Thursday, September 30, 2010

Female almirah stole over autumn coat collocation method

Guide language: the weather has become more and more cool, and small coat of almirah is an all-star tie-in autumn sheet is tasted, against the cold, people wear out of modelling also highlight BiBeiWu rate high rob lens. By this time, the actress to look after it is autumn small coat collocation of classic.American edition senior editor, ELLE is numerous KateLanphear street pats shot object, the blog in fashion week almost want to rob to Lanphear Kate stars thunder. New York fashion week in the entrance of the Lincoln Center field, likes black gray Kate also to restore ancient ways of small white coat, with only body length, different degree of metal, leather to mix the bracelet to emphasize collocation, plus signature laybourne sunglasses and golden hair, the white is cruel feels dye-in-the-wood punk dress up!New York fashion week is also a full KateLanphear, with black dress up in Brian park, cascade rivet metal bracelet, the same style of high-heeled shoes, hand bag on the dark copper lubricious adornment all black collocation are not only show drab type.Kim Kardashian with black and white stripes small coat collocation hole jeans, with exaggerated the small coat of shoulder profile with circular arc shape into what sunglass is build, and also has tassel tassel necklace of locomotive bag is decorated extracts of gas. Australia’s MTV host Ruby with systemic cowboy + rivet started appeared in dress, clairvoyant feeling good inside take unlined upper garment, even with cowboys, rivets and other elements of the look line, hale can still underlines the temptation of incredible.Nicky Hilton in street feels dye-in-the-wood pattern T-shirt match jacket, little hat and locomotive of the red box sunglasses for strong overall modelling brings nifty and taste.

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