after, she again and he walked on side by side, he suddenly honked she angrily say: "how again walk my left?" Meanwhile, a big truck with his brush CeGuo roared, he stopped her car body, although didn't hit him, but the mud from splash but dirtied his clothes. She jerk leng in there. Just such a simple action, let her feel he subtle and plain love: always, he always used to walk in her left, with their own bodies blocking turbulent flow for her, for she is blocking the rain and dangerous.Christian Louboutin Boots
In fact this is true love, although no flowery aura, but himself and heavy. Do not add any modification in casual is revealed. She could not help being tearful, confuse her face is surging and rain water or tears. He wiped the tears for her, and said unto her, go home. She flung nodded tightly and took hold of his hand and she felt seems also caught a heavy love.Christian Louboutin
Only because I love you, will go on your left.Ask yourself, like all can't do this!

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