Monday, November 8, 2010

Each child is "rare collection"

There is a collection of industry jargon, is called "Jianlou", meaning to value for money to spend much money to buy the collection. Collection of biographical attention to my friend that, I might be "Jianlou" so envious: "You're luck is not particularly okay?" Most of the time, "Jianlou" is indeed rely on luck. But out of luck, I have my own secret - many of my collection before they are in the social boom "pick up" back, meaning that most people than the first, I have seen their appreciation of space. It made me think of the children. Good collectors, more than the product as a baby as her own children. In fact, we do they not put their own children as a unique collection, to enjoy these "collections" and found their "appreciation of space"? Start with a good collection of character, no personality, if not fake collections, at least a yung products. Almost none of adolescent children that they are yung products; can parents often Quedui its own "collections" lack of confidence. Children consciously grown and self-examination of social standards, and parents think their children is far from mature, do not worry as their independence. Recognizing there are differences that divide is not surprising. Does not depend on the value of the collections pleasing to the eye you see is not pleasing to the eye, but rather the amount of his own survive in the world and process characteristics. To get your home "collection" in the future revaluation, you have to find out his own characteristics and style. If the child is fond of painting and writing, parents need not forcing him to take a medical major, and the candidate to lead the children to love writing, painting, design, or journalists into a career; if a child dreams of being teachers or trainers Aquarium Parents need not enlighten them with reason and emotionally moving to persuade him to a university professor or a zoologist. Each thing has his value, as we can not compare wood, jade, porcelain, like what is more precious. As long as the child well-being, according to its own conditions to create life, then it should be charged with this matter; parents forced to reverse, in accordance with their own ideas, and even paid in accordance with the standards of the community to design him, out of mass production of quality goods at best, although there will be room for appreciation, but certainly not "rare collections." How to find their own "collections" on the characteristics of? To do in fact "do nothing." A friend of mine, to send their children to school, even the mattress shop are for children living floc did, because not meet the bunk beds, making the bed when I looked up, to be spread knock stars, an egg-shaped bulge back of the head big package. He sat on the bed, coarse breath for a long time, then went shop, due to a splitting headache, not a long memory, the rise has been knocked out once again, the original package on top of a packet. I asked him, why not willing to let go of it? How the child's bed before sleep comfortably shop, he best knows. What do the parents have done, the shift in the child will naturally not do anything, while a considerable number of traits is also devoid of a lack of exercise in the out!Christian Louboutin Pumps Of course, the "do nothing" is not really no parents thing. You are the masters of collections, you are obligated to their own collection of more "polished", to encourage more children, more incentives, more to the face, "laced with gold." Chinese parents on the progress of their children, often the "default", there is little to embrace Western-style celebrated and clapping and encouraging, for fear of inability to recognize the child would be cocky. And when the children blew it, do something wrong, they probably talked about how he would Taoxintaofei to pay, others worry the children how to live up to expectations and so on. This comparison is stupid. Collection of different circumstances, adolescent children, too, some, such as brittle as porcelain, and some, such as processing of wood to be polished, and some even still not wholly satisfactory defects ... ... parents should be turned, Jing Xiaxin, carefully scrutinize their children, find out his real material, which can lead to unique bright spot, which can make the best use so that it defective, "Awaiting a balanced view", rather than the total of their children, "not a hate jade tile"Christian Louboutin Sandals Do not baby the envy of the "finest material." Nobody does not like to hear praise. Sometimes the children of adolescent rebellion has demonstrated its disdain to hear the teacher praise, does not mean that children do not like, most of the praise they think that these hypocritical, not from the heart. I am a friend of the child, very naughty in school, grades are bad, parents, teachers both soft and hard, but he does not eat this. However, when a student teacher praised his writing is very good, he is very happy, said: "I have always think so, but no one found!" Heart of a child in fact related to mirror-like, they have been In observing the attitude of adults, but with the collection as they will not take the initiative to say it, rely on yourself to try to figure out, playing. If you can say that the children would like to express, the performance to find your home's "collection" a good way to provide value-added color.

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