Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pet dogs may help reduce the chances of children allergic to

New York October 14 --- power of a U.S. study,Christian Louboutin Pumps and live with the family dog, not only allow children to feel a "family member" of the loyal companion, leaving precious memories, and even may be useful children's health. Published in "Journal of Pediatrics" on this study, have a family history of allergies before the age of the child and if in a live dog, then the probability of a child suffering from eczema may be reduced. However, living with children and cats but may increase the chance, although limited to those sensitive to cat allergens in children. Team leader, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine assistant professor of Tolly Epstein said, given the complexity of the situation, a pet is difficult in specific recommendations to parents. However, she pointed out that, far as eczema is concerned, has a number of studies have shown that pet dogs and suffering from eczema have a lower probability of contact between the sustained and stable. "These children may also develop a certain tolerance, but we are not sure," she told Reuters Health Channel, said

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