Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Condom is how to make out

A clean mould into a liquid latex filled 21 degrees of latex slot - the latex looks like we confirmed the skim milk, coffee at 116 degrees and baking temperature, then soak, baking. Quality is the key link to test every 1,000 product if two above, the whole batch of unqualified products according to regulations will be destroyed. Quality inspection personnel from production line, the sample to random sampling "Christian louboutin Black wet lab", there is a group of experts, to the condom samples of water, and then the manchu note he pulls the water polo. Another group of experts is like a balloon ready for the party to them, not a natural air after picking twist, tortured tear crap. In the production of a kind of amazing tester - each condom after all this. As the conveyor belt running machines and endless the erect penis shaped object, women will hemp deftly wove the safety set above,Christian Louboutin Boots then, these "stick" conveyor, two small sink into an underwater start electricity, if the condom electrodes of stainless steel, the conductive condom is too thin, or a hole. After the heavy quality condoms last twisted into our familiar and small spray lubricant, pure or benzene thiazole ledocaine douche Pleasure during (in the use of lasting and make more lasting anesthetic man), and the foil packing bag. Thus, among many box, inside the stacks of sleep quality pass who temporarily - waiting in the condom loring shot

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