Monday, October 25, 2010

MM stovepipe networks experience the hottest Taiwan

Hate their thick legs and sisters, we take a look to see the love of honey from Taiwan, who is also a family of thick legs, with three stovepipe secret crush turned into legs. Write down three stovepipe method is well-known sites included Taiwan, actually 6 times as the board recommended the site home page graphic, highly sought after. Diet articles: start from the diet, if you diet without taboos, the body burden weight, must be reflected in your body shape. Recommended diet. In fact, tea has tired of the efficacy of solutions to the oil, honey love a drink from 3 years ago, if so, must all go to candy to ice tea. Black coffee is a diuretic, eliminate swelling effect, but love honey is Jackson ah, no way to drink something so bitter, and occasionally will point to drink hot latte no sugar, coffee or breakfast milk helps excretion. Sweet potato in the diet, stovepipe period, only to eat dinner no more than 30 dollars a sweet potato (constipation can also cause swelling of the lower body more Oh), but recommended not to crush an empty stomach, or likely to cause stomach discomfort. Not recommended diet: Amelie is a person addicted to soup, such as life, whether it is pork balls soup, instant noodles, soup, or spicy hot pot soup pot, must have to drink to the cleaners! In fact, this model is very wrong Oh! Containing large sodium food, and food (that is, salt), will lead to lower body edema, so the love honey feet before ~ Why do not thin down the reason for this is "eat salty" water accumulation can not be discharged in the leg in it! As for the love honey good friends, although the whole body lean does not pull grumble, but too fancy "bread" This high-calorie refined starch foods, so the next dish to be very robust. lose weight but note that the normal consumption of rice is not fat Oh * If you are eating too much salt, too much heat in the flour, please change your eating habits Hello!
Sports papers: that is the movement is not difficult to implement it! We must not go to do rope skipping, running and so on, this will only make the calf more muscular, but not easy to have a beautiful leg line Oh! Movement Method 1: Love like honey massage is very small on the outside, run, so well trained to have a leg muscle, if you like honey love like the original calf muscles are developed, in addition to stop skipping, running and other sports, but also the way for you please leg massage to soften the muscle layer is possible Oh sculpture leg curve. Movement Method 2: leg lift everyone knows this is a must do stovepipe recipe, be sure to remind the crush butt close to the wall,Christian Louboutin Pumps so that the heel of 90 degrees to maintain the walls in order to achieve results. As for the leg's time to take? Love honey are going wrong until it down Oh! (About 10 minutes) exercise Method 3: tapping your foot movement is to see a woman that my biggest, my heart sister Mae stovepipe approach to provide love like honey sometimes feel thicker legs, they will find a peace of mind to do something. Although the position full-ugly, but his wide desire when watching TV at home, shaking your foot a little itchy, red to stop the feeling. Tools articles: Yes! Is this double tights! This is not an ordinary pants socks Oh! this is Dan, the number of "anti-varicose veins," socks. Many girls take a long time standing, for example: flight attendants, waiters, nurses, teachers, etc., must all wear the socks Oh! But love honey varicose veins on the map is not a good material socks, wear appears to uneven color,christian louboutin heels in fact, because the tights uneven distribution of the pressure distribution point, so it is recommended that you do not do too little cheaper Oh. There are many styles to choose from, Dan also has a number of different. Amelie university work, because a waiter in a restaurant,Christian Louboutin white it will increase the relative effect of stovepipe. However, please note!! If you are a beginner, choose a high number of red socks to wear anti-varicose veins, will be difficult to wear and easy to give up!! Recommended Dan novice first try to buy about 240 socks, wearing a get started until Dan later purchased a higher number of socks to wear, of course, Dan, the higher the price the more you Oh! anti-varicose vein sock "material" Introduction: the highest quality materials such as: West Germany, the second best cotton: Cotton Excellence: Lycra + Cotton General: Lycra Socks, the love of honey have bought Lycra material, easy to wear off very easily. Drawback is that relaxation quickly, so we should soon pulls a pair of new station counters in department stores since the beginning, have changed their buying Lycra + Cotton material. Although the price a little expensive, but also wear a lot. Varicose veins in the system model socks worn: the beginning of love is the honey in the system 360 Dan wearing socks, but then I was not strong enough effect, so to convert 420 Dan's Lycra stockings. General recommendation is to go to bed before lying in bed wake up and put on a good elastic stockings, but love honey is in the front of the first leg for 10 minutes and then put on, just remember the blood before returning it. Home ready to take off should pay attention to, like the first leg 10 minutes for blood return. Directly off because if the blood will be washed down once, not once on the foot injury, had a crush varicose veins will be more severe Oh! Tights worn aspects of system than in a style more difficult, it is proposed to buy 380 Dan crush down the tights you can, unless you have great stamina, or Dan a few too, really makes you hard to wear cried ah! Model tights worn socks varicose veins: here to remind you, be sure to adjust the side while wearing pantyhose force point, it is best to reach all parts are equal forces,Christian Louboutin Flats especially the ass part, must be slightly up Lahti. Otherwise, wear a long time after the butt it would be very strange shape Oh! Would recommend wearing tights style crush elastic stockings, in addition to a stovepipe effect, there are corset features.Christian Louboutin red Honey was I always love a good tight beam it, the results seem to have strangled small stomach, like always no appetite, lost a few kilograms of the accident.

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