Friday, November 26, 2010

Japanese pop bingle TOP 10

The introduction of hair modelling is currently 10 Japan's most popular! Everyone can enjoy, look to suit his hair:

01 overhead manufacturing have qualitative feeling slightly hang down suitable curl, cut out of the jaw sinuosity of hair curls create a type of COOL feeling. This hairstyle to face requirement is not big, but doesn't suit of square face MM. Send lubricious also try to choose flax color.

02 cut out the hair tip, produce the hierarchy within the short long effect, make integral modelling are simple sense. If it is straight hair words. To hair end slightly to roll once, can decorate in face, achieve little face effect. This hairstyle suits any face MM, color is best shallow maroon.

03 slightly blocking chin hair slightly spell able and maturity, will outer hair cut out three levels, the closer the overhead hair shorter. Most outside two layers of hair to outward volumes, the inside of the hair to within the ear hair roll, according to the jaw to roll out. This hairstyle suits any send qualitative MM, but this paragraph doesn't suit moonfaced MM. Brown color had better use orange.Christian Louboutin

04 boys style of natural hair. Top level, adjust all play a little hair amount not much feeling. This hairstyle suits not quite long and square face of MM, hair color had better choose flax + carry catch.

05 from the top of head began to put the outermost hair cut out 2 layers, making the outermost hair have a summon up feeling. Overall inward roll, cover cheek arc; the head shade will frivolous have qualitative feeling. This hairstyle is not suitable for long and square face of MM, color choose shallow brown is best.

06 starting from the top layer of level, make the cut out the hair tip is close to the medial skin. Make your hair light on both sides of the cheek, press close to painstakingly highlights little face effect, also increased melting degrees. This hairstyle to face is very strict, not suitable for round face, long, square face of MM, hair color choose tea color as well.Christian Louboutin Boots

07 this hairstyle sweet and have individuality, starting from the top of the hair cut out 3-4 levels, make the inside of the hair end all inward volumes, the lateral hair end outward into small roll, creating the messy effect, head shade to thick some and to the side roll a radian. Due to the cheeks two ends up to face within the effect, so this hairstyle suitable for all kinds of face of MM, color is best ash flax.Christian Louboutin Sandals

08 this hairstyle and without much levels, as long as the parts of the brain after hair slightly summon up. Rear hair cut short cover in front of the head shade, achieve elegant effect. This hairstyle suits only hair amount less and soft MM, but to face and not too much restrictions. Color had better choose shallow the color of camel's hair, this show the whole very light.

09 this hairstyle very cool, starting from the top 2-3 levels build, have the hair in the back cover front head shade, so can make hair in front of some massiness, then later brain head place for central axis, hair end all toward that direction volumes. This hairstyle to face asked to compare strictly, is suitable only for round face and DaoSanJiao face. Color choose flax can.

10 this kind of fresh simple bingle modelling does not need many levels, just make a bitter fleabane bitter fleabane that feeling is OK, head shade to shear ground some. Because the hair back roll on both sides, so this hairstyle suits only elliptical and square face of MM, color choice brown as well.

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