Thursday, November 11, 2010

No career woman will be very miserable

Today the administrative recommended again a quality nice lady miss liu, in my office interview, I glanced at her resume, will see through her, but is still let her narrative once, she always do sales member, four years changed three projects, the rest between a year, 28, came to our company hope to continue to work on the project received clients work.
Our company recruitment of personnel, summed up and have 3 kinds, one kind is property consultants, is the so-called marketing, one kind is project sales, is it sit pins, the 3rd kind is administrative assistant classes.
Every time I will let the interview ms pick, often they would dry administrative, followed by sit pins, really pick marketing very few. Even if I tell them property consultants minimum-salary highest, and commission, the future can still when the manager, turn to the administration or project department is very light, they are still not change their choice.
Their choice order, just and how much money to the contrary, the weird. Actually they choice is the sequence according to the pressure of work order to choose, i.e., they would find a, low pressure, stable, and at leisure of work, even if money less, appreciation, development opportunity small difficult. Unfortunately, such, I wouldn't hire her administration, because they simply had no dedication, also won't study, unless the company just now have an emergency missing hillock.
Their ages 25 fluctuation, some again indeed image but person, but, I really worry for their future, because it is likely that their future is very troublesome, even will lead a miserable life...
In the most assiduous when seek at ease in most can learn about love, because their plan was 28 years old before getting married, so to dress up, making friends is that they all of the world, of course, enjoy the happy time youth, is also the most appeal to them, even if therefore leave and resign, also won't seriously.
Naturally they at 28, duly of marrying a rich man, or have potential of the reason why the man to marry her, often because she tendered blooms.Christian Louboutin Boots
The husband that time may also in career stage of development, she is listening to the husband of words, resign went home, when a full-time wife, some are still in a careless work until the children.
For women has been in grassroots employees, to have children, their career is almost over. Except in the institution, if is general unit, they tend to be so quit, pregnant to birth, feeding half a year, all the recovery, remind of work, headache, first, not good again find qingxian job, because at that time, will seek can go home earlier errands, otherwise, unable to take care of the kids not trust ah, secondly found to hire aunt to replace his, a calculation, aunt than oneself still expensive, results, give youself a pretext for education child, himself took the child, until they grow up, in fact career to pursue, and no fear of social work is that caused her to be full-time wife reasons.
The financial burden of the family fell to her husband's body, the husband career constant hard work and study, and business relations constantly contacts, to improve the quality, position and money raised, circle of friends too more and more big, steady social progress, the husband also of continuous progress.
The wife is not so busy, children in kindergarten, she a person, their children to school, she was a man, occasionally and another don't work wife, go shopping together, hairdressing, but finds himself and social farther and farther, several times again want to summon up courage to enter the society, but the age does not forgive people, the original grass-roots work, she can't do, original, now also cannot do, actually such woman, also won't special virtuous, housework slowly lost interest, after all is female of new era, where would willingly old so stay at home, but regret ah, small when no serious reading, on-the-job didn't learn anything, no real abundant.under the industry, not with any good at something, how to begin?? And how to adhere to bear hardships, in can pleasure, life candy had been eaten, now in addition to constantly hesitation, affects mood, even bothered her husband.
Actually she can enjoy, after all have blessedness family, love her husband and lovely children. But she often complains about housework gorgeously, she for the home, dedicated, and her husband all too lazy to wrangle, actually husband want to say, I for the sake of this home in spelling.
Her greatest wish is to let the husband with her patience and talk for a while, but he went home very late because dinner party, even if have returned home, he didn't speak, watching television sleeping, women don't let him sleep, fight, the husband feel this woman has become more and more difficult to unintelligible, women feel men don't seem so love her.
Fight, to a happy couple, is flirting with indifference, and for the couple, is to break the numb, broke the numbness, often be vexed, often is completely disgusted.
Two men in social life of the different roles, determines the two men made a huge difference, the difference, caused the common language of reducing, women drew man's glamour, is no more, and defiant and neurotic, constantly harassed by man, until a man, really is having an affair.
A in fear the woman of the life, with reluctant humbled themselves, the husband asleep and slipped through the husband of mobile phones, how poor the scene, what did you find, again how.
