Friday, September 17, 2010

Cage's Shape - ups, "health saiban tour perfect ending

By 2010, September 3-7, by 10 lucky customer and cage represent "Shape - ups" team from Shanghai, in the United States saipan spent five days of pleasant summer vacation, for health, cage "health saiban tour picture perfect ending.
This activity by the global brand fashionable tide SKECHERS (nic), aimed at "shape - ups" fans "buy shape - ups product,Christian Louboutin Sandals win a free saiban health swim" activity. This activity in April to June in Beijing, Christian Louboutin Shanghai, guangzhou, and continuously simultaneously in early July in the public places flagship store the lucky draw. In the more than 1,000 - ups customers in Shape, 10 lucky customer obtained free American saipan severe opportunities.
"Purchase, cage, he obtained free trips abroad, In
order to bring all customers the most comfortable, a lucky, healthy holiday arrangements for the team's best accommodation arrangement, also carefully prepared rich island activities. In those lucky saipan during the customers and enjoy the island tourism saiban and SPA island has the reputation of "" seven colors, and also the warship island in the island SKECHERS (nic) OUTLETS shops. Enjoy the tabs
Just 5 island leisure trip, let all the group members are not return! "Besides, cage provides us with healthy holiday, let us briefly relieve tension of urban life, the most important is
,Christian Louboutin Pumps we still made from all parts of the country's fans, and fruitful. About this special trip to Beijing, DingXiao BiaoXian very excited.
"Buy Shape - ups, win saiban swim" is SKECHERS (nic) in the first wave of mainland market promotion activities, focusing on "theme tourism" green health, aims to improve customer of a healthy lifestyle and understanding of appeal. This activity also won the tourism and saiban yue saiban's support of the hotel. Since the mainland market, SKECHERS (nic) Shape - ups series of sales performance is very gratifying since last September, sales increased continuously. It is reported that the coming 2010 winter, there will be more Shape - ups fashion products in mainland market.

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