Saturday, October 16, 2010

3 days of thin and clear body detoxification method

What is a three-day detoxification method? In fact, is the use of pure natural foods to supplement the nutrients the body needs to help the body eliminate toxins and rapid accumulation of garbage in the body and increase self-healing self-cleaning ability of the body, in Europe and Japan are already very popular one with the universal kinds of maintenance mode. three days off to eat very popular in Europe, America and Japan. Now is not the same Xiaobian recommend a three-day break to eat, or clear body of law known as the 3rd, you do not like to bring a new feeling thin! Possible, the best you can every month or once every two months clear body, this is a natural and safe method that can easily tired and weak to improve sub-health status, also contribute to a healthy diet, the most important thing is to clean the internal environment, eliminate waste remain blocked in the body and toxins, avoid various diseases, but also improve the skin condition. Clear three-day feature is the largest body of law to the situation according to their own preferences and choice of food intake, but in principle, limited to fresh fruits and vegetables, and if the diet better. Is simply on the basis of fasting, detox diets with life, in a short period to help the body rid of toxins, relieve stress and reduce body weight, is an effective practical health detoxification method. Specifically, the implementation of three days should be clear how we eat the body even though there are now a professional nutritionist to help design the menu, but I think not so much pains, in short, they can choose to accept, your favorite fresh fruits and vegetables, make salad (it is best to sprinkle salt on the breeze or a refreshing sauce, do not be a high-calorie Thousand Island dressing), labeled as fruit juice, or direct exposure, the use of some changes, so that three days can easily spend. In the choice of ingredients, Xiao Bian introduced a number of previous detoxification is a good choice of food: fruit apple, lemon, kiwi; vegetables like cucumber, bitter gourd, celery, tomato; of coarse grains like maize, barley, oat and mung beans, can be with food. Cooking raw food is as far as possible, or using boiled way, the less cooking the better example, close to the original fruit and vegetable juice or a cup of morning is directly eat the fruit, celery, cucumber tomato salad for lunch, evening bowl of oatmeal + fruit, or witches pot of vegetable soup is cooked slowly drink three days,Christian Louboutin Pumps in the middle hungry to eat an apple or tomato, adhere to three days, you will find that the body is really a lot easier, spirit changed for the better, of course, the most obvious is the prominent belly disappeared, but also reduce the weight! Xiaobian really recommend this body three days off to eat clean, lots of play from the heart feel good: 1. quickly and efficiently: life food to help the body in the shortest possible time,Christian Louboutin Sandals quickly and efficiently detoxify, clear body and lose weight. 2. Natural Health: eliminate processed foods, high-calorie ingredients and cooking methods, say goodbye to greasy to eat mainly fruits and vegetables, the body absorbs only natural nutrients. 3. And balance: the body's pH can be adjusted to allow the body to achieve balance, healthy and relaxed. As long as three days, time is not long, so I do not think particularly painful! Eat every day can change patterns of different fruits and vegetables, not to eat greasy! How to try it starting this month

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