Friday, October 8, 2010

Change the world: a save the planet's photo

Photo is not only the human one time image records, sometimes to convey important information in the world while changing the whole world, this is the photo of power. Photos can bring us to many places, may be year.visit somewhere before us, maybe even never dreamed that place. There are some pictures will let you stop to think. Below this 10 photo let the whole world stopped, all people in seconds of the breath, understand its secret
Tetons - Snake river "--'s Ansel Adams (Christian Louboutin Boots Adams), 1942 Someone says photography can be divided into two times before and after the Adams, Adams. As before, photography and in Adams was not widely considered an art form. Instead, the photographers trying to use the technique of extreme pictures of them more "artistic" (which is also more like painting), such as the lens in their coated with vaseline, needle scratching the surface film etc. Then, Ann. Adams, help to overcome the photography fans around the collective inferiority.
Adams photography is to announce the passion of a burning "reality of poetry," he who "artistic" boycott of artificial gimmick, claiming they simply is other art forms of derivatives. Instead, he vigorously "pure" value of photography. In the hand-held cameras are growing rapidly in popularity of the era, Adams and other landscape photographers insist to use heavy old big like picture camera. Finally, the pictures of Adams photography becomes a beautiful art Christian Louboutin. In addition, these photos also influence of American national wildlife protection environment and wild.
For the love of Adams through the lens is not limited to clap photos. In 1936, he took his photos to Washington lobbying support of the valley, California protection act. Indeed, he succeeded, it was announced as the national park.

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