Saturday, October 9, 2010

Emma Watson: environmental protection and fashionable pioneer a new identity

Fashio experts say Emma has become a young girl pursue honors, she let her become a positive image of the Cenozoic Hollywood stars.
Environmental protection general and older consumer fashion, but the British fashion contact Mr. Castro DE Orsola association with a positive image of Emma hopes to change this situation, make more young people realize the importance of environmental protection fashion.

Emma says design dresses for age is a very has a thing for her, the People of the 2010 winter Tree design series will Wednesday sales.
Emma is always Burberry, high-end brand Chanel as the spokesperson, the Internet for 20 dollars Christian Louboutin Tree brand pricing, always with her dress in, do not know how the market reaction.

Emma Watson for Harry Potter Hermione Granger in movies, but now she will become one with the identity of the fashion designers for environmental protection.
Emma Watson endorse the latest series Tree People, Christian Louboutin Pumps they follow strict environmental policy guidance, the prince Charl

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