Monday, October 11, 2010

Grudge not flexibly of high-heeled shoes, lang...

High-heeled shoes and men and fall into water, you will start out? "This hypothesis is very unkind, but it may to some extent can test the woman of loyalty. In order to make the shoes have more sense, assumptions, we specially added the high-heeled shoes in the famous", but the attributive only 14% of the first female net ", "remove high-heeled shoes. 85 percent of women netizen still without hesitation, they choose to remove man in the comments out reason:" the man pulled up in this life are the Christian Louboutin heels shoes of hope, will choose a IQ out shoes! "The answer, let me feel some small lost before. They are not said:" I like high-heeled shoes, I'm not a man to wear high heels and more comfortable shoes? Ah... "Now I only change the law, they immediately mind. A pair of high heels, or noble enemy but the drowning man.

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