Thursday, September 23, 2010

Shoes smelly?

Summer arrived, the weather is getting warm. Morning by bus, a woman off your shoes with sandals, a pungent flavor immediately diffuses whole vehicle. All this woman shouldn't have responsibilities in public change a shoe, madam, said he apologized to the passenger's shoes, just sit back before the car accidentally stepped on water, stuffy after a few hours that would be so smelly. The conductor hurriedly take a bag to let the lady shoes on, many passengers have to open the window for a while until stink dissolved.
A pair of shoes, the stink unexpectedly can instantly covers the entire bus carriage, whether it is why? The author inquires, the network in damp environment, the hot to multiply bacteria very. Summer many people still like to wear shoes and shoes, with what method can not let smelly shoes air pollution?
It is a lot of people concern, many people said they don't know why, sometimes not smelly shoes, but sometimes find shoes off shoe taste is very strong, can let a person, often by his family complain. Go to a hospital checking, oneself didn't have what foot disease.
A health expert in BBS in network, told many times, people's shoes and shoes and socks smell is tie-in, can appear some material chemical reactions. All is not HanJiao will cause Christian Louboutin shoes, the reason is smelly aspect. Some good-looking women have to go to work in the office after shoes, but fear appear habits affect others shoes, smelly any good ways to solve?
The answer is yes, there is. Summer more frequently change a shoe, pair of change. In addition, like wearing shoes, leather shoes, shoe, people can put camphor ball crush into powder, evenly in shoes, put on the doormat. This can keep dry and shoes odor will soon disappear. More time, after a hard day's home after you take off your shoes and socks are most smelly that do? Suggest you can wash the water poured some socks, vinegar, bubble 10 minutes, then wash with water, remove odor, and sterilization.
Many families have specialized shoe, put in different season requires layers of shoes, but sometimes you also can open a shoe, pungent smell the smell. So this time suggest that you put a piece of soap, except taste effect will be more ideal.
All that buy a car needs to maintain, clean house always need to someone. Also, it is health that we most need maintenance. Therefore, formed the good habit, believe your shoes have a better life.

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