Woman, miserable life began, in fact already started, this time, she will go in loneliness and Laos, she will with the housework companion, and television companion, if she energetic, still can and GuChangLiDuan companion, of course, as revenge, she might even squander husband's money. She is not happy, even go online, actually, Internet, less than what seek is likely to have a comparative idle bored person, can chat with her several, for her husband. Her husband, not only and she said little, seem to move rarely, anyhow, hopeless suffering, no doubt. Have been to old. If the divorce, she will despair, because life was all her.
The young woman, if no career and no learning, since she gave birth to a child, life is more and more miserable, suffering whole life.
And a career woman, constantly enrich themselves, love is not her whole life, he and the men, so have a common language, gave birth to the child to her, just a small delayed, because she has been in management, I have a decorated a company to friends, deputy general manager, seemingly effeminate woman, she is the boss before birth, drive send her home, she natural production, less than a month, when I phoned her, she is in wuhan on business. The baby was very healthy, the home was very well organized. Her example may be some extreme, but explains a lot.
Men having an affair, it really doesn't all because of lewd, to tell you the truth, if when you plagued by career crux of the time, wife and you because chit GuChangLiDuan, babbling incessantly, you and she said enterprise management, she say with you store discounts, you're sleepy, because of stress, she take pillow hit you, you say how vexed, you again looked intently, opposite of woman, intolerability ferocious, foul-mouthed muddy, what else can you say so of woman, not only himself suffering, also can give her responsibility husband trouble.
Have the cause of the woman, very beautiful, see them in a man's world, shem, learning the woman in the exhibition move STH is very beautiful, talent, and transverse yixian woman such life, fun is yet-and yet-o, they may not be a beautiful vase, but will let you calm, let you sweet, let you song, let you worship.
Modern society, economy is so developed that woman be stay-at-home wife, if a woman's decision, because she has retreated, if is man's decision, it is selfish to oneself wrong.
I gave an interview girl spoke this general meaning, she said she knew this, but she still think don't want to bear hardships, and risks. She believes love her man, not like that.
What call hardship? You really have not seen bitterness of jobs and see moving company and site workers, in your office? Call can calculate hardship In air-conditioned office, visit customers be hardship? Listen to the boss words, the earnest reading, Internet check material, calculate hardship? This female staff, to see their interpersonal relationship is very interesting, they in the company of friends, not conducive to business progress, but has male charm, not working together, but can play together or chat. Pour a piece or
This is why China today high divorce rate, the reason of the so-called Chinese style divorce, the ongoing occurs, in my opinion, continue to happen. Women with what just gave birth to the child tools, with what had children later became nanny, don't want to use all the energy for house? Don't forget, she had also received a good education, she had had a dream. But what has changed her life track?
Of course, no business men, will be more miserable, his sad is that all his life not eaten sugar. Than women are miserable.Christian Louboutin Pumps
This paper presents to all on-the-job field woman, because the world is complex, very some may think that text extreme, one-sidedness, after all happy families are like one another; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. Women should be brought the spoil, men bring love education women must be career-minded, looks so cold and inconsiderate, only the boss will be so mean and pragmatic, but is this vile boss in the company inside give women as well as men are of equal opportunity for advancement, he grieved to those who have and he fought's confidante, he spends painstaking care brought-up have commercial talent of female staff, the early exit from professional stage, those lips pursuing equality of woman, secretly for meditation, women are weak.
A career has pursuit of woman, how has charm, the charm was so thick, her hard work figure, and always abounding talent, however fascinating, how endure years deliberate. This woman, just give them some consideration should be more and caring, because worth also needs.Christian Louboutin Sandals
Those who still childlike, clover, complain melancholy on-the-job female employees, if your career goal without a goal, I return how to ask that you do not late for work, true don't know which one day, your boyfriend a word, let you resign. They received care has too much, they have plenty of time to rest and recreation, their future will spend the rest of his life in self-discontentment, still can and they have anything to talk? I don't think they have what charm, especially for me, in their resigned, I almost lazy hypocrisy detains.
Because my jokes, they couldn't understand, I say, when the tragedy of their jokes.
- send and all women compatriots said. If the heavens treat you well, give you capable husband and superior life, please don't convergence their morale, If the heavens to your enough love, truly the manning, please don't kill the confidence in themselves and forward struggle of courage.

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