Tuesday, September 7, 2010

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Centrebet media chief Neil Evans said that flag aura had steadily returned to the Cats’ roster at a time when rivals clubs are struggling to keep up!Christian Louboutin

“The first of many big statements has already been made by the punters, and despite the brilliant and high-pressure start to the season made by platform shoes, early punters want Geelong,” Evans said.Christian Louboutin Pumps

The Cats have firmed into $3.25 favourite to win its third flag in four years, with the Magpies – sitting on top of the AFL ladder after a 7-1 start to 2010 – hot on their heels at $3.75. The Western Bulldogs hold their quote at $5.00 after dismissing the Swans, but early flag favourite St Kilda has drifted alarmingly from Christian Louboutin Boots $5.50 out to $7.50!

“The long-term loss of skipper Nick Riewoldt is starting to bite, and some of their key running midfielders have copped a lot of physical punishment recently in close games,” Evans said. “Somehow the Saints have to get more direct goals from their pure forwards!”

Existing Aboriginal land under the Wambardi Land Trust will also be leased back to the park, effectively increasing its size and linking up its eastern and western sections.

Ngarinyman traditional owner Larry Johns, 65, told reporters that after much debate about a suitable name, the park would be renamed Jutburra National Park.

“If this name is going to travel the world and people overseas can say: ‘Canberra’, I’m sure they can say Jutburra,” he said.

“Jutburra is a very important, sacred ceremony place (inside the park) for the people.”
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At a special ceremony at Jasper Gorge on Thursday, not far from the birthplace of Aboriginal land rights, Northern Land Council chairman Wali Wunungmurra said the handover would usher in a new era in joint management.

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