Friday, October 22, 2010

Eating little trick you can not not thin

Want to lose weight, you have to consume excess body heat, food will definitely have to pay attention, eat low-calorie diet during the food, but still need adequate nutrition to meet the body needs every day, how you want to eat and also not fat, 5 strokes today Xiaobian teach you so that you can not not skinny. Here we introduce is how to choose foods to increase nutritional or alternative methods. As long as you skillfully converted food, food substitutes can not only fill the stomach, and eat fewer calories, which means the weight you can eat more, oh. 1. Low-sugar foods also contain vitamins,Christian Louboutin Flats inorganic listed below is equivalent to 200 cards a bowl of rice alcoholic beverage: whiskey - whiskey glass cups sorghum 90ml - 140ml sake of old wine glasses - small jug small 180ml eat taro, corn, pumpkins and the like high-calorie foods, eat more vegetables and less sugar, algae, fungi, konjac food. In particular, must be eating more green, and yellow vegetables. Vegetables and less sugar following: rape, leek, spinach, radish, bean sprouts, eggplant, beans, lettuce, American celery, garland chrysanthemum,Christian Louboutin Pumps cabbage, Chinese cabbage, green peppers, cucumbers and so on. 2. To the same low-fat calorie low-fat foods instead of food, can increase the weight. For example, we can make the following choices: oil-free salad dressing better than regular salad dressing; low-calorie mayonnaise better than the regular mayonnaise; low-fat margarine better than regular margarine; yogurt, skim milk better than regular milk; Slurpees better than ice cream; fat white cheese better than processed cheese; boneless ham, smoked ham than loin ham, sausage is good; beef flavored canned food better than canned corned beef; boiled tuna tuna better than the grease. 3. To low sugar foods instead of using sugar instead of the following foods with high sugar foods: jelly, weight loss, West Point better than cake; artificial sweeteners good ratio of sugar; low fat jam jam better than the average; fresh fruit over canned fruit, dried fruit, good . 4. Choose high-protein, low fat foods the treatment of obesity is most important is to prevent the decomposition of protein, it must choose low-calorie, but protein-rich foods. Meat must remove the fat, skin, choose a small part of the fat. Choose foods high in protein but also fish, low-fat kind. White meat of fish or shellfish like clams, squid, octopus, crabs, shrimp are all with high protein, low calorie food. 5. Sweetened beverages is best not to drink coffee, black tea, it is best not to sugar and cream. Green tea, wheat tea, oolong tea drinks are not calorie, the most suitable weight loss by drinking. Christian Louboutin Pumps 100CC canned fruit juice, coffee had 50 calories, if you drink your favorite beverage, you must reduce the staple food of the heat, to your diet can effectively control the heat within the range of intake permitted.

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