Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I want to let you know Louboutin classic Christian apartment shoes

The reason? They are christian louboutin shoes, in spite of the clatter they make, they are comfortable. Because of the molded sole the heel isn’t as high as it looks. Among other stores that have them are Hecht’s, Woodies, Garfinckel’s and The Bootlegger.Speaking of christian louboutin boots biz . . . the hottest single seller to step out in a long time is the Candie, a cha-cha heel on a plastic sole held in place only by a wide leather vamp. Christian Louboutin Ankle Boots Scene has sold 3,200 pairs in two stores, the maker, El Greco, has sold 2 million pairs in threemonths. Georgetown University preppies (girls) wear them with their jeans and shetlands, secretaries and other downtowners with their dresses, suburban shopperswith their corduroys, disco-goers with pegged pants or Danskins.

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