Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The third ear hole story

There was once a girl told me: "this life through ears pierced the girl, the next life will also is a girl." Say this words, she left ear has set with two MEDALS earpins, in the darkness of night glowed the mysterious light, but not on the right ear!
Her name is summer, is a funny girl, always wears a white T-shirt and wide cow he pants, sitting in the classroom place not far from me. Once, she suddenly turned around and eyes directly meet my view, without any hesitation and shy, then side face, gently smiled. I'll remember her smile -- seventeen girl is only have the sort of innocent smile. That naive provoking fondly.
Later we will acquaint with, so always see her innocent bright smile, and her left ear on the ear hole, above fluctuates with pretty earring is forever cannot see through also look not scenery. I like that, she is just her smile! At that time, I already have a good girlfriend, called Yang. Is a no ear hole of girl, but she said she liked to see other girl with beautiful ornament exquisite ear. Earring
I am school stations members. Later I planned spy campus show about ear hole topic. There are many girls scored hotlines to describe his ear hole. Have a familiar voice there also repeated: "I very love very love a boy, but I won't let him know, also can't let him know. So I to he wears a third ear hole, and let it empty. I think one day, when the third ear hole more full-time, I abandoned all the love, leave him. He is just like my ear hole, is my life cannot hide and hidden gap, but always not export. I can't stop, I can only go forward." I think everybody will easily be such a girl is touched. "Thank you, my schoolmates, and your name is?" "My name is summer." Sure enough, the next day, I in summer right ear discovered on the third ear hole!
Later summer and many boys been in love, every relationship ends, summer he buy a pair earring, saying is a memorial. She said: "I'm only a love, I know its negotiation rooms is to wither, be in so it bloom moment I put it cut off, I have no more love, but I couldn't resist the warm, even if it short, thin again." I say: "summer, you may not like this, they are innocent, you on their unfair." "This in this world has fair? Like I love you, yet you do not love me. Is it fair? -- sorry, I was just kidding."
Summer after graduation from the university went to Japan, walk before we spoke by telephone. I asked when she'll be back, she said that maybe a year, maybe ten years may never come back. She said to me: "yu, true oddness, why my third ear hole has been have no a healing? I can no longer endure love this waiting bearing. So I decided to use space and time to fill it."
Xia go after two months, I decided to get married and uplift, young and summer completely different, she will be a good wife, I will love her, we would be happy......
I and uplift wedding nearly, I received from Japan to send the parcel, there are many earring, I understand that it was from summer ears off, they miss the spiritual, no longer glowed the mysterious light. There are two letter, including a wrote --
Mr. Yu:
Is this summer, but also the so earring her only relics. We don't understand what you have summer to feelings, she said she would never any hope that and crave. But still cannot forget you. She is such a lovely girl, anyone would be touched by her trueness, but why you but can't? As parents we hope she can forget the past. Again, happy life going, but too difficult, because she loved person getting married!
A few days ago, she said she would see you, just to go look back, but aircraft just a runway just exploded... .
Afterwards we took her room, and found this a bundle of earring, and a letter without sending out the letter is addressed to you, even though we know that kind of thing cannot be forced. We left for the send to you. Even our selfishness! For a souvenir! Christian Louboutin Boots
Section failure!
Summer's parents
I made no effort to hide their own tears, this is I didn't expect the ending. Summer in my side for four years, I ever so obsessed with her smile, but never loved her, originally the world really have the injustice of it.
I saw summer childish font, childish willfulness naive --
Yu:Christian Louboutin
I am a very bad girl, do too much bad, cheated too many people, my only doing good deeds, who once so infatuation and sincerely love a person, if this also calculate good words, see, my ear hole is for you to wear, if one day, you also like me by love forgotten, you will understand now I have to exploit injury. If there is an afterlife, I would like to meet you again. Even if you don't love me, I still love you......
I cannot control themselves out on the ground, with tears in her eyes, originally I do not only attached to her face, she is a kind of breath, has been leaking into my life, can't again being pumped. I keep yourself at home for five days, on the fifth day, Yang come, ask: "wedding also held?" "Yes, and immediately." I said
Because I don't want to also can't disappoint the second girl. I think I'll love her, we would be happy.
A year later, we have a boy.Christian louboutin Black
Time really quick, when children graduated from college, that he put his girlfriend home, I and uplift all very happy, girls are very beautiful, smile innocence, provoking fondly.
"Uncle and aunt, my name is summer!"
I am one leng, hand smoke dropped on the place, Yang looked at me.
The girl is very enthusiastic running to the kitchen to help young's busy. Conversation vague float out.
"Why do your ear hole is empty, how don't take earring?"
"I have to earring, grew such rejection feeling."
"That you why again to wear ear hole?"
"Mother said when I was born, the right ear on an ear hole, true oddness."
"If it really depressed, there is an afterlife, and I would like to meet you again, even if you don't love me, I still love you." Summer's voice in my ear side long echoed...... .

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