Friday, October 1, 2010

Copy of different shape of red star master explained

Takeaway: red is small, but the law that knowledge. According to the different shape, of course, even red besmear of different also. Have you tried according to your face makes appropriate cheek is red? Look carefully, you are a mirror which face? Today, let's revelation actress who cheek red besmear of different face! Let us with their synchronous!Standard faceFace shape: suitable for standard standard method is brushed brush or elliptic. Here is what explain standard cheek is red brush, namely red eyes and nose does not exceed below, from zygomatic place to temples to outgoing brush.Long faceLong face: the inward to the alar zygomatic loop, brush on the cheeks, like a brush, not below the ear, the brush is advisable.Round faceRound face: the nose to zygomatic outward looped, near the lower tip, don't, don't brush, brush hair into cheeks should higher, long, long lines and brush until temples.Square faceSquare face downward inclined top by zygomatic cheek colors should brush, brush deep, high, or brush.DaoSanJiao faceDaoSanJiao face: zygomatic position with darker color cheek is red brush, zygomatic lower part, the color with cheek red brush, make the face appears plump.ZhengSanJiao faceZhengSanJiao face: a long face brush, brush with inclined, suitable for some method, but don't brush to temples.

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