Monday, November 22, 2010

Despair and rebirth

Friends said he was prepared to write a novel about rob Banks, the story will be very absurd.
"Why not write a love story? I'd like to see you write love story!" I said.
"I don't believe in love! How to write romance? Love is despair." He said.
"Good! You are now suit to write romance." I said.Christian Louboutin Boots
We all know that many first-class laugh potter privately is a serious, even a bit boring person. They may not feel life interesting. It is this kind of person, can show the most funny comedy.
A director, afraid of blood, also afraid of the dark. But, she took GuiPian but very frightening. She take action scenes, can be very blood and violence. Is she the enfolding her own eyes clap out?
Despair is not completely is a bad thing. Moments of desperation, perhaps is reborn opportunity.
A person to love despair, so, he must have a long sad memories. A good writer, he wrote love, not only is love, but a life. Love is a kind of motivation, end our past history, also put us into the future. Every man passes must die, if we never die, we would also passionately in love? Christian Louboutin
Fate is not refers to accidental befallen us unfortunate misfortune, but for human life limitation of acceptance and affirmation, admit that as a person restrictions. In this kind of limit for choice, is freedom. We are free to love, also have feel hopeless freedom. But love, began in such excitement, and finally such failure and desolate. Desperate, maybe see more thoroughly.

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