Monday, November 1, 2010

Man behind the silence

More and more women, more can not understand, whether it is love stage, or during the first marriage for the man, his language was how well-developed cells: an hour ago to tell him to see you eloquent Acacia, an hour later I see you are still expressing love forever ... ... Christian louboutin Black
under a leaf falling on your head, he would like the poems generally extremely rich with emotion; you an innocuous "good home" and laments that he quips with You talk about a few hours ... ... Christian Louboutin Boots
Now, this is how? Ah just a few years of marriage, he suddenly became a "boring pot." Some people say: men are action-type animals. So what man behind the silence mean? British sociologist Mark after an investigation found: men talk daily volume, a woman's half. However, men are mostly used for circle of friends, work, love to chat with the exchange may be less than 15 minutes per day, term of not more than 10%. In fact, men have a lot of silent way, each of which may be a heart-heart conversation started. Premise is that you know what they really want, and then take appropriate countermeasures. To use silence to protest against the chattering women like to build relationships by talking to consolidate relations in the home is like through the ramble to show their leadership, expressing concern for men. Men not think so, no matter how articulate he was before marriage, vomit Lotus, married men are more willing to speak directly to their specific wishes, such as "you want to go out to dinner tonight", "I want to rest," "I To meet the. " However, women can not stand, men more so, more women have something to say. Many times, because the woman's ramble, outside the hustle and bustle of home and the sky is no different. Man this time seems more rational than women tend to face a woman's ramble, and he does not directly refute - that is undoubtedly a bomb dropped in the home; he would not violently snapped - it is undoubtedly less effective in the crushed worm will turn. Many men used to choose silence, one is to use silence to express their feelings at the time, ideas and attitudes, on the other hand is a deliberate silence to maintain the distance between each other, women will also feel especially hurt. In this regard, women tend to say "they do not have feelings, is simply cold-blooded", which is actually a misunderstanding. Married men are more accustomed to hard to communicate their emotions and love. The more powerful women ramble, a man will leave you farther, though he remained silent, but the mind has put up a "protective wall." To use silence to the body and mind to accept a small boy to conquer the world, the sky, take responsibility like the "backbone" of education: when they become - people, no matter how helpless the face of fatigue, frustration how hard, how cruel blow What a heavy burden, how great pressure ... ... they can not cry like a woman to vent, through the tears washed through talk distraction. Only thing they can do, only silence. Reflect in silence, in silence, conditioning, poised in silence, in silence, lick and suck the wound. Therefore, when a man trudged home, when he sat on the sofa without a word, when he turned a deaf ear to your words, you do not insufferably arrogant, much ado about nothing, imagination, and even imparting instruction. Maybe he just ended the conversation with the customer exhausted, or are facing life career Cengdeng, are greatly hurt the frustrations fatigue. At this time, he was silent in order to recuperate, he was reborn in silence. At this time you may wish to give him an hour, let him complete the work during the day and say "goodbye", after which he may have any questions you demonstrated a remarkable interest. Here to remind that when a man physically and mentally tired, if he still interested in watching TV, then do not watch the news on his network to switch off the TV, and concern, saying: "tired, to rest as soon as possible, but also to see what TV yet. "Notice, the cause of most types of men are more concerned about politics, you kind of" care care "can only be counterproductive. But you can show the gap in the amount of advertising insertion point of comfort. With silence to make plans you will often find that they are familiar with the man, talking and laughing, it suddenly silent; heat the clamor at home, he sat on the sofa daze; you warm to him a bunch of words thrown in the past, he actually unconscious. In fact this time, the appearance of silent daze just the men look, maybe he was going to mind what strange ideas, or thinking about some odd questions, or what triggered his inspiration. In his thinking into the silent state, it is a similar to the "closed-door practice" level. They do not want anyone to think he pulled out of the state, but do not want someone to interrupt or disturb him in silence, "practice." If at this time, you can not help but wonder impulse or interest dictates, he mentioned one way or another to the problem, for example, you're thinking, say staff I help you staff? Or do you have anything to say ah? You hear me questioning it? Tantamount to knocked. In men it seems, this time for all concerned, considerate, kind, curious and questioning, all the same, such as flies buzzing fly, disturbing quiet. At this time, you may wish to take when a silent followers it. The relaxed atmosphere you provide timely, not only will greatly shorten the time of his silence, and you'll make him grateful. Private collection with silence and sometimes, men prepared in case of emergency a lie, and sometimes it will try every means to hide something, like to drink a few beers the night before, had a Aventure business trip, just got an extra bonus and so on. Man's vision is, they do not say that women do not find that all will be very simple. And sometimes, silence is another man's hide. He may think that women are too special - the system, interferes with his freedom and rights, she even designed - made arrangements for his daily life. Therefore, in order to prevent a woman inquisitor asked in the end, to prevent her from his control and supervision of transparency, he chose silence. No clues in the search, he can quiet a lot of the world. In the couple's communication, if they have anything taboo issues, then the crisis on each other's feelings a little more possible. For example, when you repeatedly discussed with him the strength of recent sexual problems, feelings of apathy issues, loyalty issues, bonus issues, etc., his heart like a mirror, that walks with the powerful, but he does not know this say it kind of disgusted, and looked to the more not showing, so we use silence to take preventive measures. Men are always very careful and try to avoid exposing their weaknesses, especially in crisis situations, men extreme self-isolation. If a woman nagging at this time, men will be more angry. For the past love, sex and other sensitive topics, often in good faith and silent man, because men also need a sense of security and hope to obtain protection, the dream in the most perfect woman in front of their own show. Men need to camouflage the same time, the male psychological researchers pointed out: a man's world is full of competition, which requires distance, masks and calculation. The survival of man faced with the challenges a woman can not imagine the cruelty, loneliness is inevitable. The woman will feel a lot of men hidden in the secret heart must, therefore, continue to promote the mining depth of curiosity. But let a man open up in silence, first, give him a sense of security that you are at any time, will not use his weaknesses. You can use the kind of women to soothe his passion. You can quietly listen to his narrative, as an objective evaluation, and a solution with him. In fact, the man always has the potential arrogant tendencies, as long as he has enough of the audience, he will behave very charming, talkative, and full of interest. So, if you want to ease the atmosphere of each other's frozen, you can consider with him at a bar or tea house. Because of where he can find his public excited. Or to do something with the others, such as some people watching TV, shopping, and when he found the position of the threat of their own, he will certainly take the initiative to come to you break the impasse.

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