Wednesday, October 20, 2010

South Korea detoxification by 6 pounds on weight-loss method

South Korea's "detox diet" method once made quickly by the enthusiasm of women of all ages sought after, "detoxification godmother," said South Korean experts Jin Zhaoheng more, most women want to lose weight reduction is only concerned about the extent and time, in fact, weight loss was due to random physical injury is the presence of fat favorite breeding ground.
If you have been eating more normally rice, then one month to one meal a day of fruit instead of dinner, the end of a flat stomach may make you wonder. Detoxification to detoxification by the lower abdomen to achieve weight-loss goal is not only can the accumulation of toxins from the body also makes the body have become "lean body" as a way to lose the belly, and then do not worry about the accumulation of fat, it is is a very good way to reduce lower abdomen. Case1 Although the slim body, lower abdomen or large protruding belly case analysis: obesity is not simply a lot of MM caused by the fat, but the puffiness caused by the swelling. If for cold or lack of exercise causes the body lymph nodes can not function normally the waist, lower abdomen there will be waste accumulation, people are very easy to feel fatigue, lower back will gradually thicken. This situation need to meet certain abdominal exercises and massage, to become smooth blood circulation, edema, will soon be eliminated. Detoxification methods: 1 meal a day instead of meals with fruit: If you have been eating more normally rice, then a meal within one month of fruit each day instead of dinner, the end of a flat stomach may make you wonder. 2, enhanced the function of internal organs massage: After bathing, apply lotion in the abdomen, clockwise circular motion massage. In colder times, warm with a hair dryer in the file will be blown around the abdomen and then warm massage would be better. Hair dryer more than 15 cm away from the body to Oh. 3, refers to the pressure: in the days of two-inch pivot on both sides of the navel is an important regulator of gastrointestinal activity points. Press Tianshu, can enhance the function of the digestive organs, help to reduce constipation. Press with the index finger and middle finger Tianshu, exhale press, inhale when relaxing. Means under a pressure of about 10. 4, 30-minute brisk walk every day: stride slightly wider than shoulder width, about 70 centimeters. Brisk walking can not only enhance the strength of leg muscles and can reduce blood pressure, 30-minute brisk walk every day consumption of body fat can be good, your whole body metabolism and capacity building, and then the lower abdomen to eliminate wastes. 5, abdomen riding: riding abdomen, lower abdomen to the afterburner, the tension of abdominal fat can prevent this accumulation. 6, Puff head massage: the navel as the center, use of shower water spray device in a clockwise direction on the abdomen massage. Bath time when they were 5 minutes, long-term adherence to be effective in removing abdominal fat. Prominent than the lower abdomen, lower abdomen, upper abdomen Case2 large case analysis: the chair, found the chest like a spare tire? Abdominal outstanding is mainly due to gastrointestinal dysfunction, try to avoid eating or excessive eating, develop by rule by food habits. Detoxification methods: 1, control diet: fat is digested before the end of decomposition, so the time must have a fasting day, 4 to 6 hours. Meal time the law should be developed, such as 7:00, 1:00, 18:30 grading, in addition to other times that do not eat snacks, only drinking water or green tea. Fruit and coffee immediately after meals should be eaten as a dessert. 2, running: starting with a rate similar to running and walking, then slowly increase the speed. Total exercise time in the 15 to 20 minutes. Body suit, slowly reduce the "walk" time and increase the running time. Breathing to maintain a certain rhythm, to get more oxygen abdominal fat and easier to be removed. 3, 3-5 times a week cycling: 3-5 minutes or so should be started slowly pedal, and then gradually increase speed. Note that during exercise, rather slow pedal and do not break halfway. Exercise 30 minutes a day, 3 to 5 times a week exercise. Within a month, a lot of upper abdomen will tighten it. 4, fit to wear the clothes: no matter how easy the time, but also consciously avoid wearing loose clothing, so that timely attention to their body shape and weight. But they can not wear tight clothes, tight clothes is not only impede the decomposition of fat, but also hazardous to health. 5, should not lie down immediately after a meal: lie down immediately after a meal is the number one enemy of a flat stomach. After dinner, the room should be clean, wash dishes, walking, relaxing activities, the activities of the body maintain a state of ease. 6, attention to warm the abdomen: abdomen if cold, then loop hypothyroidism, metabolism will be sluggish, leading to obesity. It should always pay attention to the abdomen warm. Even in the hot summer months, the abdomen is also necessary to cover the quilt, it will not become "big belly woman" Oh. Case3 ribs rounded belly flesh big case analysis: Korea Research Institute of Ami-care study found that, MM have to more than 20 years of age, because the female endocrine causes, ribs and lower back will start to grow fat. While these fats are called "age of fat," but also because in fact, eat more, exercise caused by neglect. Only consistent exercise and food intake will not gain weight. Detoxification methods: 1, abdominal breathing: breathing, abdominal bulge; breath, abdominal tightening. You can use convenient beverage bottles to practice law: mouth latch bottle, repeatedly issued in one minute short "A" sound, audible in the abdomen to force the same time, we should feel the vibration of the bottle for the most good. 2, vinegar diet beans: Rinse the black beans into the bottle, add 2 times the weight of vinegar, for 10 days after the food after each meal to eat 10 beans. Vinegar can break down body fat, alleviate constipation, elimination of stool; beans contains vegetable protein, for added strength is very good. 3, the effect is to exercise abdominal muscles sit-ups and reduce abdominal fat in the most effective campaign. Lying on cushions on the body, elevate your feet, hands and pad in the back of the head. Use abdominal strength to the upper body stretched forward from the pad, and then the body slowly to the back, with Yao Li support the body, head touching the ground, do it 12 times. Foot and then held high, separated from the head pad, hands relaxed at your sides. Feet slowly down the force to support the foot with the belly touching the ground, for 15 seconds before his feet down, repeat 10 times. Start the abdomen may be some pain, insisted two weeks,Christian Louboutin Pumps not only flatten the abdominal muscles will become strong. 4, shaking hula hoop every day: more than 20 minutes to do a row to take a break. Attention shifts to the right and left to do to stay in shape symmetry. 5, stimulation of feet: big toe pressing the foot between the toe and second toe seam. Acupressure can also be used every day bar, press for 10 minutes or more.

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