Thursday, September 16, 2010

So how does one create the aforementioned allure?

So how does one create the aforementioned allure?
Louboutin shoes do more than just complete an outfit, they create the meaning behind it—perhaps in part because of Louboutin's inspiration by dancers (Dita Von Teese is among his favorites), but really the allure is due to the fact that Louboutin takes elements of costume and incorporates that into shoes women wear every day. Whether the details of the Louboutin are delicate and understated or, as in the case of the very popular (very high) heel seen on a number of celebrities, more substantial and pronounced, they exemplify sophistication. Louboutin has said, "Christian Louboutin 'Women don't buy shoes--they look at themselves and their legs in silhouette--I saw that with the dancers'.” Indeed, the shoes not only act as adornment, they make the entire body a part of the design, making it alternately fluid, rigid, accessible, or aloof. In this way, the allure of such footwear becomes clear: it is not necessarily what stands before you, quite literally in the shoe, but the juxtaposition of the saucy shoe against an otherwise reserved appearance. As stated on Manolo's Shoe Blog, shoes "...can, in the hands of the master makers,Christian Louboutin Pumps truly be the art of the finest sort, the things that may bring us great joy through their beauty."
Louboutin boutiques in New York, Moscow, London and also Los Angeles, make it hard to keep a secret about how wonderful the shoes are. In addition to the Olsens, numerous other celebrities have been spotted wearing the shoes,

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