Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"Deformation age - Shape" Filip cross-border co-operation LN X

By 2010, sept. 25-2010 October 2, LI NING - Filip X Pagowski cross-border co-operation exhibition in Beijing sanlitun VILLAGE community original. Visitors can not only see the international exhibition on the handle Pagowski Filip art master of art style, can enjoy li ning brand with the first artist to have strong style of writing of cross-border product series.By 2010, LI NING - across the 20th anniversary, recorded a harvest of history, a growth of sports in China top brand. Therefore, LI NING - for the first time with the international art master Pagowski handle Filip cross-border cooperation, for the brand, the significance of interpretation.Filip at inspiring ideas in hand-painted, fusion, creating interesting and style of images. Filip years with the world's top fashion brand cross-border cooperation, including fashion and master the ling chuan long cooperation of famous series "Numbers", the fusion of art, fashion world-class art. LI NING - with the cooperation of series, especially for the 20th anniversary of the production of "20 series", or on behalf of the change of "star series", make its first with the unique style of the artist has a strong hand, and set the world's most classic and dazzling towards the first song.

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