Sunday, October 17, 2010

9 good habits for daily life, you thin

Women, regardless of any age and hope that their slim, wearing clothes only look good, How could you have been to maintain a slim figure it? Xiao Bian is a collection of nine people in the good habit of daily life, as long as the Yangcheng this simple method of 9 daily Hao habits, you can easily have Miaotiao good figure, and is a lifelong O, and quickly and see it. 1. Relax, relax Diet If you do not stay in control of your emotions, is also very easy to gain weight, oh. Why? Such as angry, the body's cortisol (a stress hormone) secretion is increased, it can cause obesity. Another study also found that the more you get angry, get angry more often, the more likely you are to gain weight and fat ─ ─ most likely to have waist length! So, the next time it was popular to do is to make 10 deep breaths and then ask yourself: There are What is the big deal? There is another way: Close your eyes, gently pressing the temple with the thumb, and slowly massage, to throw aside the unpleasant things go. 2. Do not "escape" breakfast, lunch and dinner meal should be a healthy diet, can not be quick to "escape" out of a meal. Do not eat just one meal, when you're hungry, when it might start easily devour anything to eat on hand. Biologically speaking, as your blood sugar plummets, you will feel extremely hungry, then eat more than you think Dian granted compensation. Coupled with your "escape" after a meal, your body will think the future will be inadequate nutrient supply, thus reducing the rate of metabolism. The slower metabolism, you are the harder to lose weight. 3. How restaurant owners with music faster for customers to eat the small to eat, usually the same: fast-paced play of music (about 120 to 130 beat per minute). Thus, the faster the music, you will not help to eat faster, eat more. Therefore, before each meal, you have to turn the music off or put on a little slow, lyrical music. lose weight 4. motion a life penetration statistics: per capita per day of time spent on transport, each additional 1 hour, the likelihood of obesity increased by 6 percent sign. Similarly, walking 1 mile per person per day (1609 m), odds of obesity decreased by 8 percent sign. How to be able to work do not have time for late I walk? When you're on the phone, you can call around to keep walking back and forth; when you're watching TV, in advertising space can be off the couch what little activity. Of course, doing step and squat is better and better. Remember to go shopping mall lose weight commandment: Do not take the elevator and automatic escalators. 5. The sun will also help to lose weight body needs sunlight to produce a kind of makes you feel happy serotonin, it can resist your desire for sweets. So, when you think about when eating candy, to the outside to get some fresh air, the sun now. During the day, open the curtains blinds is also a close contact with the sun a good idea. 6. The candy store of knowledge snacks on the table could easily lead to the desire to eat. Therefore, the candy on the opaque container or very far away, and you will forget to eat this thing. Diet 7. Mouthful slowly 20 minutes the stomach need to send a signal telling the brain when it is full. So when you eat too fast, the brain will not be so quick to react. Conclusion: when you realize that full amount has been eaten out. Eating with chopsticks can adjust the speed slightly,Christian Louboutin Boots because the folder with chopsticks is not too much time. 8. The more dimly lit dining room lit dining room, you'll eat more. Why? Because of weak light to make you more relaxed, lower your consciousness. Another study found that more bright dining room, you tend to eat less. Therefore, consider adjusting your dining room light it. 9. Meimeideshui on a Howard Medical Institute at Stanford University under a study, the fewer hours of sleep, the body will secrete less leptin. What is the relationship with the weight that it? Leptin to help lose weight in two ways: First, it will stop you from eating, it will send a signal to your stomach: Hey, already full, do not eat any more! Second, it will encourage you to exercise,Christian Louboutin shoes to burn the body's energy. More and more studies have found lack of sleep affect weight loss. Another hormone to stimulate your appetite (the secretion of this hormone in the past by you within 24 hours of sleep time), lack of sleep in when you run out of evil.

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